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Swallow, New Swallow

1923: E M Laird Aviation Co Inc, Wichita KS. 1923: Swallow Airplane Mfg Co (Jacob M "Jake" Moellendick, Charles L Laird, Walter Beech, Lloyd Stearman, others), 29 St and Hillside,, reorganized from Laird partnership. 1927: Swallow Airplane Co. 1927: Receivership, but with some refinancing in 1933 (E B Christopher), remained operational as an aircraft mechanic school and subcontractor for B-29 and B-47 components until 1956.

Swallow C Coupe [CC-DVC] (Germán A Lüer coll via Latin American Avn Historical Society)

C Coupe 1936 (ATC 2-538) = 2pChwM; 125hp Menasco C-4; span: 36'8" length: 24'4" load: 530# v: 145/135/43 range: 500 ceiling: 18,000'. Sam Bloomfield (ex-Fairchild Corp). Fairchild 24 look-alike, understandably. $3,990; POP: 3 [NC15818, NC18586, NC19540], of which one crashed in a fog, killing company president E B Christopher, and 1 to Chile as [CCDVC]. ATC issued in 1937.

Swallow C-165 [N431N] (V J Berinati coll)

C-165 1929 = 4pClwM; 165hp Wright J-6; span: 38'0" length: 25'6". Dan Lake. Design similar to Alexander Bullet. Full-panted gear. $5,390 with starter; POP: 1 [NC431N] c/n 1. One described similarly, but as a 2p with 100hp Kinner K-5, appears in 1930 as [X4312N]—the similarity in tail numbers suggests this is the same plane in prototype stage and suffering a registration typo.

F-28-AX 1929 (ATC 125) = 3pOB; 150hp Axelson-Floco B; span: 32'8" length: 23'10" load: 923# v: 110/93/45 range: 450-600. $5,850; POP: 5, with several converted to Wright J-5 or Hisso A.

G-29 1928 = 3pOB; 225hp Wright J-5. POP: 2 [NC6099, NC6197] c/ns G-310/G-302, the latter of which had 150hp Hisso A in 1939.

H 1929 = 3pOB; 100hp Kinner K-5; span: 31'0". Dan Lake. POP: 1 prototype [X=NC108V] c/n 101.

Swallow HA [X109V] (Barton County Historical Society coll)
Swallow HA [X109V] (John K Lewis coll)

HA Sport 1930 (ATC 341) = 3pOB; 150hp Axelson-Floco B; span: 31'0" length: 22'2" load: 784# v: 130/110/42 range: 435. $4,250; POP: 1 [X/NC109V] c/n 102, converted to HW with new c/n.

Swallow HC [NC110V] (Barton County Historical Society coll)

HC Sport 1929 = 3pOB; 160hp Continental A-70. POP: 1 [NC110V] c/n 2003.

Swallow HW [NC109V]

HW Sport 1930 (ATC 379) = HA refitted with 165hp Wright J-6; load: 820# v: 135/115/42 range: 500. POP: 1 conversion [NC109V] c/n 2002.

Hisso Swallow [NC7798] (Frank Rezich coll)
Hisso Swallow [C6180] (Gene Palmer coll)

Hisso Swallow 1928 (ATC 50) = 3pOB; 150hp Hisso A; span: 32'8" length: 24'3" load: 930# v: 115/99/48 range: 500. POP: about 6. Some powered by 180hp Hisso E.

J4 Swallow 1926 = 3pOB; 200hp Wright J-4. Although this appears in magazines as such, it is likely a repowered Super Swallow.

J5 Swallow aka Whirlwind Swallow 1928 (ATC 51, 2-186) = 3pOB; 225hp Wright J-5; span: 32'8" length: 23'6" load: 984# v: 128/109/45 range: 550. $8,500, optional metal prop, brakes, larger fuel tank, custom paint. (2-186) for modifications to [NC430N].

LT-65 1940 = 2pClwM; 65hp Continental C-65; span: 27'0" length: 21'9" load: 550# v: 115/100/40 range: 350. Dan Lake. Canopied tandem cockpits; full-panted gear. Design taken from Dale Airdale. POP: 1 as a prototypical trainer.

Swallow Mailplane Franklin Rose, pilot

Mailplane 1926 = 1pOB; 160hp Curtiss C-6 Conqueror. Charles Laird. One-piece wings, inverted-V cabane struts. POP: 6 for Varney Air Lines. Repowered with 225hp Wright J-4.

Swallow Dole Racer [NX941]

Monoplane 1927 = 2pChwM; 225hp Wright J-5; span: 48'0" v: 126/105/45. Irl Beach. POP: 1 for Dole Race as Dallas Spirit(p: William P Erwin) [NX941]; failed to compete, but took-off two days later as a search plane and was itself lost at sea.

New Swallow (A T Martin coll)

New Swallow 1924 = 3pOB; 90hp Curtiss OX-5; span: 32'8" length: 23'10" load: 753# v: 100/85/40 range: 450. Lloyd and Waverly Stearman, Walter Beech. $3,500, $2,750 in 1925, $2,485 in 1926; POP: about 50; production ended in 1926. First production of new company differed from Laird-Swallow in cowled motor, split axle, and single-bay wings.

OX-5 Swallow (ad: Aviation)

OX-5 Swallow 1927 (ATC 21) = First Swallow built under ATC. Waverly Stearman. USA-27 airfoil, cabane N-struts. POP: about 250.

Swallow "Racer"

Racer Miss Wichita c.1924 = 1pOB; 180hp Hisso.

By chance I found this same photo in a Lloyd Stearman feature in Nov 1969 Sport Flying identified only as a Swallow Racer with no data, no model name, no reg number, nothing. Lacking references, it is conjecture on my part that it's from the first batch of New Swallows built by Stearman in late 1923. Each one was different since there were no plans until Stearman put things on paper—at first they used Laird's lofting method of laying out everything on the floor full-size, then modified and altered at will. It certainly is a clipped-wing version, with plain ailerons (elephant-ears came later) and vertical cabanes. Engines were whatever was on hand and this appears to be the big Hisso. I'll stick my conjectural neck out a bit further and speculate it could be the very one used by Walt Beech to win the Efficiency Race, but I'll hope someone can find race info on Miss Wichita to confirm it. (— K O Eckland 11/11/06)

Super Swallow (John Caler coll)

Super Swallow 1926 = 3pOB; 90hp Curtiss OX-5 or OXX-6; span: 30'0" length: 23'0" v: 102/88/50. Redesigned New Swallow with steel-tube fuselage, N-struts and straight axle; one-piece top wing. Charles Laird, Waverly Stearman. POP: about 50.

Swallow T-29 [X3904] (WASM)

T-29 1928 = 3pOB; 120hp Quick (static LeRhône), later refitted with 150hp Hisso A. POP: 1 [X/NC3904] c/n B-1.

Swallow TP [X6174] (Aero Digest)
Swallow TP [C9097] (WASM)

TP 1929 (ATC 105) = 2pOB; 90hp Curtiss OX-5; span: 30'11" length: 23'7" load: 542# v: 90/75/35 range: 300. Amos Payne. $1,725 less motor; POP: about 200. Strengthened construction, wider cockpits.

TP-K 1929 (ATC 186, 2-500) = 100hp Kinner K-5; span: 30'11" length: 23'10" load: 530# v: 100/85/35 range: 340. $4,123; POP: 20-25.

TP-W 1929 (ATC 253) = 110hp Warner Scarab and similar data, $4,250; POP: 3.