Liberty Airship to Put Muskogee on the Map

Prosperity, with a capital "P," big payrolls, high wages, armies of Muskogee workmen, the hum and throb of machinery, the Oklahoma skies darkened with smoke from great Muskogee factories — these are visions which a number of business men of this city are having since "the Liberty Airship came to town." You may think this is a dream, but go over to the old Court House Bldg., and see and be convinced. The President and Inventor of the new type of aircraft is there giving free demonstrations from 6 to 9 p.m, and he can convince anyone of ordinary intelligence that the Liberty Airship is the only real flying machine ever designed.

We told you before that it traveled straight up at the rate of a mile a minute, that could stand stock still in the air at any altitude, [t]hat it could life [lift] five tons, that a fleet of such machines was capable of destroying the German navy, the submarine bases, and Berlin itself in a single night. Whether you doubt these statements or not, you should lose no time in looking the machine over. It won't cost anything, and you will have one big surprise. You will feel like tearing your hair out because our "Boys" haven't a few thousand of these machines with them in France. With your co-operation we can soon get them over there, and in the meantime, we can make Muskogee the manufacturing center of the Southwest.



Phone 376, Muskogee, Okla.

D.H. FELTON, President
W. H. STEUVE, Vice-President
H. K. HERBST, Secretary
JOHN M. COE, Treasurer

NOTE: No demonstrations will be given May 25 or 26