C o n t a c t !

Contact! is not case sensitive. You can type all caps or all lower-case. Numbers or letters, or combinations of both, are searchable—search for "NX211" and you'll find Lindbergh's NYP Ryan in a fast hurry.

Isolate (fine-tune) your search target as much as possible. If you search for "wing", you'll be here a while. Search examples: "Stearman" for an entire line, "Stearman PT-17" for a specific plane, "Lloyd Stearman" for the person. "BT" will get you all basic trainers, while "BT-13" will find only the Vibrator. You can also use partial words, but caution for typing, say, "American" to search for "North American" unless you want lots to read.

Contact! will take you to the page where your target is, but you'll need to use your computer's "Find" capability to home in on it.


If you don't find it, first double-check your spelling. Contact! is very fussy and proper. You won't find "Bleriot", but you will find "Blériot"...