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Naples Airlines SEE Provincetown Boston Airlines.

NASA Commuter Airlines SEE Metro Airlines
Nashville Eagle
c.1988: Command Airways, aka Nashville Eagle, Nashville YN, as part of American Eagle. 1991: Renamed Flagship Airlines.
National Airlines
1934: National Airlines System, Miami FL. 1937: Incorporation as National Airlines. 1979: Acquired by Pan American Airways. 2000: Filed for bankruptcy.
    = First all-jet airline in US; began as a Florida intrastate service.
National Air Transport
1926: National Air Transport Inc, Chicago IL. 1930: Division of United Aircraft & Transport Corp; later United Airlines.
National Commuter Airlines
c.19??: Subcontract carrier for Air Florida Commuter.
National Florida Airlines
1982: Dayton FL. Ended operations 1984.
Label (Hawaiicoins coll)
Stearman C3MB (Ron Dupas)
National Parks Airways
1927: Salt Lake City UT (CAM-26). 1937: Acquired by Western Airlines.
Nationwide Airlines
1968: Nationwide Airlines Southeast, St Simons Island GA. 1972: Became Air South, Atlanta GA. Nation's Air
c.1996: no data.
Navajo Airlines
c.1930: Winslow AZ. Kreutzer K-5.
Nevada Airlines
8/5/1929: Ray Boggs, Ben S Hunter, Carl Squier dba Nevada Airlines (ops mgr: Roscoe Turner), Los Angeles to Reno and Las Vegas NV. Four Lockheed Vegas. 12/11/29: Bankruptcy; aircraft repossessed by Lockheed.
1962: New Haven Airways, New Haven CT. Air taxi. 1978: Began scheduled commuter servics. 1980: Renamed Newair. 19??: Acquired by Pilgrim Airlines.
New England Air Express
19??: no data.
New England Airlines
1970: Westerly RI. Charter flights and scheduled service to Block Island.
New England & Western Air Transport
1930: Springfield MA. In operation only a few months.
New Haven Airways SEE Newair
New Orleans Air Line
c.1931: New Orleans LA.
New York Air
1980: New York NY. 1986: Acquired by Texas Air.
New York Airways
c.1931 (1949?): New York Airways Inc (pres: Robert L Cummings Jr 1956), New York NY.
New York & Western Airlines
1931: Subsidiary of Pittsburgh Airlines. Lasted only five months in the Depression Era.
New York Helicopter Airline
19??: no data.
New York-Newport Air Service
1922-1923: no data.
New York-Philadelphia-Washington Airways
1929: NYPW Airways. 1934: Acquired by Eastern Air Transport.
New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Air Line
c.1929: New York NY. June 6, 1929: Acquired New York Safety Airlines.
New York Safety Airlines
9/12/29: Tri-Motor Safety Airlines, Garden City, NY. 3/8/29: Reorganized as New York Safety Airlines, NYC. 6/6/29: Acquired by New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Air Line.
1947: Prince Albert Saskatchewan.
1947: Formed from a merger of Boreal Airways and Mont Laurier Aviation, Montreal Québec. 1957: Became subsidiary of Maritime Central Airways. c.1985: Acquired by Canadian Pacific Air Lines.
North American Airways
c.1930: Appleton WI; no data. Stinson SM-1 [NC4583].
North American Airlines
c.1982: no data.
North Central Airlines
1953: Formed on acquisition of Wisconsin Central Airlines, Minneapolis MN. 6/x/79: Merged with Southern Airways as Republic Airlines.
Northeast Airlines
1940: Formed from Boston Maine Airways & Central Vermont Airways. 1944: Acquired Mayflower Airlines. c.1955: Management by Atlas Corp (pres: George E Gardner). 1972: Acquired by Delta Air Lines.
Northeastern Airways
1982: Long Island NY. 1987: Ended operations.
    = DC-8s leased from Evergreen Intl.
Northeast Express Regional Airlines
c.1992: (Also as Northwest Airlink?)
Northern Air Cargo
c.1955: Northern Consolidated Airlines Inc (pres: Raymond I Peterson), Anchorage AK. 19??: Northern Consolidated Air Cargo. Douglas DC-6.
Northern Airlines
1928: Minot ND.
Northern Air Transport
1934: Fairbanks AK. 1936: Became Wien Alaska Airlines.
Northern Consolidated Airlines
1947: Anchorage AK. 1968: Merged with Wien Alaska Airlines as Wien Consolidated Airlines.
North Pacific Airlines / United Express
1989: no data. 1990: Merged with Westair Commuter Airlines as Westair.
North Star Airlines SEE Caribbean American Lines
  Label (Hawaiicoins coll)
  DC-3 at Boeing Field (postcard)
  Hamilton H-47

Northwest Airlines (Northwest Orient Airlines)
1926: Northwest Airways Inc, St Paul MN and Chicago IL (CAM #9). 1934: Name changed to Northwest Airlines, but was briefly, and unofficially, promoted as Northwest Orient Airlines to advertise Asian routes. 1955: Became first airline to operate without government subsidy on Transpacific and US-Alaska routes. 1984: Code-sharing agreement with Mesaba Airlines as a Northwest Airlink. 1984: NWA Inc formed as holding company. 1986: Merged with Republic Airlines. 198?: Acquired Simmons Airlines as a Northwest Airlink. 1988: Simmons sold to American Airlines. 1988: Shareholder holding group formed as TransAir. 1989: NWA Inc acquired by Wings Holdings. 1990: Route-sharing agreement with Hawaiian Airlines. 1995: Shareholder group reformed as Mesaba Holdings Inc. 11/20/98: Merged with Continental Airlines as an "alliance."
    = In 1928, offered first air-rail service with Rock Island RR.
    = DC-3 [N??] retired on 5/28/75 as the world's highest-time aircraft (84,875 hours logged) and retired to Henry Ford Museum.
    = On 1/30/90, Connie Walker retired as flight attendant at age 70 after 42 years with Northwest.

Northwest Airways SEE Northwest Airlines
Northwest Territorial Airways / NWT
19??: Yellowknife NWT.
Novell Inc
19??: no data.
Ocean Reef Airways
c.1985: Subcontract carrier for Air Florida Commuter.
OK Air
19??: Honolulu HI. 1980: Acquired by Air Hawaii.
Oklahoma City to Tulsa Airways see Braniff.
Olahoma Short-Line Airways
1930: Tulsa OK (fdr: L H Atkinson). 1931: Ended operations, Ryan B-1 [NC3598] repossessed.
Oklahoma-Texas Airline
1929: Oklahoma City OK.
    = Servicing Ponca City OK and Wichita Falls TX.
Omniflight Airways
c.1988: no data.
Ontario-Big Bear Airline SEE Big Bear Airline
Ontario Central Airlines
1947: Gimli Manitoba. Charter.
Orion Air
1980: no data. 1992: Ended operations.
Overland Airways
1931: San Francisco Bay Airdrome, Alameda CA. Two Travel Air A-6000As.
Overseas National Airways
1950: Douglas DC-4s flying charters for the US military due to the Korean War, later DC-7s and -8s. 1978: Ended operations. 1981: Resumed operations.
Ozark Air Lines
19??: Mid-Continent Air Transport(?), Kansas City KS. 1943: Ozark Air Lines, St Louis MO. 1945: Ended operations. 1950: Revived with certification from Park Airlines (pres: Earl E Bowman Jr). 1986: Acquired by TWA.
Pace Airlines
19??: Div of Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation, Winston-Salem NC. Charter. 2002: Acquired by Hooters (Robert Brooks). Boeings 737 and 757, business jets. SEE ALSO Piedmont.
Pacific Airlines SEE Southwest Airways
Ryan M-1 (PAT brochure)
Pacific Air Transport (data 1927)
1926: Vern Gorst dba Pacific Air Transport, Seattle WA and San Francisco CA. 1927: Acquired by Boeing Air Transport.
    = Routes to Bakersfield, Fresno, Los Angeles, Medford, Portland, Seattle, Tacoma.
Pacific Alaska Airlines
1972: Everett WA.
Pacific Alaska Airways
1975: Subsidiary of Pan American Airways, Fairbanks AK. 1986: Ended operations. Possible earlier date suggested by found photo of Ford 8-AT on skis [NC8499]. Lockheed ref shows 1934-36 lifeline.
Pacific American Airlines
c.1970: Mercer Airlines. 19??: Became Pacific American Airlines.
Pacific Coast Airlines
1969: Apollo Airways, Santa Barbara CA. 1982: Name change to Pacific Coast Airlines.
Pacific Coastal Airlines
19??: Vancouver, BC Canada (fdr: Daryl Smith). 1980: Merged as Air B C.
Pacific East Air
c.1983: no data. Charter to UK using DC-8s.
Pacific Express
c.1983: no data.
Pacific Interstate Airlines
c.1985: no data.
Pacific Marine Airways
1922-1928: SEE Catalina Island In 20 Minutes.
Pacific Northern Airlines
1937 (>1947): Formed from (A G) Woodley Airways. 1967: Acquired by Western Airlines.
Pacific Seaboard Airline
1933: no data. 1934: Became Chicago & Southern Airlines.
Pacific Southwest Airlines / Pacific Southwest Airways
1945: Friedkin Aeronautics, as their own airline with a single leased DC-3 operating between San Francisco and Los Angeles. 1949: San Diego CA. 1988: Acquired by USAir.
    = Intrastate California, popularly known as PSA.
Pacific Western Airlines
1946: Central British Columbia Airways, Calgar, Alberta. 1953: Renamed Pacific Western Airlines. 1970: Absorbed British Columbia Airlines. 1978: Acquired TransAir.
    = International charters.
Pan Am Air Bridge SEE Chalk's International Air Line
Pan American Airways / Pan Am
1999: Guilford Rail System dba Pan American Airways (pres: Dave Fink), Portsmouth NH.
    = Acquired rights and holdings in 1998 bankruptcy sale. Initially connecting Orlando FL with 727-200s adorned with the original PanAm logo.
Pan American World Airways / PANAGRA
1927: Pan American Airways (mail), Key West FL. 1935: PANAGRA div established (Pan American Grace Airways). 1950: Pan American World Airways, New York NY. 1967: PANAGRA acquired by Braniff. 1/7/80: Acquired National Airlines. 2/11/86: Pacific routes sold to United Airlines. 1991: Filed for bankruptcy. 1996: Brief revival of some services. 1998: Acquired by Guilford Rail System (SEE previous entry).  SEE ALSO The PAA Flying Clippers.
    = Original mail route between Key West FL and Havana Cuba (1927).
    = First airline to employ radio communications (1928).
    = Pioneered Pacific air routes (1935).
    = First airline to make a global flight (1942).
    = First airline with ports on every continent.
    = First post-WW2 airline links to USSR (1968) and Red China (1978).
    = Subsidiaries: Airline Services Division, Falcon Jet Corp, International Hotels, Metropolitan Air Facilities Division, PAA Technical Services.

Pan Am Express
1986: Division of PAA, from Ransome Airlines.
Paradise Island Airlines
c.1990: no data.
Park Air Transport
1947: no data. 1950: Merged with Ozark Air Lines.
Patricia Airways
c.1930: Canada; no data. Stinson SB-1 [C-CAFW, C-CAJC].
Penobscot Airways
1955: Millinocket ME.
Peninsula Airways / Pen Air
1955: Pilot Point AK (fdr: Orin Seybert). 3/1/65: Incorporation and FBO, King Salmon AK. 1977: Cold Bay AK. 1985: Kodiak AK. 11/x/91: Renamed Pen Air, commuter services partnered with Alaska Airlines. 1997: Anchorage AK.
Pennsylvania Air Lines
c.1930: Clifford Ball dba Pennsylvania Air Lines, Pittsburgh PA. 4/x/34: Reorganized as Pennsylvania Air Lines & Transport Co (PALTC). 6/x/34: Acquired assets of Kohler Aviation. 19??: Contractor for Allegheny Commuter.
Pennsylvania Central Airlines
1936: Pittsburgh Aviation Industries dba Pennsylvania Central Airlines (PCA), Pittsburgh PA, on merger of Central Airlines and Kohler Airlines. Apr 1948: Renamed by Capital Airlines, later acquired by United Airlines.
People Express Airlines
1981: Newark NJ. 19??: Merged with Provincetown-Boston Airlines. 2/1/87: Merged into New York Air/Continental (Texas Air).
    = "No frills" airline with budget fares.
Perimeter Airlines
19??: Winnipeg Manitoba.
Philadelphia Rapid Transit
1926: Philadelphia PA. Ford Tri-Motor.
Phoenix Air
c.1997: Phoenix AZ.
Pickwick Airways
1928: Charles F Wren dba Pickwick Stage Systems, Glendale Air Terminal CA. 1930: Ended operations.
Piedmont Airlines
1940: Piedmont Aviation, Winston-Salem NC (aircraft sales). 194?: Camel City Flying Service. 1948: Piedmont Airlines (pres: T H Davis, 1955). 1983: Acquired Henson Airlines. 1984: Acquired Empire Airlines. 1984: Acquired Jetstream International Airlines. 1984 (>1989): Merged with USAir. 19??: Piedmont Hawthorne.
Pilgrim Airlines
1962: Groton CT. 19??: Acquired NewAir. 19??: Acquired by Business Express.
Pinehurst Airlines
c.1980: no data.
Pioneer Air Lines
1/x/39: Essair, Houston TX. Regional carrier to Abaline and Amarillo. 8/25/45: Daily passenger service. 6/17/46: Pioneer Air Lines, Dallas TX. 4/1/55: Merged with Continental Air Lines.
Pitcairn Aviation
1926: Philadelphia PA, Brooklyn NY (CAM-19, -25). 1929: Acquired by Eastern Air Transport.
Pittsburgh Airways
c.1931: Pittsburgh Airways Inc (fdrs: James Condon, Ted Taney) Pittsburgh PA. c.1931: Subsidiary New York & Western Airlines, serving NYC and Camden NJ, lasted only five months. c.1932: Bankruptcy.
Pocono Airlines
1965: Wilkes-Barre PA. 1968: Contractor for Allegheny Commuter.
Polar Air Cargo
c.1994: Long Beach CA. Air freight.
1946: Polaris Charter Co. 1953: Acquired by Wardair Canada.
Pompano Airways
c.1985: Subcontract carrier for Air Florida Commuter.
Port Angeles Air Transport
1931: Port Angeles Air Transport Inc, Port Angeles WA.
    = Flights to Seattle in Stinson Detroiters.
Powelson Airlines
19??: San Juan, PR. 19??: Renamed CaribAir. 1973: Acquired by Eastern Airlines.
Precision Airlines
1977: Precision Valley Aviation Inc dba Precision Airlines, Springfield VT. c.1986: Manchester NH.
Presidential Airways
c.1987: no data. 1986: Acquired Colgan Airways. 1987: Acquired by Continental Express.
Pro Air
c.1997: Pro Air Inc, Detroit MI. 2000: Ended operations? (FAA revocation 9/2000)
Provincetown-Boston Airlines / PBA
1949: Provincetown MA; also included Naples Airlines. 19??: Merged with People Express.
    = Had in its fleet a DC-3 with 88,000 logged hours [N136PB], the world's highest-time airliner.
PSA Airlines
19??: PSA Airlines Inc, Vandalia OH. Affiliation: US Airways.
Purdue Air Service
1950: Purdue Aeronautics Corp, Lafayette IN. Lightplane feeder service to Chicago using Cessna 190s.
Purple Label Airways
c.1930: Canada; no data. Stinson SB-1 [C-CAGF, C-CANI].
1947: Rimouski Airlines, Montreal Québec. 1948: Renamed Québecair. 1953: Merged with Gulf Aviation.
Q-West Commuter Airline
c.1988: no data.
Rankin Flying Service
1927(?): (John "Tex") Rankin Flying Service, Swan Island Airport, Portland OR.
Ransome Airlines
1967: Philadelphia(?) PA. 19??: Contractor for Allegheny Commuter. 1982: Left Allegheny Commuter. 1986: Acquired by PAA as Pan Am Express.
Rapid Air Lines
1933: Rapid Air Lines Corp, Omaha NB. 1934: Ended operations.
Label (Hawaiicoins coll)
Rapid Air Transport
1930: Rapid City SD. 1932: Acquired by Hanford Air Lines.
Red Carpet Airlines
19??: Red Carpet Airlines, St Petersburg FL. 1981: Became Aerosun International Airlines.
Red Wing Flying Service
c.1929: Ware MA. Air taxi, charter.
Reed Air Line
1931-1934: no data.
Reeve Aleutian Airways
1932: (Robert C) Reeve Airways, Anchorage AK. 1946 or 1948: Reeve Aleutian Airways. 2000: Ended airlines operations.
Regent Airways
c.1997: no data.
Reno Air
c.1990: Reno Air Inc, Reno NV. 199?: Merged with American Airlines.
Renoun Aviation
c.1990: Renoun Aviation Inc, Santa Maria CA.

Started in Santa Maria flying to Catalina and is probably still in business [Ed: Not listed in phone book]. They flew out of FXE from c.1991 to c.1997 (approx) as a 121 Suppplmental operator. The flew C-240 cargo, C-34, C440, C580 passanger and military charter, and had an L-188 they flew in Europe at one time. At one time owned by Larry Sullivan. (— Stan Baumwald 11/15/03)
Republic Airlines
6/x/79: Formed from a merger of North Central Airlines and Southern Airways, Minneapolis MN. 10/13/80: Acquired Hughes Air West. 1983: Merged in partnership with Mesaba Airlines. 1984: Mesaba partnership dissolved. 1986: Acquired by Northwest Airlines.

Republic Airlines was placed in the hands of a new director, Steven Wolf, due to financial difficulties and was brought out of financial stress by that director, who caused Republic Airlines to become solvent and ultimately sold to Northwest Airlines. (— George Bryant 2/12/03)
Resort Airlines
Dec 1946: Resort Airlines. 1982: Resort Air/Resort Airlines, St Louis MO. 1989: Became Trans States Airlines.
Resort Commuter Airlines
c.1988: no data. 1989: Ended operations.
Revere Airways
c.1950: no data.
Richmor Airlines
c.1990: Richmor Aviation Inc, no data.
Riddle Airlines
1945: (pres: J Paul Riddle) ---. Charter, freight. 1965: Became Airlift International.
Rimouski Airlines
1947: Montreal Québec. 1948: Renamed Québecair. 1953: Merged with Gulf Aviation.
Rio Airways
1966: Killeen TX.
Robertson Air Service (data 1927)
1930: Division of Robertson Aircraft Corp, Anglum MO. 1933: Ended operations. Routes to Chicago, Peoria, St Louis, and Springfield.
Robin Air Lines
1947: Los Angeles CA, Burbank CA.
   = Douglas DC-4, Lockheed Constellation.
Robinson Airlines
1945: no data. 8/23/52: Renamed Mohawk Airlines.
Rocky Mountain Airways
1964: Vail Airways, Denver CO. 1978: Acquired Intermountain Airways.
Roscoe Charter Service
1950:Salina KS. Lightplane feeder service.
Roseswift Air Service
1920: Arthur Rosenthal and Thomas Swift dba Roseswift Airplane Co, Grand Rapids MI. 1920: Ended operations.
    = Short-lived operation carrying passengers and light freight to Ionia in Curtiss JN-4s, was described as "too far ahead of its time," and went back to barnstorming and teaching flying.
Ross Airlines
c.1988: Ross Aviation Inc, —.
Roots Air
199?: Subsidiary of Skyservice Airlines, Canada.
Royal Airlines
19??: — Canada.
Royal Airways
1927-1929: no data.
Royale Airlines
1969: Shreveport LA.
Royal Hawaiian Air Service
1963: Honolulu HI.
Royal West Airlines
c.1986: no data.
Ryan Airlines
Ben F Mahoney & T Claude Ryan dba Ryan Co, San Diego CA. 1925: Ryan Airlines. 1927: Discontinued operations to focus on aircraft manufacturing.
Ryan International Airlines
1975: (Ronald) Ryan Aviation Corp, Wichita KS. FBO, charters, freight. 1984: Ryan Intl Airlines, passenger charters in Boeing 727s. 1992: Pacific freight operations. 1994: Assets of Ryan Aviation sold, the airline became the corporate title and principal operation. 2000: Contract North Atlantic shuttle service.
Safeway Airlines SEE Southwest Air Fast Express
St Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line
Anthony Jannus, St Petersburg FL. 1914. Six-month contract fulfilled.
    = World's first airline, but with only a single destination.
San Juan Airlines
c.1970: (c.1955?) Seattle WA.

I have a friend who flew Stinson 108s for San Juan Airlines of Friday Harbor WA. In the infancy of his business, Roy Franklin flew on regularly scheduled service between Seattle and the Islands, as well as Bellingham, Anacortes, and Skagit County. The time frame was the early '50s, and he flew them until he needed to upgrade to larger aircraft to keep up with a growing demand for his services. (— Jon P Franklin) .
Santa Catalina Island Air Line
Glenn L Martin, Long Beach CA. 1912: Santa Catalina Island Air Line.
Santa Fe Skyway5/4/46: Div of Santa Fe Railroad. 1/15/48: Ended operations after government decreed that railways could not operate airlines.
Santa Maria Airlines
(Capt Allan) Hancock College of Aeronautics, Santa Maria CA. 1928: Santa Maria Airlines. 1929: Ended operations.
    = Lockheed Vega 1 [NC7427].
Saturn Airways
1978: All-American Airways. 1960: Saturn Airways. 1976: Merged with Transinternational Airlines.
Scenic Airlines
1967: Las Vegas NV (fdr: John Siebold).
    = Scenic flights over the Grand Canyon recreational area and other Southwestern national parks.
Scenic Airways
1927: (fdr: J Parker van Zandt) Davis-Monthan Field, Tucson AZ (1927) and Sky Harbor Airport, Phoeniz AZ (1928). Grand Canyon sightseeing flights. 1929: Became Grand Canyon Airlines.
Scheduled Skyways
c.1980: no data.
Seaboard World Airlines
1946: (pres: Raymond A Norden), New York NY. Non-scheduled freight. 1947: Seaboard & Western Airlines (freight). 1961: Seaboard World Airlines (freight). 1980: Merged with Flying Tiger Line.
    = European ports.
Seagull Airways
1929-1930: no data.
c.1984: SeaAirmotive Inc dba SEAIR.
Semo Airways
19??: Malden MO.
Seattle-Vancouver Airways
19??: no data.
Seattle-Victoria Air Mail Line
1920-1928: William Boeing dba Seattle-Victoria Air Mail Line, Seattle WA. Appears in book, Flying For 1937, register of US Airlines as active.
Sentry Air Lines
c.1926: (pres: J C Channon), Ponca City OK.
SFO Helicopter Airlines
1/x/61: San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines. 12/17/62: CAB air mail certificate. Sikorsky S-61s and S-62s connecting SFO with Bay Area locations. Notable in being the only US helicopter service to operate without a government subsidy.
Shannon Airlines
19??: no data. 19??: Acquired Mid-State Airlines. 1989: Ended operations.
Shelton-Jefferson Airways
1930: (Gentry) Shelton-Jefferson Airways, St Louis MO. 1931: Ended operations.
Shuttle Air Lines
c.1931: Henry Ogden dba Shuttle Air Lines, Glendale Air Terminal CA. c.1932: Ended operations.
    = A single Ogden Osprey connected San Bernardino and Palm Springs.
Sidles Airways
c.1930: Lincoln NB; no data. Stinson SM-1 [NC7474].
Sierra Nevada Airways
c.1994: no data.
Sierra Pacific Airlines
c.1985: no data.
Siemans Air Transport
c.1927: Charles L Semans, Uniontown PA. Unknown if an actual carrier.
c.1991: no data
Simmons Airlines
1979: Marquette MI. c.1986: Metroflight div of American Eagle. 1988: Acquired as Northwest Airlink.
Skybus 20??: no data.
Skybus Express
19??: no data. 1993: Ended operations.
c.1984: Skyfreighters Corp.

I know they were in business in 1984 and were a renamed version of Coker Air Freight. Coker had been in business since before 1980 operating out of the Grand Prairie TX airport. Skyfreighters was bought around 1987 by Kitty Hawk Airways to get a part 121 certificate. Kitty Hawk Airways was a 135 operation and was shut down around 1990. Kitty Hawk Inc, dba Kitty Hawk Aircargo, survived the bankruptcy and is operating 7 each Boeing 727-200 freighters and 737-300 freighters. (— Robert Grimm 9/24/07)
Skymark Airlines
1967: no data. 1969: Acquired by Golden West Airlines.
Skymaster Airlines
19??: Laconia NH; no data. 3/x/83: Acquired by Atlantic North Airlines. Sky Trek International Airlines
c.1996: no data.
Skyway Airlines
1989: Milwaukee WI. Formed by Midwest Express Airlines in partnership with Mesa Airlines. 1994: Partnership dissolved and Skyway, aka Astral Aviation, became a wholly-owned part of Midwest Express.
Skyway Commuter
c.1985: Subcontract carrier for Air Florida Commuter.
Skyways International Airlines
c.1953: Skyways Airlines, Fayetteville AR (fdr: Ray Ellis), air taxi service to Little Rock. c.1972: Service to Tulsa added, later about two dozen more cities, partly Eastern AL subsidies. c.1983: Acquired by Air Midwest.
    = Originally one Cessna 190, add Beech 99s, Metro II/IIIs, Nord 262.

The only surviving route from Little Rock to Fayetteville to Kansas City (operated as US Airways Express) was dropped after the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks, as the airline could not compete with new I-540 freeway, which shortened door-to-door time after new security screening measures were enacted. Non-stops MCI-XNA and MCI-LIT continue today. (— Jim Bryan 3/12/01)
Skywest Airlines
c.1988: St George UT. Affiliation: Delta Airlines.
Slick Airways
1946: (Earl) Slick Airways — ; freight. 1948: Acquired California Eastern. 1968: Acquired by Airlift International.
Slocum Air
c.19??: Subcontract carrier for Air Florida Commuter.
SMB Stageline
19??: (Sedalia Marshall Boonville), no data. 1990: Ended operations.
Smokers Express
c.1993: no data.
South Bend Airways
1927: South Bend IN (fdrs: Stephen Darius, Carl G Jordan) 19??: ended operations.

Fleet consisted of Pheasant H-10 and Alexander Eaglerock Long-wing. Jordan began a 33-year career in 1935 as pilot for American Airlines and still, posthumously, holds the world speed record between New York and Chicago, set in 1961 in a Boeing 707. Darius was killed in a 1933 attempt to make the world's longest non-stop flight—New York to Lithuania. He got some 70 miles past Berlin before crashing, making it the second-longest flight on record up to that time. (— Carl B Jordan 8/5/02)
Southern Air Express SEE Southwest Air Fast Express
Southeast Airlines
c.1958: no data.
Southeast Airlines
1992: Largo FL (pres: Tom Kolfenbach). Scheduled charters.
    = 2 DC-9-30s and 6 MD-80s.
Southern Air Transport
192?: Subsidiaries Texas Air Transport Inc and Texas Air Transport Flying School, Southern Airmotive Service, Gulf (Coast?) Air Lines, Dixie Motor Coach Corp. (CAM-21, -22, -23, -29). 1929: Acquired by Aviation Corporation (AVCO).
Southern Airways
6/10/49 1/10/49: (pres: Frank W Hulse) Birmingham GA. 6/x/79: Merged with North Central Airlines as Republic Airlines.
Southern Frontier Airlines
1978: Calgary, Alberta.
Southern Jersey Airways
1970: Atlantic City and Wildwood NJ.

They flew DH-6 Twin Otters as an Allegheny Commuter starting in 1970 with service between WWD, ACY, and PHL, eventually expanding to MLV (Millville), ARX, EWR, TTN, and several other cities. (— Jonathan D Rubins 10/12/04)
Southwest Air Fast Express
1928: Erle P Halliburton dba Southwest Air Fast Express (SAFE), Tulsa OK. 1931: Renamed Southern Air Express. Late 1931: Ended operations in the Depression.
    = Ford 5-ATs, identified with "S.A.F.E.WAY AIR LINES" on their sides, and Lockheed Vegas operated with no injuries to passengers or personnel.
Southwest Airlines
1967: Air Southwest, Dallas TX. 1971: Renamed Southwest Airlines. 1987: Acquired TranStar. 1994: Acquired Morris Airlines.
Southwest Airways
1941: John H Connelly & Leland Hayward dba Southwest Airways. 5/6/58: Became Pacific Air Lines, San Francisco CA. 1968: Merged as Hughes Air West.
Southwest Pacific Airlines
c.1960: no data.
Southwest Ryan Airlines
1928: Tulsa OK (mgr: Al Henley). Ryan B-1 [NC3910].
Spirit Airlines
1980: Charter One, Eastpointe MI. Charter service to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Bahamas. 1990: Scheduled service from Boston to Atlantic City. 5/29/92: Became Spirit Airlines, routes to West Coast, Chicago and NYC. 11/x/99: Miramar FL (CEO: Jacob Schorr).
Fokker F.VIIa (B C Reed coll)
Label (Hawaiicoins coll)
Standard Airlines
Davis-Monthan Aviation Field, Tucson AZ. 1926: fdrs: Jack Frye, Walter Hamilton, Paul Richter dba Aero Corporation of California and Standard Airlines, Los Angeles CA. 1929: Merged with Western Air Express as Transcontinental & Western Air.
Standard Airways
c.1960: no data.
Star Airlines / Star Air Service
1932: Star Air Service, Anchorage AK. 1934: Merged with McGee Airways. 1937: Renamed Star Airlines. 1942: Became Alaska Star Airlines. 1946: Alaska Airlines.
Starlite Express
c.1990: Division of Metro Express II.
State Airlines
c.1940: Charlotte SC. Charter, cargo, feeder airline.
    = Lockheed Lodestar, Bellanca Cruisair.
Stateswest Airlines
c.1987: no data. 1993: Ended operations.
Stearns Airways
c.1955: no data.
Stout Air Lines Detroit MI
c.1926: (William) Stout Air Services, Ford Airport, dba Stout Air Line, Detroit MI. 1930: Div of United Aircraft & Transport Corp; later United Airlines.
Suburban Airlines
19??: Reading PA. c.1983: Merged with Allegheny Commuter/USAir.
Summit Airways
1947: Laramie WY, Denver CO. 1948(?): Renamed Challenger Airlines. 1949: Acquired by Monarch Airlines.
SunAir Express
c.2000: Redding CA.
Sunbelt Airlines
1979: JamAire, Camden AR. 1982: Sunbelt Airlines. 1984: Ended operations.
Sunbird Airlines
1979: Denver NC. 198?: Acquired Atlanta Express Airline. 1987: Renamed CC Air.
Suncoast Airlines
c.1985: no data.
Sun Country Airlines
c.1986: Minneapolis/St Paul MN.
SunJet International
c.1995: no data.
Sun Line Airways
c.1990: no data.
Sun Pacific International
c.1996: no data.
Sunrise Airlines
c.1989: no data.
Sun Valley Interline
c.1975: no data.
c.1982: Sunwest Home Aviation, Calgary Alba, Canada. Global charter operations.
Susquehanna Airlines
19??: Sidney NY. Routes to NY state airports, Boston, Chicago, Wilkes-Barre. 1985: Grounded by FAA for violations.
    = DH-114 Herons.
Swift Aire Lines
1969: San Luis Obispo CA (pres: Charles G Wiswell). 1981: Merged with Golden Gate Airlines. 1981: Ended operations.
Tahoe Air SEE Casino Express Airlines
Taku Glacier Air
c.1990: no data.
TAL International Airlines
c.1985: no data.
Tanner Airlines
c.1930: Tanner Air Services, Los Angeles CA. Stinson SM-1s.
TAT-Maddux SEE Trans World Airlines
Temsco Airlines
c.1990: no data.
Tennessee Air Transport
c.1927: Tennessee Air Transport Co, Maar Field, Chattanooga TN.
Tennessee Airways
1978: Alcoa TN.
Texas Air Transport
1929: Texas Air Transport Inc (pres: or genl mgr: Temple Bowen), Fort Worth TX. Primarily freight with limited-space passenger service; some taxi in Ryan Brougham [NC4936]. 1929: Acquired as subsidiary of Southern Air Transport Inc/AVCO.
    = Austin, Dallas, Galveston, San Antonio, Waco using a Lockheed Air Express.
Texas International Airlines
1944: Aviation Enterprises, Houston TX. 1947: Renamed Trans-Texas Airways. 1968: Management as Texas Air Corp dba Texas International Airlines. 10/31/82: Acquired Continental Airlines and retained the name. 2/4/86: Acquired Eastern Airlines.
Thompson Airlines / Transamerican Airlines
7/x/28: Thompson Aeronautical Corp dba Thompson Airlines, Cleveland OH (CAM-27, air mail only). 7/x/29: Passenger service began. 1931: Renamed Transamerican Airlines. 1933: Acquired by American Airways, but continued as a company on paper only, finally going bankrupt in 1934 after President F D Roosevelt cancelled all civil air mail contracts.
    = Linked intrastate Michigan with Chicago; Stinson Detroiters.
Thunder Bay Airlines
1946: — Canada?.
Thunderbird Airways
c.1985: no data.
Time Air
1966: fdr: Walter R Ross, Lethbridge Alberta.
Toronto Airways
1948: Toronto, Ontario.
Tower Air
c.1990: Tower Air Inc, —. Ended operations 2000.
TPI International Airlines
19??: TPI Intl Airlines Inc, —. Ended operations 1991.
Trade Winds Airways
19??: Greensboro NC. Air freight.
Tradewinds International Airlines
Trans Air SEE Trans Island Airways
1947: Central Northern Airways, Winnipeg Manitoba. 1956: Merged with Arctic Wings as Transair. 1969: Acquired Midwest Airlines. 1978: Acquired by Pacific Western.
Transair Hawaii
late 1946: HI. Cargo and passenger charters using several converted C-46s between the islands. 1948: ended operations.
Trans-Air-Link SEE TAL International
TransAmerica Airlines, Trans International Airlines
1948: Kirk Kerkorian dba Los Angeles Air Service, Los Angeles CA. 1960: Trans International Airlines. 1962: Sold to Studebaker Corp. 1964: Repurchased by Kerkorian. 1968: Acquired by Transamerica. 1976: Acquired Saturn Airways, Oakland. 1979: Transamerica Airlines. 1986: Ended operations.
    = Corporate holdings included Budget Rent-a-Car, Occidental Life Insurance, United Artists Pictures.
    = Global charters and cargo using L1049s, Electras, DC-8s, DC-10s, and 747s.

Transamerican Airlines SEE Thompson Airlines
Trans Canada Airlines
1937: Montreal Québec. 1964: Air Canada.
Trans Caribbean Airways
1958: no data. 1971: Acquired by American Airlines.
Trans-Catalina Airways
19??: Santa Ana CA.
Transcontinental Air Express
19??: no data. Merged with TWA?
TransContinental Airlines
c.1985: no data.
Transcontinental Air Transport
1928: Transcontinental Air Transport-Maddux Air Lines (TAT) formed from merger of Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Co, National Air Transport, Pennsylvania Railroad, Wright Aero Corp, and St Louis businessmen. 1929: Merged with Western Air Express as Transcontinental & Western Air (T&WA).
Transcontinental Air Transport
c.1975: Apparently a resurrection of the name.

Seen flying C-47s in the Midwest; reportedly a nationwide carter service. (-- Jerry Marlette 8/23/00)
Trans-Florida Airlines
c.1987: no data.
Trans International Airlines SEE TransAmerica Airlines
Trans Island Airways aka Trans Air
1977: Ft Lauderdale FL. Charter. 1979: Scheduled carrier connecting Florida and Bahamas. 19??: Piedmont AL commuter. 1985: Ended operations.
Translift Airways
19??: no data.
Trans Magic Airlines
c.1973: Trans Magic Airlines, Greater Idaho Corp, Boise ID.

Flew in and out of several cities in Idaho and did relatively well, especially on the Boise-Sun Valley-Hailey route. Planes painted white overall with a red and blue separated by a white thin cheatline running the length of the fuselage at passenger window level. (— Jim Phillips 1/20/01)
Trans Michigan
19??: no data.
Trans-Mo Airlines
1966: Jefferson City MO.
Trans North Air
1966: Whitehorse Yukon. 1972: Acquired Great Northern Airways.
Transocean Airlines / TALOA
c.1955: TALOA, ---. 1960: Acquired by US Overseas Airlines.
Transocean Airlines (c.1989) SEE Gulf Air
Transpacific Airlines
c.1955: no data. 1959: Became Aloha Airlines.
Trans Provincial Airlines
19??: -— Canada. 1980: Merged as Air BC.
TranStar Airlines
1981: Muse Air. 1986: Renamed TranStar Airlines. 1987: Acquired by Southwest Airlines.
Trans States Airlines
1982: Resort Air, St Louis MO. 1985: dba Trans World Express (TWA commuter). 1989: Became Trans States Airlines, operating in the Midwest as Trans World Express and in the Northeast (West Coast added in 1993) as US Airways Express. 1991: Acquired Air Midwest. 1994: Code-sharing with Alaska Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and USAirways. 1995: Code-sharing with Trans World Airlines and United Airlines. 1998: Code-sharing with Delta Airlines operating as Delta Connection.
Trans-Texas Airways
1947: Formed on acquisition of Aviation Enterprises. 1968: Reformed as Texas Intl Airlines.
Transwestern Airlines
1978: Logan UT. Served Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming. 1983: Acquired by Horizon Air.
Trans World Airlines, Transcontinental & Western Airways
1929: Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc formed on merger of Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT, TAT-Maddux) and Western Air Express, New York NY. 1940: Acquired Marquette Airlines. 1950: Transworld Airlines (TWA). Merged with Chautauqua Airlines as Trans World Express (TWE). 1985: Controlling interest acquired by financier Carl Icahn. 1988: Company privatized. 1/31/92: Filed for bankruptcy, but managed to stay in operation. 4/9/2001: Merged with American Airines.
    = Linked USA ports to Europe and Middle East.
    = Corporate holdings included Hilton Hotels, Century 21, Canteen and Hardy's food services.

Trans World Express SEE Chautauqua Airlines and TWA
Ford 4-AT-11 [NC1780] (Jack Swallow coll)
Tri-Motor Safety Airlines
9/12/29: Garden City, NY. 3/8/29: Reorganized as New York Safety Airlines.
TriStar Airlines
c.1995: no data.
Tropical Airways
c.1930: Clearwater FL; no data.
Trump Shuttle
1989: (Donald) Trump dba Trump Shuttle on acquisiton of Eastern Airlines Shuttle. 1992: Bankruptcy; operations continued by USAir as USAir Shuttle. 1998: Acquired by US Airways.
Tulsa-Oklahoma City Airline (1927) SEE Braniff International.
Turner Airlines
Oct 1949: (Roscoe) Turner Airlines, Grand Rapids MI. Sep 1950: Acquired by Lake Central Airlines.
Tyme Airlines
19??: no data. 1968: Acquired by Wright Air Lines.
Ultra Airlines
c.1992: Houston TX.

A short-lived attempt out to provide First-Class only—initially from LAX to JFK, with other even shorter attempts between other cities. Its plan was to lease and outsource everything. I do not know where their aircraft came from, but AMR Services (a then sister of American Airlines) provided most everything else, Flight Planning, Ground Handling, Fuel, etc. It ran out of money (perhaps from poor marketing) and shut down within a year from startup. (— E G Adams 4/13/01)
United Airlines
1931: Formed as United Aircraft & Transport Corp management company (pres: F B Rentschler), consolidating Boeing Air Transport, National Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport, Stout Air Service, and Varney Air Lines as United Airlines, Chicago IL. 1934: Varney operation sold. June 1961: Acquired Capital Airlines. 1969: Reformed as United Airlines Inc (UAL). 1970: Acquired Western International hotels. 1975: Acquired GAB Business Services.
    = Initial route, as Varney Air Lines, between Pasco WA and Elko NV (1931).
    = Corporate holdings included Westin Hotels, United Air Express, and real estate packages.

United Express SEE Air Wisconsin
United Parcel Service, UPS
c.1989: Atlanta GA. Air freight.
United States Air Transport aka Washington-New York Air Line
1929: New York NY. 1930: Ended operations.
    = Connected Washington DC with Ryan B-1s.
United States Overseas Airlines
1946: Cape May NJ. Charter. 1956: International status. 1960: Acquired TALOA. 1964: Ended operations.
United Union Airways
1929: W R Frentzel, C M & Francis Baker dba United Union Airways Inc, Spokane WA.
Uraba, Medellin & Central Airways
c.1955: (pres: Erwin Balluder), New York NY. No data.
Universal Air Lines
1928: Universal Air Lines System, Chicago IL. 1931: Acquired by AVCO/American Airlines.
    = Alexandria VA, Duluth MI, Fargo ND, Madison SD, Minneapolis, St Paul.
Universal Airways
1930: Universal Flying Service dba Universal Airways, Minneapolis MN.
    = Air mail and air taxi passenger service to Duluth via Sikorsky amphibian.
usAir / USAir
1979: Name change from Allegheny Airlines, included Allegheny Commuter Service. 1986: Acquired Pacific Southwest Airlines. 1997: Name change to USAirways/USAir.
USAir Express
(c.1987: From Henson Airlines?)
Utah Pacific Airways
c.1931: Ogden UT, no data.
Val-Air Lines
1950: Mercedes TX. Lightplane feeder service using Beech Bonanzas and Ryan Navions.
Valley Airlines
c.1930: Sacramento CA (?), charters.
Valley Airpark Commuter see Air Link Airlines
ValuJet Airlines
c.1997: AirTran Airways (ceo: Joe Leonard), Minneapolis/St Paul MN.
Vance Air Service
11/1/28: Great Falls MT (pres: Clare Vance). Scheduled daily service to Billings in a Stinson Detroiter.
Vance International Airline
19??: no data. 1970: Became McCulloch International Airlines.
Vanguard Airlines
1994: Kansas City MO. 20??: Bankruptcy.
    = 13 Boeing 737-200s (data: 2000).
Varney Air Lines, Varney Speed Lines / Speed Lanes
192?: (Walter T) Varney Air Service, Boise ID. 1926: Varney Speed Lines (CAM-5, -32). 1929: Merged as a division of United Aircraft & Transport Corp, which later became United Airlines. 1931: Reformed as Varney Speed Lines/Lanes, SF Bay Airdrome, Alameda CA. 1932: Acquired Air Ferries Ltd. 1933: Ended operations. 1934: Reformed as Varney Air Transport, Los Angeles; (Southern Division, El Paso TX). 1937: Acquired by Continental Airlines.
    = Speed Lines ended after a bad-weather crash 3/23/33 of Lockheed Orion into two houses, killing pilot, two passengers, and 12 people on the ground.
Vee Neal Airlines
1967: Latrobe PA.
120 Luxury Liner
Vegas Airways No data found.
Viking International Airlines
c.1985: (possibly Aero-Van Express?) Minneapolis MN.
Vintage Airways
19??: Vintage Air Tours dba Vintage Airways. 1994: Ended operations.
Voyageur Airways
c.1982: Toronto.
Wardair Canada
1946: Polaris Charter Co, Yellowknife NWT. 1953: Acquired by Maxwell W Ward dba Wardair (charter service). 1962: Wardair Canada Ltd (charter). 1976: Wardair International as parent company with subsidiaries International Vacations and Wardair UK (Great Britain).
Washington-New York Air Line SEE United States Air Transport
Watertown Airways
c.1935: Watertown SD.
Wedell-Williams Air Service
1928: (James) Wedell-(Harry P) Williams Air Service, New Orleans LA. Routes to Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, and Shreveport with Lockheed Vegas. 1937: Acquired by Eastern Air Lines.
  Britten-Norman Trislander 1978 (William T Larkins)
c.1978: Aviation Corp of Seattle No data.
Westair / United Express
1990: Formed in merger of North Pacific Airlines and Westair Commuter Airlines.
West Coast Air
19??: Pacific Coastal Airlines, — Canada. 1980: Merged as Air B C.
West Coast Airlines
c.1955: Boeing Field, Seattle CA. 1968: Merged with Bonanza and Pacific Air Lines as Air West, later Hughes Air West.

Operated after (I believe Zimmerly Air and Empire of Lewiston ID) merged in the early '50s, was owned by Nick Bez, a fishing industry tycoon in Seattle who needed a tax write-off. WCA initially operated with 12 DC-3s and routes were short in ID, OR, and WA. I was an Agent at Spokane-Geiger from 1953-56. Great little airline and many interesting experiences. (— Ed Marvin 9/5/04)
West Coast Air Transport Co
1927: Portland OR. 1929: Merged with Western Air Express.
    = Chehalis, Medford, San Francisco, Seattle.
Western Air Express / Western Airlines
1925: Harry Chandler, William Garland, Harris M Hanshue, James Talbot dba Western Air Express (WAE), Montebello CA. 1926: Los Angeles CA. (CAM-4, -12). 192?: Aero Corp of California as holding company (pres: Jack Frye). 1928: Recapitalization as Western Air Express Inc. 1928: Acquired Pacific Marine Airways. 1929: Acquired West Coast Air Transport as Transcontinental & Western Air (T&WA). c.1929: Acquired Mid-Continent Air Express. 1930: Acquired Standard Airlines. May-Dec 1934: Operated as General Air Lines/General Airways (CEO: William Coulter). 1937: Acquired National Parks Airways. 1941: Became Western Airlines. 1943: Acquired Inland Airlines. 1966: Acquired Pacific Northern Airlines. 1987: Merged with Delta Airlines.
Western Air Service
1930: Western Air Service Corp, Omaha NB.
    = Early feeder-type scheduled service to Oklahoma and Iowa cities with Stinson Tri-Motors.
Western Alaska Airlines
19??: no data. 1973: Merged with Kodiak Airlines as Kodiak Western Alaska Airways.
Western Pacific Airlines
19??: no data. 1998: Ended operations.
1996: Calgary, Alberta (fdr/ceo: Clive Beddoe 1996-99).
Wheeler Airlines
1969: (Warren) Wheeler Flying Service, Raleigh NC. The first black American to run a commercial air carrier, Wheeler also later established the carrier Caribbean Wings in the British Virgin Islands.
Wien Alaska Airlines
c.1925: 1936: From Northern Air Transport as (Noel) Wien Consolidated Airlines, later (19??) as Wien Alaska Airlines. 1968: Acquired Northern Consolidated Airlines as Wien Consolidated Airlines. 19??: Management as Household Intl. 1973: Wien Air Alaska. Corporated holdings included National Car Rental.
Wiggins Airways
c.1947: (E. W.) Wiggins Airways Inc, Norwood MA.

This has roots in 1929 and Elwood Wiggins, a multi-diversified FBO who provided early helicopter service, trained significant pilots locally, and had flown 'Santa Claus' to the New England Lighthouse communities ever since 1945. (— Barbara Diane 3/5/02)
  Dolphin and Loening (Gene Palmer coll)
  Avalon terminal (postcard)
Wilmington-Catalina Airline
1931: Philip K Wrigley dba Wilmington-Catalina Airline Ltd, Long Beach CA. 1942: Suspended operations during WW2. 1946: Acquired by United Air Lines. 1954: Ended operations.
Wings Airways
1978?-1991?: dba Pennsylvania Aviation, was at one time one of the busiest commuter airlines in Philadelphia. Based at Wings Field, they flew passengers between PHL and Wings Field (KLOM, formerly N67, about 16 miles N of PHL) aboard Britten-Norman Islanders and later Trislanders. At its peak in the early '80s, it had 5 Islanders and 4 Trislanders serving PHL and PNE, JFK, Allentown, Millville, Dover, and later WDC in a DHC6, but its core business was Wings to PHL every half-hour and every 15 minutes at peak times, sometimes running triple sections. Pilots, myself included, would often fly 16 instrument approaches a day. The infamous Schuylkill Expressway was the obstacle to catching a flight from PHL which, along with joint fares, made Wings very popular. Once I-476 (known locally as the Blue Route, partially constructed and unconnected for 30 years) was completed, people could drive to PHL without declaring a change of residence. It spelled the decline for the airline. (— Paul Gay 10/19/04)
Wings of Alaska
c.1985: no data.
Wings West Airlines
19??: Los Angeles CA (pres: William Hirsch).
Winnipesaukee Airlines
c.1985: Boston MD.
Wisconsin Central Airlines
c.1944: no data. 1953: Became North Central Airlines.
Woodley Airways
1932: — Alaska. 1937 (>1947): Reorganized as Pacific Northern Airlines.
World Airways
1948: Oakland CA; charter service. 1950: Acquired by ??.
    = Subsidiary maintenance and engineering facilities at Oakland Airport.
Wright Air Lines
1966: Cleveland OH. 1968: Merged with Time Airlines and Air Commuter Airlines. 1983: Acquired Aeromech Airlines.
Wyoming Air Service
1931: Cheyenne WY. Flew 3 Lockheed Orions. 1938: Became Inland Airlines, later acquired as part of Western Airlines.
Yukon Southern Air Transport
1937: Yukon Southern Air Transport Inc, Edmonton Alba. 1942: Acquired by Canadian Pacific. Served Whitehorse, Vancouver, other Territorial sites.
Yute Air Alaska
19??: Anchorage AK. 1999: Ended operations.
Zantop Air Transport / Zantop International Airlines
c.1950: no data. 1966: Became Universal Airlines. 19??: Rename Zantop International Airlines Inc.

Initial service was hauling auto parts between factories. (— Jerry Marlette 8/23/00).
Zimmerly Air Transport
1944: Lewiston ID. 1946: Merged with Empire Airlines.
Zoom Airlines
20??: Ottawa, Canada. Serviced the nation, as well as the British Isles and France.
  -- input from viewers as noted
  -- Airlines of North America, Bob Shives & Bill Thompson (Crestline 1984)
  -- Stan Baumwald
  -- Edward J Young