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Aviation Films - E

Eagle and the Hawk, The - (Paramount 1933, 72m) D: Mitchell Leisen, Stuart Walker. Cary Grant = Lt Henry Crocker, Carole Lombard = the beautiful lady, Fredric March = Lt Jerry Young, Jack Oakie = Lt Mike Richards, Guy Standing = Maj Dunham. Screenplay: Bogart Rogers, Seton I Miller, from a story by John Monk Saunders. Excellent story and acting in a story about the mental collapse of a war pilot who doesn't wear the cloak of a hero well. Maltin review: "Well-produced antiwar film with reluctant hero March, bullying gunner-observer Grant, everyone's buddy Oakie, sympathetic society girl Lombard. Sobering John Monk Saunders story is still timely. Mitchell Leisen, credited as 'associate director,' reportedly directed most of the film."

AIRCRAFT: DH-4, DH-9, Waco ATO, Thomas-Morse S4C, Travel Air 2000.

Eagle Squadron - (Universal 1942, 109m) D: Arthur Lubin. Eddie Albert = Leckie, Evelyn Ankers = Nancy Mitchell, Diana Barrymore = Anne Partridge, Nigel Bruce = McKinnon, Robert Stack = Chuck Brewer. Screenplay: Norman R Raine from a story by C S Forester. Maltin review: "Usual WW2 action and romance as young American fliers fought the war in the RAF. Good action scenes help average script." Filmed at studio, plus RAF footage.

AIRCRAFT: Spitfire.
Eagles of the Fleet SEE Flat Top.
Eagle of the Night - (serial; Pathè 1927) D: James F Fulton. Frank Clarke, Maurice Costello, Max Hawley, Shirley Palmer, Al Wilson. Aerials by Frank Clarke, Roy Wilson. Ten episodes.
Ekipajz - (USSR) "The Crew"; 1979).
Eleventh Hour, The - (serial; Fox 1923, silent) D: Bernard J Durning. Charles Jones (Buck Jones) = Brick MacDonald, Alan Hale = Prince Stefan de Bernie, Shirley Mason = Barbara Hackett, Richard Tucker = Herbert Glenville. Aerials by Dick Kerwood.
Emergency Landing - (PRC 1941) D: William Beaudine. Evelyn Brent = Maude, William Halligan = Lambert, Carol Hughes = Betty, Forrest Tucker = Jerry. Screenplay: Martin Mooney.
Empire Of the Sun - (1987, 152m) D: Steven Speilberg. Christian Bale = Jim Graham, John Malkovich = Basie, Joe Pantolone = Frank. Screenplay: Tom Sheppard, Menno Meyjes from a story by J G Ballard.

AIRCRAFT: P-51D, AT-6 as "Zeros," models.
English Patient, The - (Miramax 1996, 160m) D: Anthony Minghella. Juliette Binoche = Hana, Willem Dafoe = Caravaggio, Ralph Fiennes = Count Laszlo Almasy, Kristin Scott Thomas = Katharine Clifton. Screenplay: Minghella. Nine AA Oscar awards for Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actress (Binoche), Cinematography, Sound, Art Direction, Score, Costumes, Editing; numerous others, as well. Filmed in Italy and Tunisia. Brief, but excellent, flying action.

AIRCRAFT: Stearman, "German" DH Tiger Moth.
    Trivia: (1) German paratroops wear English uniforms and use English parachutes. (2) German paratroops did not land via parachute in North Africa until late 1942. The fall of Tobruk was in summer 1942. (3) In the Tobruk interrogation center, the German officer wears shoulder boards of a major and the SS collar insignia of a full colonel.
Enola Gay - (Viacom TV 1980, 150m) D: David Lowell Rich. Billy Crystal = Lt Jacob Beser, Patrick Duffy = LtCol Paul Tibbets, Gary Frank = Maj Tom Ferebee, Gregory Harrison = Capt Bob Lewis, Kim Stanley = Lucy Tibbets. Screenplay: James Poe, Millard Kaufman. Aerials by Clay Lacy, William Becker, et al. Filmed at Davis-Monthan AFB AZ, Wendover AFB UT, Alamogordo NM, Tinian.

Equipage, L' - (France "The Crew"; 1928, 114m, silent) D: Maurice Tourneur. Charles Vanel, Camille Bert, Georges Charlia, Daniel Mendaille, Jean Murat. Screenplay: Joseph Kessel, Tourneur.
Equipage, L' - (France "The Crew" aka "Flight Into Darkness"; Pathè-Nathan 1935, 111m) D: Anatole Litvak. Charles Vanel = Lt Maury, Annabella = Hélène, Jean Pierre Aumont = Herbillon, Jean Mura = Capt Thelis. Screenplay: Joseph Kessel, A Litvak. US version: The Woman I Love. In 1918, a flying observer has a love affair, then discovers that his mistress is his pilot's wife. A film about solidarity between brothers in arms. Good aerial sequences with a real Fokker and rare French trainers of the '30s. (-- Christian Santoir 5/18/04)

AIRCRAFTS: Fokker D.VII, Hanriot 432.
Escuadrilla - (Spain "The Squadron"; 1941).
Eskadrilja Nr 5 - (USSR "The 5th Squadron"; 1941).
Espoir. Sierra de Teruel (France; 1939-45, 78m) D: André Malraux, Denis Marion. José Sempere, Andrés Mejuto, Nicolas Rodriguez, José Lado. Screenplay : André Malraux, Denis Marion. During the Spanish civil war, Republican bomber crews composed of men from different countries try to stem the advance of Franquists in the Teruel region. A poignant film about Malraux's enlistment on the side of the Republicans with his squadron, España. Good in-flight shots of the Potez, built of wood and fabric, and considered as a modern bomber in 1937. (-- Christian Santoir 5/18/04)
AIRCRAFTS: DH Hornet Moth; Potez 540.