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c.1922: O W (Otto William) Timm Aircraft Corp, 901 N San Fernando Rd, Glendale CA. 1928: Timm Airplane Co. 1935: Timm Aircraft Co. 1937: Acquired Kinner Aircraft; 1939: Metropolitan Airport, Van Nuys CA. 1941: Sold to Aetna Aircraft Corp, Los Angeles. Charles Lindbergh's first airplane ride was with barnstormer Timm.

1911-20 = Several experimental planes produced, but data are lacking. Company logo proclaims 1911 as starting year.

160 1937 (617) = 2pOlwM; 160hp Kinner R-5; span: 34'5" length: 24'7" load: 803# v: 132/120/45 range: 460. From Kinner B-2R on acquisition of production rights. POP: 4 [NC14200 et al] .
  Aerocraft 2AS [NC14965] (John W Underwood coll)

Aerocraft 2AS 1938 = Kinner B-2R Sportwing modified to satisfy USAAC's requirements for a 2p primary trainer, to no avail as the nod went to Fairchild PT-19 instead. POP: 1 prototype [NC14965] c/n 230.
Argonaut 1927 = 4pCB; 200hp Renault; span: 35'0". POP: 1 built for Dr T C Young, chairman of California Aviation Council; aka P Sedan.
  Timm C-165 [NC887E] (Gene Palmer coll)

C-165 Collegiate 1930 (2-209) = 2pOhwM; 165hp Comet 7-E. POP: 2 [NC337, C/NC887E].
  Timm C-170 [NC888E] (Frank Rezich coll)

C-170, -185 Collegiate 1930 (2-202) = 2pOhwM; 170hp Curtiss Challenger, refitted with 185hp Curtiss Challenger under ATC as C-185; load: 616# v: 130/105/37 range: 500. $6,750. POP: 1 [NC888E].
  Timm Coach with Roscoe Turner [X5499] (B C Reed coll)

Coach 1928 = 7pO/CB; 250hp Menasco-Salmson B-2; span: 45'0" length: 31'9" load (in test flight): 2530# v: 112/100/35. Design based on Argonaut. POP: 1, purchased by Roscoe Turner and refitted with 715-gallon fuel tanks for attempted altitude record as [X5499] Golden Shell, but the flight was never made.
Curtiss Pusher 1927 = 1pOB; 90hp Curtiss OX-5 pusher. POP: 2. One replica Curtiss was built by Timm at his home in Eagle Rock, California, for Al Wilson, who was killed in this ship at the 1932 Nationals when he lost control in the downwash of an autogyro [3378] c/n 99. A second, similar pusher was built in 1935 for Paul Mantz for use in the film, "West Point of the Air."
  Timm K-100 [67] Anzani engine (Joseph Juptner coll)

K-90, -100 Collegiate 1928 (180) = 2pOhwM; 100hp Kinner K-5; span: 35'0" length: 24'7" load: 643# v: 108/92/35 range: 600. O W Timm's first company and first commercial plane. Prototype [X/C887E] c/n 102, initially powered by 90hp Anzani as [67]. K-100 had 130hp Comet [C337] c/n 101. $5,500; POP: 1 each.
  Timm M-150 [NC279V] (Frank Rezich coll)
  Timm M-150 City of Los Angeles [NC279V] (Gene Palmer coll)

M-150 Collegiate 1930 (2-239) = Similar to K-100, but with 150hp McClatchie Panther; load: 706# v: 118/x/35 range: 500. POP: 1 [X/NC279V]. As City of Los Angeles, set an endurance record of 378h:48m in flying the equivalent of 27,677 miles over Rosamond Dry Lake CA in 1930.
Monoplane 19?? = Described on regs only as this with an OX-5 motor. Info needed. POP: 1 [1782] no c/n noted.
N2T SEE PT-220.
P Sedan see Argonaut.
PT-160, -175 SEE S-160.
  Timm N2T-1 [32478] (Natl Museum of Naval Aviation)

PT-220, N2T 1941 (750 2-573) = USAAF and USN primary trainer. 2pOlwM; 220hp Continental O-470; span: 36'0" length: 24'7" load: 680# v: 140/120/50 range: 350. Aeromold construction. POP: 1 prototype [NX15593]; 262 to USN as N2T-1 [05875/05876, 32387/32636, 39182/39191].
  Timm S-160 [NX15593] (Dave Hatfield coll)

S-160 (PT-160K), PT-175K 1940 (747) = 2pOlwM; 160hp Kinner R-5; span: 35'0" length: 26'4" load: 614# v: 137/125/42 range: 450. Otto Timm. Aeromold construction; optional cockpit canopy. POP: 1 [NX15593]. PT-175K version had 175hp R-5; length: 25'6" load 700# 140/126/50 range: 520; became prototype USN N2T-1.
  Timm Skylark (Aviation via Joe Martin)

Skylark 1923 = 8pO/CB; two 200hp Liberty; span: 53'2" length: 36'0" v: 90/75/40. Was this the 1920 Pacific Hawk repowered?
  Timm T-800 Concept model (clip via Fritz Huggler)

T-800 - 1935-36 project apparently only made it to a classy scale model, but tri-gear T-840 evolved from it.
  Timm T-840 [NX17390] (Leo Opdyke coll)

T-840 Aeromold Transport 1938 = 6-10pChwM; two 420hp Wright R-975E; span: 50'0" length: 30'6" load: 384# v: 207/193/60 range: 790; ff: 2/x/38. Wally Timm. Tricycle gear; wing slots. Plastic-bonded plywood (Aeromold) construction. POP: 1 [NX17390].
TC-165 Collegiate 1930 (2-265) = 2pOhwM; 165hp Continental A-70. POP: 1 [X16E].
  Timm TW-120 [NC945Y]

TW-120 Collegiate 1931 (2-323) = 2pOhwM; 120-130hp Western L-7 [945Y] c/n 106.