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(Philip E) Taft Airplane Corp, Elizabeth City NC. 1930: Acquired by Whittlesey Ltd.

Kingfisher 1928 = 3pOBFb; 110hp LeBlond 7DF pusher; span: (upper) 37'0" (lower) 18'0" length: 28'9" (?>25'0") load: 600# v: 90/65/x; ff: 2/6/28. POP 1 [368]. Became Whittelsey Amphib.

X 1932 = Unspecified seaplane with 90hp LeBlond. POP: 1 [13159] c/n A1; reg cancelled 7/30/34.


Ta-Ho-Ma Airplane & Motor Co (pres: B H Vanderveld), 64 W Randolph St, Chicago IL.

A 1929 = 3pOB; 150hp Hisso E; span: 32'0" length: 21'8" load: 795# v: 135/115/35 range: 5750. Optional 90hp Curtiss OX-5. $3,750, $2,500 less motor; POP: see next.

B 1929 = 3pOB; 100hp Siemens-Halske SH-12; span: 30'0" length: 21'0" load: 874# v: 115/105/33 range: 425. Also with 180hp Hisso E. $4,275; POP total A and B: 4 [C475, 536/538].


Beau and Ryan Berkley, Paradise CA.

Mid-Wing 1968 = No data. [N930MB].


1956: Tallmantz Aviation Inc (merger: Paul Mantz, Frank Tallman), Orange Co Airport, Santa Ana CA. 1963: Movieland of the Air (museum). 1991: Operations ended.

  Spirit of St Louis replica [N7212] (K O Eckland)

Ryan NYP 1955 = Flying replica of Lindbergh's ship, built up on a Ryan B-1 fuselage frame, for use in the 1957 film, "Spirit of Saint Louis." [N7212] c/n 159.

  Phoenix in construction at Orange Co airport (K O Eckland)
  Phoenix (K O Eckland)
  Phoenix and its stand-in

Phoenix 1966 = Hybrid 1pOmwM with 450hp P&W R-985, based on a Fairchild C-82A, with North American AT-6 and other parts, specially constructed for the motion picture, "Flight of the Phoenix," in which Mantz was killed during filming of its final scenes when the fuselage separated behind the cockpit in a low pass. Sadly, Mantz might have survived the crash, as the cockpit section was relatively undamaged but, instead of a crash helmet, he was requested to wear a soft hat like actor James Stewart wore in the film.


Team Tango, Gainesville FL.

Tango 2 [N772T] (Tango)
2 2000 = 2pClwM; 180hp IO-540; span: 25'0" length: 20'8" load: 775# v: 220/210/60 range: 1000. Composite materials in kit form. Factory claim was an airframe could be built by the "average" builder in 650-700 hours using Tango's "EZ-Buildo System." $18,995; POP: unknown.

Task Research SEE Silhouette


1929: All-American Aircraft Co, 352 Bowery St, Akron OH; S Taubman Aircraft Co, 40 South Howard St, Akron OH. c.1940: Babcock-Vlchek Aircraft Corp, Deland FL. 1941: Acquired by Bartlett Mfg Co, Rosemead CA.

LC-11 All-American aka Babcock LC-11 1930 = 1pOmwM; 90hp LeBlond; span: 30'0" length: 19'0". Vearne Babcock. POP: 3 [551E, 889E, X7997]; the last was Babcock-built and possibly refitted with 90hp Franklin. Also appeared as just All-American.

LC-13 aka Babcock LC-13 and Babcock-Vlchek X Air-master 1931 (ATC 2-389) = 1pOmwM; 75hp Michigan Rover; span: 30'10" length: 20'5" load: 815# v: 100/90/40 range: 300. Triangular fuselage. POP: 2 [X/NC998W, NX18165]. An attempt to the revive the design as Bartlett 3 Zephyr failed with the outbreak of WW2.

Taylor, Taylorcraft, Taylor-Young


(H B) Taylor Automobile Works, 1119 11th St, Las Vegas NM.

Thunderbird 1931 = 1pOM; 30hp Szekely, Anzani by 1935. Home-built [NX12219] with experimental license for "new type ailerons and flaps" was sold to New Mexico Highlands University National Defense Training Branch 8/2/41; reg cancelled in 1948.


Truman F Taylor, Honolulu HI.

Territory of Taylor 1935 = 1pOB; 60hp LeBlond. [9409].


L A Taylor, Longview TX.

1936 = 1pCM; 65hp Velie. [13990].


Thomas Taylor, location unknown.

1 19?? = Unknown type with 90hp LeBlond. [19985] c/n 1.


Moulton B "Molt" Taylor, Chehalis and Longview WA. 1961: Aerocar International, Longview. c.1970: Aerocar Inc. 19??: Mini-IMP Aircraft Co, Saginaw TX. 2001: Aerocar International.

  Taylor Aerocar [N101D] (EAA via Molt Taylor)
  Taylor Aerocar Topps card #190 as "Model 2" in error

Aerocar 1949/1956 (TC 4A16) = 2pChwM; 135hp Lycoming O-290 pusher, later 143hp Lycoming O-320; span: 34'0" length: 21'6" load: 542# v: 112/100/50 range: 300 ceiling: 12,000'. Roadable four-wheel auto fuselage with detachable, trailable wings and empennage; similar to Fulton FC-2. POP: 1 prototype in 1949 [N31214=N4994P], sold to B F Goodrich Co c.1952 for $10,000; 1956 production under (4A16) total: 5 [N100D/103D], plus 1 unlicensed for testing. Certification in 1956.

"Aerocar International is a new firm formed recently by Roy Hyde (Hyde Investment Co) of Ft Worth TX with Molt Taylor as vice president-engineering and Herman Zimmer, vice president-marketing. Taylor, who first flew his Aerocar in 1950 and has logged more than 1,000 flight hours and 100,000 road miles on the vehicle, was a naval aviator and project engineer at the Naval Aircraft Factory were he was in charge of pilotless aircraft and missile development prior to setting up Aerocar Inc in Longview." (Aviation Week 3/27/61 via Ron Dupas 3/24/01)

  Taylor Aerocar II (clip: Flying)

Aerocar II Aeroplane aka 1-A 1964 = 4p non-roadable tri-gear version of original Aerocar using many of its components and with a fiberglass cab; derated 143hp O-320 pusher; span: 34'0" length: 22'9" load: 900# v: 135/110/50 range: 350 ceiling: 13,000'. $9,995; POP: 1. Project was considered by Ford Motor Co but never pursued.

  Taylor Aerocar III as Sky Car and ice-boat (Flying)

Aerocar III aka 1-C 1965 = 2p roadable with derated 143hp O-320 pusher (auto: 40hp v (road speed): 67); length: 21'6" load: 720# v: 135/120/50 range: 450 ceiling: 12,000'. Possibly was the one advertised as Sky Car in a non-flying version.

Bullet 1982 = 2pCmwM rg; 2100cc Revmaster pusher; span: 31'0" length: 18'9" load: 550# v: 150/x/50 range: 500. Two-seat counterpart of Micro-IMP.

  Coot A
  Sooper-Coot A [N1070]

Coot 1969 = 2pCmwMAm; 180hp Franklin 335; span: 36'0" length: 20'0" load: 850# v: 140/130/56. Two prototypes were built, Coot A with a single tail, and Coot B with twin tail booms. Sooper-Coot Model A was a series version of the former. Over 400 reportedly were being constructed by home-builders by 1977 with various 100-180hp engines.

  IMP [N2MB]

IMP c.1976 = 4pChwM rg; Limbach, later 200hp Franklin 4R pusher with two-blade controllable-pitch prop; span: 29'0" length: 22'0" load: 450# v: 150/x/50. Propeller aft of the negative-dihedral V-tail. All-metal construction. Design work began in 1973. [N2MB]. IMP = "Independently Made Plane."

Micro-IMP 1981 = 1pChwM rg; 25hp Citroen 2CV pusher; span: 27'0" length: 15'0" load: 265# v: 120/109/48. Similar to Mini-IMP, but constructed mainly of fiberglass-reinforced paper.

  Mini-IMP (Mini-IMP Corp)

Mini-IMP c.1978 = 1pChwM rg; 100hp Continental pusher; span: 25'6" length: 16'0" load: 280# v: 200/150/50 range: 434. Single-seat version of IMP. Tail-mounted prop, shoulder wing, tricycle gear. POP: More than 250 under construction by home-builders by 1982.

Ultra-IMP 1982 = 1pCmwM; 2-cyl Cuyuna. Single-seat version of Bullet. Became Holcomb Perigee in 1987.


1956: Merton Taylor, Whitewater WI.

Tater Bug 1963 = 1pClwM; 85hp Continental C-85-12; span: 18'0" length: 17'5" load: 330# v: 170/150/80 range: 550; ff: 2/x/63. [N1052Z].

Topper 1956 = 1pCmwM; 85hp Continental C-85-12; span: 18'0" length: 17'0" v: 150/130/35; ff: 10/x/56. POP: 1 [N9063C].


Ralph Taylor, no location.

Rapid Transit 1971 = 2p ClwM rg; 180hp Lycoming; v: 210/197/x; [N2554].


Donald E Taylor, Evansville IN.

Tinker Toy 1976 = 2pChwM; 102hp Chevy Corvair Monza pusher; span: 28'3" load: 462# v: x/100/60 range: 300; ff: 6/16/74 [N5DT].


Taylor Aero Industries, Westminster CA. Formed c.1980 by Clarence Gilbert Taylor and son Bruce to manufacture kits for Bird two-seaters.

  Taylor Bird (N303TB] (VULA)

Bird c.1980 = 2pCmwM; 75hp Subaru pusher (converted auto engine); span: 26'0" length: 18'0" load: 600# v: 115/105/45 range: 420. Single tail boom with T-tail. An update of original Bird that appeared at Oshkosh in 1976. [N303TB].


1947: Taylorcraft Inc, Conway PA. 19??: Connellsville PA. 1955: Production rights acquired by Univair Aircraft Corp, Denver CO. 1963: Sheriff's sale of Taylorcraft company assets. 1967: Taylorcraft Aviation Corp (Charles & Dorothy Feris), Alliance OH. 1982: Acquired as Taylorcraft Div by AmeriJet Corp, Youngstown OH, but transaction uncompleted. 1985: Taylorcraft Aviation Corp (George Ruckles), Piper Airport, Lock Haven PA. 19??: Syncrom, Lock Haven. c.1990: Acquired from sheriff's sale by Airborne Marketing Inc (pres: Lee F Booth), renamed Booth-Taylorcraft Aerospace, 7716 Airline Dr, Greensboro NC. 2000: Taylorcraft 2000 LLC (L F Booth & Harvey Patrick), Georgetown DE. SEE ALSO founding Taylorcraft.

15A c.1950 (TC 3A3) = Continuation of original Taylorcraft 15-A Foursome and Tourist with 150hp Franklin 6A4-150-B31 and 145hp Continental C-145-2 .

F19 1977 = 2pChwM; 100hp Lycoming O-200-A; span: 36'0" length: 21'10" load: 600# v: 105/95/43 ceiling: 18,000'. $12,500; POP: ??.

20 Topper c.1950 (TC 3A3) = Continuation of original Taylorcraft 20 Ranch Wagon and Ag Topper with 208hp Continental O-470-A or 225hp Continental O-470-J; span: 34'8" length: 24'4" v: 115/110/46 range: 325 ceiling: 15,000' (data for 225hp). Utility, patrol, and argricultural roles.

  Taylorcraft F22 [N191TC] (Eddie Coates coll)

F22 1990 = 2pChwM; 118hp Lycoming O-235-L-2C; span: 36'0" length: 21'2" load: 650# v: 125/120/49 range: 724 ceiling: 18,000'. Revival of original Taylorcraft BC-12D design, this time with flaps, options of IFR, tri-gear or conventional gear, 180hp Lycoming. $42,975; POP: ??.

  Taylorcraft Zephyr 400 (ad: Aero Digest)

Zephyr 400 c.1990 = Personal transport. 4pChwM; 225hp Continental O-470J; span: 34'8" length: 24'4" v: 160/150/60 range: 675. $70,000±. Generally all-fiberglass construction, continuation of the original BC-15 design.

Teal SEE Thurston


Location unknown.

c.1913 = Twin-prop "direct-lift canard;" 30hp motor; span: 14'0" length: 18'0". According to an article, this did fly, and at 70mph with help from two rotorlike contraptions behind the propeller blades, the idea of which was supposed to eliminate the danger of side wind effects and to increase lift.


Leon Tefft, Chicago IL.

Contester A-1 c.1962 = 1pOmwM; 75hp Continental A-75; span: 18'6" length: 14'6" load: 290# v: 125/120/80 range: 350. [N1019Z].


Richmond VA.

1909 = Multiplane. No specs or data in 1909 Jane's, only that "the top plane is used as a horizontal rudder." Intriguing.


1945: Texas Engineering & Mfg Co Inc (fdr: Robert McCulloch, H L Howard), Dallas TX. Feb 1950: Acquired Luscombe Co in bankruptcy. 1952: Renamed TEMCO. 1953: Contract production rights from Riley Aircraft. 1959: Acquired by Ling-Temco-Vought.

24-R46, 24-W46 SEE Fairchild 24-R9, 24-W9.

  Temco 33 [N848B] (Tom Beamer coll)

33 Plebe 1953 = 2pClwM rg; 225hp Continental O-470-13; span: 31'3" length: 24'3" load: 700# v: 192/178/x; ff: 8/23/53. Unsuccessful bid to replace T-28. POP: 1 [N848B]. SEE 58.

51 SEE TT-1.

  Temco 58 [N848B] (Tom Beamer coll)

58 1956 = 2pClwM rg; 340hp Lycoming GSO-480-A1A6; span: 33'3" length: 25'10" load: 723# v: 213/200/x. Another unsuccessful design for military use, apparently a modification of Model 33. POP: 1 [N848B].

  Temco Riley Twin Navion [N5263K] (Larry DiRicco)

D-16, -16A 1953 = Production of Riley Twin Navions under a contract with Jack Riley, who handled sales, engineering, and tooling. Planes were produced by both Riley and Temco on a production line basis in 1953-54, where the first 20 had 140hp Lycoming O-290-D2As, later 150hp 0-320s in larger cowlings as standard for all Twin Navions up to the introduction of the D-16A (aka Riley 55). POP: reputedly about 70.

  Temco GC-1B Swift (TEMCO)

GC-1B Swift 1947 (ATC 766) = 2pClwM rg; 125hp Continental C-125; span: 29'4" length: 20'11" load: 560# v: 145/132/48 range: 420. $2,995 (Globe); $3,250-3,750 (Temco). Temco, subcontractor for Globe, took over production at the latter's bankruptcy in August 1947. POP: 1,093 (figure probably includes Globe production). SEE Globe Swift.

  Temco T-35 (Tom Beamer coll)

T-35 Buckaroo 1950 = Advanced trainer. 2pClwM rg; 165hp Franklin 6A-165-B3; span: 29'10" length: 21'8" load: 620# v: 150/142/56 range: 550. Tandem cockpits. POP: 3 to USAF for evaluation as YT-35 [50-738/740] and 10 MDAP exports as T-35A [53-4465/4474] to Saudi Arabia, who installed two .30 wing guns and ten underwing rocket launchers. YT-35s were returned to Temco in late 1951 for overhaul, then sold as surplus.

TE-1A 1949 = Modified Globe Swift as military export. 2pClwM rg; 145hp Continental C-145-2H; span: 29'11" length: 21'8" load: 620# v: 150/142/56 range: 550. Tandem cockpits; 24v electrics, raised horizontal tail, strengthened wing with added fillets, improved landing gear. POP: 1 prototype [N90080] to Israeli AF, and 1 to Greek AF.

TE-1B Buckaroo 1950 = TE-1A with 165hp Franklin 6A-165-B3. POP: 10 as T-35.

  Temco TT-1 [N78856] (Vought Inc)

TT Pinto 1956 = First primary jet trainer to be accepted by a US military service. 2pCmwM; 920# Continental J69-T-2; span: 29'10" length: 30'0" load: 1261# v: 329/269/86 range: 240 ceiling: 30,000'; ff: 3/26/56. POP: 1 prototype [N78856] and 14 as TT-1 to USN [144223/144236]. One surplus modified by Frank Guzman as Super Pinto with 2850# GE J85-17; ff: 1/15/72 [N7753A].


Location unknown.

1918 = Unknown type built in Kansas, registered c.1929 [6525].

Temple, Texas-Temple SEE Williams Texas-Temple


Joseph Terle, Long Island NY.

  Terle [68K] (Skyways)

1930 = 1pOhwM; Salmson. Built by printer Terle over a period of 10 years in his backyard [68K]. Reported in a news brief as flown by Bert Acosta, who pronounced it the "best plane he ever flew."


Termite Aircraft (fdr: Wilbur L Smith), Bloomington IL.

1957 = 1pOhwM; 40hp Continental; span: 23'6" length: 15'1" load: 225# v: 95/85/38 range: 150; ff: 2/10/57. Original motor was 36hp Aeronca E-113C. Marketed plans for home-builders. POP: 1 prototype [N7939A]; 20 reportedly under construction by 1961.


2006: Terrafugia (pres: Carl Dietrich), Woburn MA.

Transition 2010 (est) = Roadable LSA "flying auto." 2pClwM; 100hp Rotax 912S pusher; span: 27'6" length: 19'2" load: 430# v: x/115/51 range: 460. Automated electro-mechanical folding wing, front-wheel drive on roads, vehicle parachute option. $194,000 (projected); POP; 1 proof-of-concept prototype [N302TF].

Terrell & Larson

E E Terrell & B Larsen, 3145 Cuthbert St, Oakland CA.

1929 = A "Curtiss Pursuit" with 90hp OX-5. Research by John M Jarratt exposes this as a rebuilt war-surplus 1918 JN-4 purchased from a C Sanders on 7/31/28. POP: 1 [471] c/n TL-100sub; reg cancelled 5/7/30. It was overhauled and modified to some extent and, as the "sub" c/n indicates, reregistered in the pairs' honor. Technically it might not warrant inclusion here, since the extent of its modification as a "pursuit" is unknown and it could have been a remarkably redesigned creation or just a repainted Jenny, but it typifies many of Aerofiles' entries that fall into this gray-area category. Without a photo or defining documentation, we'll never know.


Airworthy Airplane Co, Chicago IL.

1928 = 3pChwM; three converted motorcycle engines. Cantilever wing. [X88E].


Howard L Terril, Torrance CA.

Poopsi-Doll HLT-100 1957 = 1pCmwM; 130hp Lycoming O-290; span: 16'8" length: 21'0" load: 410# v: 240/205/55 range: 540. [N95P].

Shushonik 1966 = 1pClwM midget racer. [N302HT].

Special HLT-101 1962 = 1pClwM; 180hp Lycoming; span: 20'0" length: 21'0" load: 600# v: 250/180/55.



Low-Wing 1933 = 2pOlwM; 95hp Cirrus Mk III. POP: 1 [11552] c/n R-1.

Texas 1914 SEE Ingram-Foster


Texas A&M College Aircraft Research Center.

  Texas Ag-1 [N222]

Ag-1 aka Weick Ag-1, -2, -3 1950 = Agricultural plane. 1pOlwM; 225hp Continental E-225; span: 39'0" length: 29'8" load: 1200# v: 115/100/45 range: 400; ff: 1/x/50 (p: Ted von Rosenberg). Hugh DeHaven, Fred Weick. Might be considered as the mother of all modern ag sprayers in the world. POP: 1 [N222]. There followed Ag-2 with 450hp P&W R-985 in 1956, redesigned by George Wing at Transland Company (qv), and the 1958, Wieck-designed Ag-3, which became the prototype Piper Pawnee.

Texas Helicopter

Texas Helicopter Corp (pres: Gifton McCreary), Irving TX.

M74 Wasp 1976 = 1pCH; 200hp Lycoming TVO-435-A1E;rotor: 35'1" length: 31'5" load: 1020# v: 100/80/0 range: 150. Ag modification of Bell OH-13E.

M74A Wasp 1977 = 1pCH; 240hp TVO-435. Bell OH-13H.
M79S Wasp II 1979 = 2pCH; 270hp TVO-435; rotor: 37'1" length: 36'0" load: 1480# v: 106/80/0 range: 300; ff: 1/6/79. Ag modification of Bell 47G.
M79T Jet Wasp II 1982 = 2pCH; Soloy-Allison 250. POP: 1 [N1001X].

Texas-Temple SEE Williams Texas-Temple


1928: (Herbert von) Thaden Metal Aircraft Co, Oakland Airport and San Francisco CA; 1928: 1625 Island Ave, Pittsburgh PA. 1929: Pittsburgh All-Metal Aircraft Co. 1930: Metalair Corp, div of Consolidated Corp (General Aviation Mfg Co).

  Thaden T-1 [X3902] (Dan Shumaker coll)

T-1 aka Argonaut 1928 (ATC 2-29) = 6-8pClwM; 400-420hp P&W Wasp A; span: 53'0" (?>53'8") length: 35'3" load: 2200# v: 135/105/52. Herbert von Thaden. POP: 1 [X3902] c/n 1; ff: 1/15/28 (p: George R Pond). Crash-landed 3/30/33 in Chitkina AK; recovered in 1988 and restored by an EAA group.

T-2 1928 = 4pChwM; 150hp Comet; span: 39'0" length: 25'1" (?>26'0") load: 1180# v: 121/90/46 (?>56). Similar to Argonaut, but with full-cantilever wing and flaps. POP: 1 [7074] c/n 2. T-3 apparently unbuilt or was modified as T-4.

  Thaden T-4 [898M]

T-4 1930 (ATC 2-247) = 4pCmwM; 300hp Wright J-6; span: 45'0" length: 32'10" load: 1435# v: 135/110/59. POP: 2; [898M] c/n 3, and [C502V] c/n 4.

Thaheld SEE Tremaine


Harry J Thalman, Salt Lake City UT.

T-1 1935 = 2pOM; 60hp Thalman. [12793] c/n 1. Logically a T-2 was designed, as well, but no data were found.

  Thalman T-3B [NX28374] (Air Trails)

T-3B 1941 = 1pCmwM; 55hp Velie; span: 41'0" v: 130/120/38. Fabric-covered wood geodetic construction; T-tail, cowled motor. [NX28374].

  Thalman T-4 [N53389]

T-4 1953 = 4pChwM rg (manual); 135hp Lycoming O-290; span: 40'0" load: 1050# v: 175/155/45 range: 700. All-wood geodetic construction. [N53389]. Later converted to T-tail with 170hp O-340.

Thomas, Thomas-Morse


Walter J Thomas, Chicago IL.

A-1 Sport c.1930 = 1pOB; 30hp Anzani. POP: 2 [7112], and [12921] with 27hp Heath-Henderson.

A-2 Sport 1931 = 2pCM; 55hp Michigan Aero. [717Y].


M A Thomas, Pasadena CA.
MT-1 1936 = 2pOB; 90hp Warner Jr; span: 37'7" length: 26'6" load: 550# v:100/90/38 range: 440 ceiling: 14,000'. POP: 1 [NC190M].


George Thompson, Kingston OK.

1910 = Colorfully classified by Jane's as an "Air Sucker" (like 1909 Lake and Wade), this had an oval fuselage with a wing on top, and propellers within the body to "suck air in, and expel it to work the machine." No flight data recorded.


Location unknown.

F Boat 191? = Probable conversions of Curtiss F. No data. POP: 5.


De Lloyd Thompson, Cicero IL. Built by Charles H Day at Griffith Park, Los Angeles CA.

  Thompson 1915 (anonymous donor)
  Thompson-Day racing with Barney Oldfield, c.1915 (Flying)

1914 = 2pOB; 90hp Gyro Duplex; aka Thompson-Day. D L Thompson, C H Day. Set altitude record of 15,580' in 1914. Thompson was also often photographed flying this plane in competition with race cars, as seen above.

De Lloyd Monoplane SEE Cabin-Aire.


Thompson Aeroplane Co, Detroit MI.

1919 = Military surplus conversions.


Milford H Thompson, Eagle Grove IA

1928 = 1pOhwM parasol; 29hp Harley-Davidson; v: 65.

Midget 1931 = 1pOhwM shoulder-wing; 29hp Harley Davidson; v: 75. Empty wt: 350#; take-off run: 175'. [12067].


(R Lavin) Thompson Aircraft Co, Los Angeles CA.

M-1 1928 = 1pOhwM; Anzani; span: 20'0" length: 10'3" v: 121/105/32. $2,000; POP: 1. Plans to market this small, cantilever-wing lightplane never paid off.


Paul R Thompson, Independence MO.

T-4875 1929 = 2pOM; 50hp Anzani; span: 33'0" length: 22'6". [9496] c/n T-1. Its peculiar trail, uncovered by historian John M Jarratt, began when it sold for only $10 to M J Tuchey, who put it in storage in 1930, then returned it to Thompson (no price stated) in 1937. Refitted with an Hisso "Pup" engine, it was sold to A G Clark on 9/29/38, who ostensibly flew it until its reg expired on 1/15/40 and was cancelled. A relatively long life for a ten-dollar bill!


Earl O Thompson, Marshalltown IA.

Sportplane 1933 = 2pOM; 50hp Ford. [13660] c/n E-711.


B B Thompson, Belle WV.

BBT-2 1937 = 2pOM; 60hp LeBlond. [20491].


Carl Thompson, Wakefield MA.

1949 = 1pClwM; 85hp Continental C-85. Midget racer Screaming Meany (p: Carl Thompson) [N1210M].

Mighty Mite c.1957 = 1pChwM; 85hp Continental C-85; span: 16'0" length: 17'0" v: 165/150/50 range: 300. Fully aerobatic. [N5M].

Poncho 195? = 1pM midget racer. Proved too tricky for competition flying. Forward fuselage incorporated in Mighty Mite.


W Z Thompson, Harrodsburg KY.

1956 = 2pClwM; 65hp Continental A-65-8; span: 16'10" length: 14'0" load: 240# v: x/100/55. [N4054A].


(Richard) Thompson Aircraft Co, Philadelphia PA.

   Thompson Boxmoth [N64492] (undated magazine clip via Warren Drake)

Boxmoth 1972 = Home-built 2p tandem "flying box-kite." Thompson expanded his experiment in powering a boxkite with a model airplane engine into full-size reality with twin vinyl-covered aluminum-tube frames and a 55hp snowmobile motor and a prop. Did it work? Test flight, reported in his own words, "Great stability. I was 35 feet off the ground before I realized I had taken off!" FAA reg [N64492] issued 3/30/73, seen as still valid in mid-2007. Marketed plans for $75.


No info.

Special 198? = 2pOB. Looked much like an all-metal Stearman [N78854].


Ralph & Harry Thompson.

   Thompson-Balbone Special [N1305V] (K O Eckland coll)

Special 1949 = 1pClwM; 85hp Continental C-85. Midget racer [N1305V] (p: Ralph Thompson).


Fred Thompson & Capt T T Lovelace, New York NY.

1910 = An article in Aeronautics tells of a merger of these two notables as an aero manufacturing concern. Thompson, builder of New York's famed Luna Park, as well as its Hippodrome, was apparently the practical side of the team, for Lovelace was described as a sportsman, yachtsman, aeronaut and balloonist, alligator hunter, and soldier of fortune. In an old dance-hall by the Harlem river, the article tells of a half-dozen monoplanes undergoing construction, but further reports are absent and one can only assume the pair parted ways, returning to building other projects and hunting other fortunes.


1940: (Rudy Paulic and John W) Thorp Aircraft Corp, Oakland CA. 1949: Thorp Aircraft Co, Pacoima CA. 1956: Thorp Engr Co, Burbank CA. c.1980: Lockeford CA. 1985: Thorp 211 Aircraft Co. 1990: Thorp Aero Inc (foreign marketing only), KY.

T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4 - See Paulic.

T-5, T-6 1939 = 2pClwM; 350hp Wright R-760; span: 34'1" length: 24'9" load: 885# v: 226/200/65. POP: 1 [NX15542] prototype trainer for Boeing School of Aeronautics based on Paulic XT-3B design, which had been dismantled. Refitted with tricycle gear and 215hp Lycoming as T-6 in 1939 by Paulic, but war clouds and metal shortages brought an end to the project; T-5 was scrapped.

  Thorp Sky Scooter [N2262B] (Dan Shumaker)

T-11, -111, -211 Sky Skooter 1946 (ATC 791) = 2pClwM; 65hp Lycoming O-145; span: 25'0" length: 17'6" load: 490# v: 113/90/43 range: 360. A carry-over from the Lockheed Little Dipper project. $2,700 (originally projected as $1,000, which proved unrealistic); POP: 3; post-war slump forced shelving of plans after three prototypes were built. Design revived by Thorp in 1952 (?>1961) as T-111 in kit form with 90hp Continental C-90, again in 1964 as T-211 with 100hp Continental O-200. POP: about 18.

  Thorp T-18 (Alaska FAA)

T-18 1964 = 2pClwM; 125-180hp Lycoming; span: 20'10" length: 18'0" load: 606# v: 200/175/65 range: 500 ceiling: 20,000'. All-metal, side-by-side cockpit; folding wings. Marketed home-builder plans; kits available from commercial sources.

Twin Sky Skooter 19?? = No data.


Kenneth Montee, Santa Monica CA.

N-2 Special c.1925 = 2pOhwM; 125hp Hall-Scott; span: 46'0". Designed and built by Montee for Loxla Thornton, an armless pilot from Fresno CA. One of many scantly-documented creations by Montee (qv).


1926: W-F-W Aircraft Corp (Theodore Woolsey-Jack Frye-Paul Whittier), Los Angeles CA. 1926: Aero Corp of California (Frye & Woolsey, Monte Edwards, Walter Hamilton, Paul Richter), 106 St & Western Ave. 1928: Thunderbird Aircraft Inc, 900 N Allen St, Glendale CA. 1928: General Aircraft Corp, Los Angeles CA. 1929: Ended production.

1928 = 7pCM; P&W Wasp; v: 145/120/x. Contracted by a Lt C A Burrows of the California National Guard for use in "scouting new passenger and air mail routes," but it is unclear whether this was a state or personal order. Either way, there is no record of the plane being constructed.

  Thunderbird W-14-O (Edward J Young coll)

W-14-O, WH-14-F, WH-14-F 1927 (ATC 2-141) = 3pOB; 90hp Curtiss OX-5; span: 31'0" length: 24'6" load: 850# v: 115/95/38 range: 400 ceiling: 15,000'. Ted Woolsey; ff: 7/11/26 (p: Jack Frye). Also had 120hp Bailey C-7R radial, 140hp Floco (Axelson) as W-14-F, 150hp Wright-Hisso E as W-14-H. $3,350 with OX-5, $3,750 with Hisso; POP: about 40 [5243, 5404, 5457, 5588, 5770, 5830, 5969, 6502, 6573, 6589, et al]. One registered as W-14 (no suffix) with 130hp Hallett [7201], and one modified for Roscoe Turner with a 50' parachute in a compartment behind the rear cockpit for his attempts in parachuting an airplane safely to the ground [NX9830]. Turner also had a Lockheed Air Express similarly modified.

Thunder Wing

1975: Thunder Wings, div Thunder Development Inc, Scottsdale AZ.

Curtiss P-40C 1980 = 4/5-scale replica. 2pClwM rg; 300hp Lighting Merlin V-12; span: 30ยด0" length: 25'0" load: 574# v:x/200/x range: 500.

Focke-Wulf Fw.190A c.1977 = 1pClwM; half-scale replica with 100hp Continental O-200. Thunder Wings' first product built from WAR plans.

Focke-Wulf Fw.190A c.1980 = 4/5-scale replica. 1pClwM rg; 240hp Contentinal W670; span: 28'0" length: 23'0" load: 600# v: x/185/x range: 627.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX 1980 = 4/5-scale replica. 1pClwM rg; 300hp Lighting Merlin V-12; span: 27'0" length: 23'0" load: 600# v: x/225/x range: 812.

Thurston SEE Bee Line


(David) Thurston-Erlandsen Corp (TEC). 1966: Thurston Aircraft Corp, Sanford ME. 1972: Schweizer Aircraft Corp acquired all rights to the Teal Amphibian (Thurston became engr mgr). 1976: Teal Aircraft Corp, St Augustine FL, bought Teal production rights from Schweizer (D Thurston as vice-pres). Intl Aeromarine Corp, Sanford FL, partly owned by Thurston Aeromarine Corp, Cumberland Foreside ME.

HRV-1 19?? = 2pCmwMAm. Hydro research vehicle developed for USN from Colonial C-2 Skimmer (designed by Thurston c.1950). POP: 1 [N1001L].

  Thurston TA-16 (Turbine Design)

TA-16 Seafire 1981 = 4pChwMAm; 250hp Lycoming O-540-A4D5; span: 37'0" length: 27'2" load: 1250# v: 175/155/60 range: 1000; ff: 12/10/81 [N16SA]. Home-builder plans.

TA-16 Trojan 198? = 4pChwMAm; designed for home-builder version of Seafire. POP: about 45 was under construction by 1982.
TA-19 Seamaster c.1995 = 10pChwMAm; two 450hp Allison 250-B17F; span: 53'0" length: 39'0" load: 3740# v: 220/175/60 range: 1100.

  Thurston TSC-1A [N2005T] (Dan Shumaker)

TSC-1A Teal 1968 = 2pChwMAm; 150hp Lycoming O-320-A3B; span: 31'11" length: 23'7" load: 600# v: 125/108/54 range: 400; ff: 6/x/68. Pylon-mounted engine, T-tail. $17,150; POP: 1 prototype [N1968T] and 15 to USN.

TSC-1A1 Teal 1972 = Improved version.

TSC-1A2 Teal II 1972 = 2-4pChwMAm; 150hp Lycoming O-320-A3B; ff: 10/72 [N2020?].

TSC-1A3 Teal III 1991 = 2pChwMAm; 180hp Textron Lycoming O-360-1F6D; span: 36'0" length: 23'10" load: 800# v: 116/112/55 range: 500; ff: 9/x/91.

"When you have two engines, you have two engines that can fall to bits. When you have four, you have four that can fall to bits. The less engines you have, the safer you are." — Frank Fickeisen, chief engineer for Boeing, replying (with tongue in cheek) to a complaint made by the American Airlines Pilots' Association about the dangers of flying two-engine airplanes across the Pacific.