Curtiss Condors

Modelc/n Registrations, comments
        c/ns 7 through 20 unrecorded
T-32, T-32C Spl21[NC12353], Colombia [C35=C100], Nicaragua [ANABG], Mexico [XAFAJ=XBGIT]
T-3222[NC12354], DX crash 6/9/34
T-32, T-32C23[NC12363], DX crash 12/28/34, salvaged
T-32, T-32C24[NC12364], DX hangar fire 9/27/37
T-32, T-32C25[NC12365], Mexico [XABDS], [NX12365], China [x], captured by Japanese Army, scrapped
YC-3026USAAC [33-320], decom 6/3/38
YC-3027USAAC [33-321], DX crash 9/20/38
T-3228[NC12366], England [GAEZE], RAF [P5724], scrapped 11/11/39
T-3229[NC12367], England [GAEWD], RAF [P5723]
T-3230[NC12368], England [GAEWE], RAF [P5725]
T-32, T-32 Spl31[NC12369], Colombia [C36=C101], Nicaragua [ANAAV]
T-32, T-32C32[NC12371], Canada [CFBQN], Mexico {XADOA], scrapped 4/28/50
T-32, T-32C33[NC12372], Chile [x], DX crash
T-3234[NC12373], DX crash 9/21/33
T-3235[NC12374], Honduras [x], DX crash
T-3236[NC12375], England [GAEWF]
T-3237[NC12376], DX crash 1/23/35
T-32, T-32C38[NC12377], Chile [x], DX ground fire x/x/36
T-32, T-32C39[NC12378], Chile [x], Nicaragua [ANABB], Mexico [XAFEC]
T-32, T-32C40[NC12383], Mexico [XABDV], [NX12383]
T-3241[NR12384], Byrd Antarctic Expedition, scrapped /x/x/35
AT-32A42[NC=NX12390], Burma [XYAAI], DX bombing raid
AT-32A43[NC12391], Mexico [XABDR], [NX12391], possibly China
AT-32A44[NC12392], DX ground fire 8/13/36
AT-32B45[NC12393], DX crash 7/27/35
AT-32B46[NC12394], DX hangar fire 9/27/37
AT-32B47[NC12395], DX ground fire 12/19/34
AT-32D48[NC12396], Mexico [XABDP], [NX12396], possibly China
AT-32D49[NC12397], DX hangar fire 9/27/37
AT-32D50[NC12398], Mexico [XABDU], [NX12398], possibly China
AT-32D51[NC12399], Mexico [XABDT], [NX12399], possibly China
BT-3252China as Frank Hawks' demo, possibly DX in bombing raid
AT-32C53Switzerland [CH170], DX crash 7/27/34
BT-3254Colombia AF [651], sank in river 1944
BT-3255Colombia AF [652], scrapped 1946
BT-3256Colombia AF [653], DX ground fire 1942
R4C-157USN [9584], abandoned in Antarctica 1/3/41, still there under the snow
R4C-158USN [9585], abandoned in Antarctica 3/22/41, assumed blown out to sea
BT-3259[11729], Peru [OB11A], scrapped 9/x/56
BT-3260[NR11730], Peru [OB11B], scrapped c.1939
BT-3261[NR11731], Peru [OB11C], scrapped 1941
BT-3262[NR11732], Peru [OB11D], DX crash c.1936
CT-3263Argentine Navy [1E301], DX crash 1947
CT-3264Argentine Navy [2GT11], scrapped 1949
CT-3265Argentine Navy [3GT11]