The Guggenheim Medalists

Established in 1927, the Daniel Guggenheim Medal was first granted in 1929 as an international award honoring those who had made significant achievements in the advancement of aviation. Selection of recipients was made and administered by a Board of Award comprised of all the living Medal recipients, plus three members each appointed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

1929 - Orville Wright, for the design and construction, with his brother, of the first successful engine-propelled airplane.

1930 - Ludwig Prandtl, for pioneer and creative work in the theory of aerodynamics.

1931 - Frederick William Lanchester, for contributions to the fundamental theory of aerodynamics.

1932 - Juan de la Cierva, for development of the theory and practice of the Autogyro.

1933 - Jerome Clarke Hunsaker, for contributions to the science of aerodynamics, to the science and art of aircraft design, and to the practical construction and utilization of rigid airships.

1934 - William Edward Boeing , for successful pioneering and achievement in aircraft manufacturing and air transport.

1935 - William Frederick Durand, for notable achievement as pioneer in laboratory research and theory of aeronautics; distinguished contributions to the theory and development of aircraft propellers.

1936 - George William Lewis, for pioneer and creative work in the theory of dynamics.

1937 - Hugo Eckener, for notable contributions in transoceanic air transport, and to international cooperation in aeronautics

1938 - (Alfred H) Roy Fedden, for contributions to the development of aircraft engine design, and for the specific design of the sleeve-valve aircraft engine.

1939 - Donald Wills Douglas, for outstanding contributions to the design and construction of transport airplanes.

1940 - Glenn Luther Martin, for contributions to aeronautical development and the production of many types of aircraft of high performance.

1941 - Juan Terry Trippe, for the development and successful operation of oceanic air transport.

1942 - James Harold Doolittle, for notable achievements in the advancement of both the art and the science of aeronautics.

1943 - Edmund Turney Allen, for major contributions to aeronautics leading to important advancements in airplane design, flight research, and airline operation; particularly for the presentation of new methods for the operational control and the development of scientific and systematic methods of flight testing of aircraft for basic design and performance data. (Posthumous)

1944 - Lawrence Dale Bell, for achievement in design and construction of military aircraft, and for outstanding contributions to the methods of production.

1945 - Theodore Paul Wright, for outstanding contributions to the development of civil and military aircraft, and for notable achievement in assuring the success of our wartime aircraft production program.

1946 - Frank Whittle, for pioneering the development of turbojet propulsion of aircraft.

1947 - Lester Durand Gardner, for outstanding achievement in advancing aeronautics, particularly for his conception and organization of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences.

1948 - Leroy Randle Grumman, for outstanding achievement in successfully advancing aircraft design, both for Naval and peacetime use.

1949 - Edward Pearson Warner, for pioneering in research and a continuous record of contributions to the art and science of aeronautics.

1950 - Hugh Latimer Dryden, for outstanding leadership in aeronautical research and fundamental contributions to aeronautical science.

1951 - Igor Ivan Sikorsky, for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to aeronautics, including pioneering with multi-engine airplanes, flying boats, amphibians, and helicopters.

1952 - Geoffrey de Havilland, for 40 years of pioneering in military and commercial aircraft, and the development of long-range jet transport.

1953 - Charles Augustus Lindbergh, for pioneering achievements in flight and air navigation.

1954 - Clarence Decatur Howe, for initiating and organizing commercial air routes and services, promoting aeronautical research, development and production of aircraft and engines, and advancing the art of aeronautics.

1955 - Theodore von Kármán, for long-continued leadership in the development of aerodynamic theory and its application to the practical problems of flight, in education in the aeronautical sciences, and in stimulating international cooperation in aeronautical research.

1956 - Frederick Brant Rentschler, for a wide range of major achievements throughout a lifetime devoted to aviation, with specific reference to his many notable contributions to the vital aircraft engine field. (Posthumous)

1957 - Arthur Emmons Raymond, for the development of a long line of successful civil and military aircraft, and for notable contributions to aeronautics in public service.

1958 - William Littlewood, for leadership and continuous personal participation over a quarter of a century in developing the equipment and operating techniques of air transport.

1959 - George Edwards, for a lifetime devoted to the design of military and commercial aircraft, culminating in the successful introduction into worldwide commercial service of the first turbine-powered, propeller-driven aircraft.

1960 - Grover Loening, for a lifetime devoted to the development of aeronautics in America.

1961 - Jerome Lederer, for his lifelong dedication to the cause of flight safety, and his constant and untiring efforts to reduce the hazards of aviation.

1962 - James Howard Kindleburger, for technical and industrial leadership in producing excellent aircraft and space equipment, from early fighters to the X-15 spaceplane. (Posthumous)

1963 - James Smith McDonnell, for lifetime contribution of outstanding nature in the design and development of military aircraft, and for pioneering work in space technology.

1964 - Robert H Goddard (Posthumous)

1965 - Sydney Camm (Posthumous)

1966 - Charles Stark Draper

1967 - George Swift Schairer

1968 - H M Horner

1969 - H Julian Allen

1970 - Jakob Ackeret

1971 - Archibald E Russell

1972 - William C Mentzer (Posthumous)

1973 - William McPherson Allen

1974 - Floyd L Thompson

1975 - Dwane L Wallace

1976 - Marcel Dassault

1977 - Cyrus R Smith

1978 - Edward H Heinemann

1979 - Gerhard Neumann

1980 - Edward C Wells (Posthumous)

1981 - Clarence L Johnson

1982 - David S Lewis

1983 - Nicholas J Hoff

1984 - Thomas H Davis

1985 - Thornton Arnold Wilson

1986 - Hans Wolfgang Liepmann

1987 - Paul B MacCready

1988 - J R D Tata

1989 - Fred E Weick

1990 - Joseph F Sutter

1991 - Hans P von Ohain

1992 - Bernard L Koff

1993 - Ludwig Bolkow

1994 - Helmut H Korst

1995 - Robert C Seamans, Jr

1996 - William R Sears

1997 - Abe Silverstein

1997 - Richard W Taylor

1998 - Richard J Coar

1998 - Ronald A Ostrowski

1999 - Frank E Marble

2000 - William H Pickering

2001 - Richard T Whitcomb

2002 - John G Borger

2003 - Holt Ashley

2004 - Courtland D Perkins

2005 - Eugene E Covert

2006 - Robert Loewy

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