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While certainly not complete, these links to the "outside world" will have special interest to those who seek information in more detail than can be realistically presented in Aerofiles. A commonality with the non-commercial sites is that they are created and supported by persons whose principal goal is to freely share their knowledge of aeronautica with others. SEE ALSO Organizations, Clubs, and Societies.

While we will not be so presumptuous as to assume a cloak of authority by grading sites, we add instinctive comments to apprise our viewers of what might be expected. We also applaud sites that show obvious research efforts and are straightforward and uncomplicated in presentation—no distracting animations, hard-to-read typefaces or other speed-bumps.

If you know of history-specific aviation site worthy of presentation here, send us an e-mail, but kindly put "LINK" in the Subject header so we can spot it in our e-mess of e-mails.
D A T A B A S E S   &   R E F E R E N C E
Aircraft Engine
Historical Society
The name says it all. A wealth of information and pictures in a well organized site focused on the machinery that made airplanes go. Searchable database.
Baugher Military
Aircraft Databases:


Massive databases list aircraft of American military services by serial number. Joe stayed up a few nights bolting this one together!

Click either of two separate databases.
The Jay
Miller Collection
An attactive and modest little site from the Arkansas Library System with an overview of their enormous Jay Miller collection. Many pix of interesting and often obscure aircraft presented by thumbnails, but with no attendant data.
National Aviation
Hall of Fame
More than 150 honorees featured with mini-bios and sketches. Easy linking, well presented.
Air Force Historical
Research Agency
Well maintained site with beaucoup historical info; excellent links to our Air Force past and present; unit histories, personalities, bibliographies. Lamentably light in pictorial matter.
Air Force Images A neck-deep archive of linked photos of current USAF aircraft, as well as press photos archived since 1995 with attendant news releases. Easy navigation with large thumbnails for photos. Official USAF site.
Air Mail National Postal Museum's attractive and informative site. Although designed more for a young audience, it presents the basic history and development of our air mail system in an easy style. Some photos, but primarily text in minuscule type. Java.
Federal Aviation
No need to hide under the bed. This time the Friendly Feds offer a site full of links relative to civil aviation. Search tail numbers, investigate your favorite crashes, brush up on FARs.
NASA History Like it promises, the history of NASA and its predecessor NACA. Neat and navigable, but short on graphics.
Photo Gallery
Loads of great photos, and here's where you find the obscure, the unusual, and the downright weird. Well presented and maintained; lacks hard data.
National Air & Space
Attractive site with linked subject matters. Well maintained. Many photos, but, being an operation of your government, only available for an exorbitant annual "permission fee." Pix are watermarked with an invasive logo.
National Museum of
Naval Aviation
Lots of intriguing stuff waved under your nose here. Try clicking on Site Map first for fastest navigation.
USAF Museum
(Wright-Patterson AFB)
Much historical content and more photos than you can shake a joystick at.
United States Naval
Aviation History
Past and present naval air presented with easy and efficient navigation by the Naval Aviation History Office. Data in .pdf files is slow loading, but handy for downloads if you have Acrobat. Pix, 3-views, search engine.
1000 Aircraft Photos A personal tribute to aviation from another 'airport kid' grown tall, who serves up an impressive load of photos of planes from around the world!
Abandoned & Little-
Known Airfields
Monumental undertaking documents the "ghost fields" that have served their purpose and are disappearing, or have already gone, from maps and memories. Categorized by major geographic areas, and loaded with pics and data.
Aeroplanes! The title says it all. Lots of rare old photos in many and various categories and a wealth of historical information, plus banner links to other aviation sites. The trip is well worth it.
Aircraft Advocacy Organizations Aerofiles' links to clubs and member groups specific to certain types of American civil and military aircraft, plus other societal organizations.
Aircraft Resource
For scale modelers, this is a very informative site on new kit releases, modification tips, show & tell with many photos.
Air Mail Pioneers Pleasant, uncomplicated site honoring those who put wings on our letters. History and personal narratives, lots of photos.
Air Racing Home page of the Society of Air Racing Historians with lots of info and race schedules, some photos. Unashamedly an F4U Corsair pig-out site!
AllStar Comprehensive Junior High School through College level aviation education reference site.
American Aviation
Historical Society
Perhaps the single most important source of authoritative reference material, the quarterly AAHS Journal is prized throughout the world. The Web site itself is rather surficial and mainly for members, but it offers information about the organization and its goals and benefits.
Lincoln Beachey Tribute Noteworthy site, dedicated to one of America's early aviation celebrities, is packed with great old photos, even some rare film clips, and much data to the extent of offering translations into seven languages!
Cross & Cockade Actually Cross & Cockade International, a society of WW1 aero historians and buffs. Light on graphics, and American aviation plays a relatively small role, but there is rising interest in The War To End All Wars. Free chat list.
Early Birds Doc Cooper's personal support of the Early Birds organization. His new, expanded site has loads of info and pix on the folks that are the real pioneers of flight. If we rated sites, this would be a solid four-star, but we're not in the rating business.
Flying Tigers Tribute Primarily historical, both AVG and 14th Air Force. Has invasive ad banners and graphics are slow-loading, but there's much value in topic. Home page Java trap!
The Golden Age
Of Aviation
The Gordon Reublin collection of photos is shown in part with a dissertation about the greatest, most formative era in our nation's aviation history. Java and lots of info, so slow loading.
Holcomb's Aerodrome Very good picture and data site with civil and military aircraft, predominantly American, in categories and thumbnails to speed up the loading process.
Horizontally Opposed
Aircraft Engines
Jack Erickson's outstanding reference site about those not-so-round American powerplants. A straighforward presentation with no speed bumps.
Latin American Aviation Historical Society While not a Society as such—no memberships or dues, etc—there are some heavy hitters writing articles for this Web-based organization that features an overlooked but very important part of av history. Clean presentation; forum.
Pioneer Airplanes Nice coverage of the world's early flying machines—1909-1915. Smallish, developing site with graphics and plans.
Pioneer Pilot
Walter E Lees
A personal honorarium to an American pilot who flew some 12,000 hours between 1912 and 1945. Lots of historic photos with thumbnails.
Unusual Aviation Pix This... is an understatement!
Women In Aviation
Resource Center
Clean, navigable site with good internal links, as well as its own search engine.
The Wright Experience Attractive site has much to offer in this popular subject matter.
Other Noteworthy Links

External links presented here are generalized or commercial in nature, but most contain some data or subjects of interest to historians, researchers, and scholars of aviation. Some are essentially just a collection of external links. AeroFiles does not monitor any of these addresses, so please report any dead or inaccesible links via email. Sites with Java and Frames might present compatability problems or inaccessability for viewers with non-current computers or browsers.

Aeroplane Books = New, used, and out-of-print books, art, magazines.

Aero News Network = Free, subscribed daily electronic aviation news magazine, incredibly cluttered but informative.
Aero Vintage = Essentially a book seller, but with some interesting internal links, as well as a large force of external links. Straightforward layout with easy navigation, no photos.

AIRIC's Aviation Photography - Photographer with an impressively creative eye, Eric Dumigan showcases many of his works in this developing site, as well as those of his father and grandfather. Subjects are categorized in a stack of link-bricks on the home page to simplify surfing.

Air Racing - Historical matter in development. Odd page designs but many photos. invasive sound!
Ancient Aviators - Features info and photos about pioneer flyers and their machines on an international scale. Hindered by in-your-face advertising and pop-ups but worth the trip to view its scope.

Antique Modelers Society = A good place to start when looking for 3-views and general info in the popular hobby of aviation modeling. Many links.

AvWeb = Free, subscribed, semiweekly email magazine. Coverage of news events is timely, impressive. Internal links take you to feature pages. Cluttered, but easily navigable. Search engine.

Blitz Airpower Archive = Entertaining, colorful site featuring the marvelous handcrafted art of Pierre-André Tilley in plan-view renderings of military airplanes of 53 nations, from WW1 to the present, with their markings and paint schemes, and all in a common scale. Well-designed and navigable site is in development with new images continually being added. A must site for researchers, artists, and scale modelers.

Bush Pilots = Fascinating, photo-packed site featuring the men and the birds of the back country.

Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre = A wealth of photos and data pertinent to the subject in a clean and navigable site.

Davis-Monthan Airfield = Much dedication to detail in documenting this early airport and the flyers who dropped in to sign the log between 1925-36. Search engine.

DeBeeson Tribute = A personal dedication to George DeBeeson—pilot, inventor, Disney animator—who might be the real father of our automatic pilot. Some interesting pics and aviation history here.

Flight-History = An ambitious Canadian site with ultimate plans to be an aviation history archive. Handsome pages with many photos of the world's aircraft, mostly uncaptioned.

Fly-Ins = Schedule of fly-ins, air shows, and other aerial activity for the year. Search engine.

Golden Age Propellers = Impressive display of a 30-year collection of propellers, loaded with pictures and nostalgia.

Hannan's Runway = Great site for you "airport kids" at heart. While primary focus is on old-fashioned (pre-plastic age) model airplanes (and home of those Peanut Scale flying critters), there's a hangar full of new and old books and stuff to make it a browser's delight. Essential page design for fast navigation.

Kansas Aviation Photos = Of special interest to Kansas aviation historians and scholars is the Paul Davis photo collection, presented here on a straightforward and no-frills personal page. Some rare birds roost here.

Ken's Aviation = Ken Shanaberger's site in development, research strength is in airlines and commercial aviation, but he covers a lot of other subject areas, as well. Photos, links, Yahoo Forum.

Peck Aeroplane Restoration = Nice site, with photos, showcasing the efforts Glenn Peck makes in breathing new life back into some of the lovely creations of the '30s that "have the tailwheel where it's supposed to be."

Roadable Times = Obviously not a large target audience, but for those interested in the subject of airplanes that drive on streets and cars that fly, plus some of their VTOL pals, this is a one-stop shopping center for information. Lots of graphics, friendly layout.

Stewart Aircraft Corp = Fun homebuilts in the classic vein.

Tillamook Naval Air Station = LTA fans can pig out here. History of blimps and history of a great old NAS. Includes forums for viewer input.

Top Fun Aviation Toy Museum = On wings of lead, a slow-loading but pleasant site features a museum of toys we as kids (and grown-ups, too) played with before girls were discovered. Gift shop.

Warbird Central = A developing site that should help slake the hunger of military plane fans. Data base will prove to be handy. Viewer input is encouraged, especially in the way of pictorial matter.

Wings Over Kansas = Large and very informative site about the cradle of our aviation industry, good educational value in articles, excellent history page, generous supply of photos. Easy navigation.