A Flight of Blackbirds

By Joe Baugher

60-6924 (Article 121)> Blackbird Airpark, Palmdale CA
60-6925 (Article 122)> USS Intrepid, NYC
60-6926 (Article 123)Lost during training flight 5/24/63 after aircraft stalled due to inaccurate data being given to pilot Ken Collins, who ejected safely from flat spin
60-6927 (Article 124)Two-seat pilot trainer. > California Museum of Science & Industry, Los Angeles
60-6928 (Article 125)Lost 1/5/67 during training flight. Pilot Walter L Ray successfully ejected, but was killed after he failed to separate from his ejector seat
60-6929 (Article 126)Lost 12/28/67 during takeoff from Groom Dry Lake due to incorrect installation of SAS. Pilot Mel Vojvodich ejected safely
60-6930 (Article 127)> US Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville AL
60-6931 (Article 128)> Minneapolis ANG Museum
60-6932 (Article 129)Lost 6/5/68 off Philippines during FCF. Pilot Jack Weeks killed
60-6933 (Article 130)> San Diego Aerospace Museum
60-6934 c/n 1001Converted into SR-71C [64-17981]
60-6935 c/n 1002> Wright-Patterson AFB OH
60-6936 c/n 1003Lost 6/24/71. Crew Jack Layton and William Curtis ejected safely
60-6937Actually SR-71A [61-7951] operating under a spurious A-12 s/n from July 1971 to Sept 1978. Delivered to Pima Museum, Tucson AZ. > Blackbird Airpark, Palmdale CA. The "true" 60-6937 (A-12 Article 131) was moved from Palmdale to Birmingham AL in Feb 2000
60-6938 (Article 132)> USS Alabama at Mobile, AL
60-6939 (Article 133)Lost 7/9/64 during approach to Groom Dry Lake due to complete hydraulic failure. Pilot Bill Park ejected safely
60-6940 (Article 134)Converted to D-21 drone carrier. > Museum of Flight, Seattle
60-6941 (Article 135)Converted to D-21 drone carrier. Lost during test 7/30/66 off coast of California. Pilot Bill Park and LCE Ray Torick both ejected safely, but Torick subsequently drowned
60-6942/6948Cancelled contract for A-12
Often seen erroneously listed as [64-17950/17955]
61-7950 c/n 2001Destroyed by fire 1/10/67 during brake system evaluation at Edwards AFB. Pilot Art Peterson survived
61-7951 c/n 2002Operated by NASA as YF-12C and assigned a spurious [60-6937], which had been assigned to a CIA A-12. > Pima Air Museum
61-7952 c/n 2003Lost 1/25/66 near Tucumcari NM during test flight from Edwards AFB. Pilot Bill Weaver survived, RSO Jim Zwayer killed
61-7953 c/n 2004Lost 12/18/69 near Shoshone CA during test flight from Edwards AFB. Pilot Joe Rogers and RSO Gary Heidelbaugh ejected safely
61-7954 c/n 2005Lost 4/11/69 on runway at Edwards AFB during takeoff. Pilot Bill Sklar and RSO Noel Warner uninjured
61-7955 c/n 2006> Edwards AFB. For years there were rumors that this plane had been sent to the UK for test flights at Mildenhall in 1983 and was painted as 17962 for the duration.
Often seen erroneously listed as [64-17956/17957]
61-7956 c/n 2007> NASA as [831]
61-7957 c/n 2008Lost 1/11/68 following fuel cavitation during approach to Beale AFB. Instructor Robert G Sowers and student David E Fruehauf ejected safely
Often seen erroneously listed as [64-17958/17980]
61-7958 c/n 2009Set speed record of 2193.167 mph 7/27-28/79. > Robins AFB GA
61-7959 c/n 2010> Eglin AFB FL
61-7960 c/n 2011> Castle AFB CA
61-7961 c/n 2012> Hutchinson KS museum
61-7962 c/n 2013To storage at Palmdale CA. Delivered to Imperial War Museum at Duxford UK, unveiled for public display 4/11/01
61-7963 c/n 2014> Beale AFB CA
61-7964 c/n 2015> SAC Museum, Ashland NE
61-7965 c/n 2016Lost 10/25/76 during night training flight near Lovelock NV following INS gyro platform failure. Pilot St Martin and RSO Carnochan ejected safely
61-7966 c/n 2017Lost 4/13/67 after high-speed stall during night refueling near Las Vegas NV. Pilot Boone and RSO Sheffield ejected safely
61-7968 c/n 2019> Virginia Aviation Museum at Richmond, on 'permanent loan' from USAF Museum
61-7969 c/n 2020Lost 5/10/70 after refuelling near Korat RTAFB when a high-speed stall occurred. Pilot Lawson and RSO Martinez ejected safely
61-7970 c/n 2021Lost 5/17/70 following mid-air collision with KC-135Q tanker near El Paso TX. Pilot Buddy Brown and RSO Mort Jarvis ejected safely
61-7971 c/n 2022> NASA as [832]
61-7972 c/n 2023New York-London record of 1h:54m:56.4s on 9/1/74. Los Angeles-Washington DC record of 1h:4m:20s, and west-to-east coast in 01h:07m:54s. > Dulles Airport TX
61-7973 c/n 2024Damaged 7/21/87 while being demonstrated at RAF Mildenhall. > Palmdale CA Airport
61-7974 c/n 2025Lost 4/21/89 outbound from Kadena AB, Okinawa, following engine explosion and total hydraulic failure. Pilot Dan E House and RSO Blair L Bozek ejected safely
61-7975 c/n 2026> March AFB CA
61-7976 c/n 2027> Wright-Patterson AFB OH
61-7977 c/n 2028Lost 10/10/68 at end of runway at Beale AFB following a wheel explosion and take-off abort. Pilot Gabriel A Kardong rode the ship to a standstill, RSO James A Kogler ejected
61-7978 c/n 2029Lost 7/20/72 during landing accident at Kadena AB, Okinawa. Pilot Dennis R Bush and RSO Jimmy Fagg escaped unhurt
61-7979 c/n 2030> Lackland AFB TX
61-7980 c/n 2031> NASA as [844]; > Dryden.
Often seen erroneously listed as [64-17981]
61-7981 c/n 2000Hybrid aircraft of a forward fuselage from a static test article mated to the wing and rear section of YF-12A [60-6934]. > Hill AFB UT
61-7982/7985Contract cancelled for SR-71A