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Aviation Films - G

Gallant Journey - (Columbia 1947, 85m) D: William Wellman. Janet Blair = Regina Cleary, Glenn Ford = John Montgomery, Jimmy Lloyd = Dan Mahoney, Charles Ruggles = Jim Montgomery, Henry Travers = Tom Logan. Screenplay: Wellman. Based on bio of pioneer John Montgomery. Maltin review: "Ford pioneers glider development in 19th century. OK, but not as stirring as it's meant to be."

Galloping Ghost, The - (Mascot serial 1931, 226m) D: Benjamin H Kline, replaced by B Reeves Eason. Francis X Bushman = Buddy Courtland, Harold "Red" Grange = himself, Dorothy Gulliver, Edward Hearn = coach Herlow, Gwen Lee = Irene, Walter Miller. Univ of Illinois football star Grange exploited in 12 chapters. Paul Mantz stunting in his first film, albeit reportedly appearing in only one chapter.
Gathering of Eagles, A (Universal 1963, 115m) D: Delbert Mann. Rock Hudson = Col Jim Caldwell, Kevin McCarthy = Gen Jack Kirby, Barry Sullivan = Col Bill Farr, Rod Taylor = Col Hollis Farr. Screenplay: Sy Bartlett, Ribert Pirosh. Hudson is reassigned as a cold-war Strategic Air Command B-52 commander who must shape up his men to pass a grueling inspection that the previous commander had failed. As a tough C/O doing whatever he has to to shape his menu up, his wife sees a side to him that she hadn't seen before.

General Kato's Fighting Falcons (Japan; 1944)
Geschwader Fledermaus (Germany "Bat Squadron"; 1958)
Ghost Sky Riders SEE Nebezsti Jezdci.
Girl of Yesterday, The (Famous Players 1915, silent) D: Allan Dwan Donald Crisp = A H Monroe, Glenn L Martin = pilot, Jack Pickford = John Stuart, Mary Pickford = Jane Stuart. Aerials by Lincoln Beachey, Glenn Martin, Frank Stites. Filmed at Martin's Griffith Park airfield.
Give Us Wings (Universal 1940, 62m) D: Charles Lamont. Dead End Kids (as Little Tough Guys), Wallace Ford = York, Anne Gwynne = Julie, Milburn Stone = Tex, Victor Jory = Carter. Maltin review: "The Little Tough Guys become pilots for a shady crop-dusting firm in this routine meller."
Gloria (Germany; Tobis-Klangfilm 1931, 95m) D: Hans Berhendt. Gustav Fröhlich = Georg Köhler, Brigitte Helm = Maria, Rolf Drucker = Felix, Fritz Kampers = Jonny Belling, Hugo Fischer Köppe = Jakopp Spindler. Screenplay : Hans Szekely, Georg C Claren. French version with Jean Gabin, André Luguet. An air mail pilot takes the Gloria, before the plane has been fully tested, to fly across the Atlantic with his mechanics in a tale based on the first transatlantic flight from East to West by the Junkers Bremen, in April 1928. The pilots' names, Köhler and Spindler, were the same as in the movie, but with two others crew members, and they land in Labrador instead of New York. A good view of German transports at the beginning of the '30s. (— Christian Santoir 5/20/04)

AIRCRAFT : Caspar C.32, Fokker Grulich F.III, Ju.W33/Ju. G-24, Bf.23b; Rohrbach Roland II, Richard Dietrich DP.IIa, Dornier Merkur.
Go and Get It (Neilan-First National 1920, silent) D: Marshall Neilan. Agnes Ayers = Helen Allen, Noah Beery = Dr Ord, Bull Montana = Ferry, Pat O'Malley = Kirk Connelly. Screenplay: Marion Fairfax.
God Is My Co-Pilot (Warner Bros 1945, 90m) D: Robert Florey. Dane Clark = Johnny Petach, Alan Hale = Mike Harrigan, Andrea King = Catherine Scott, Raymond Massey = Gen Claire Chennault, Dennis Morgan = Robert Scott. Screenplay: Peter Milne, Abem Finkel from a story by Robert L Scott. Aerials by Frank Clarke, Floyd Nolta. Filmed at Luke Field AZ, Calabasas CA. Maltin review: "Well-intentioned drama of WW2 pilots bogs down in clichés, still has many good scenes."

AIRCRAFT: AT-6 (as Jap), B-25C/D/G, P-40E/F, replica P-40 from "Flying Tigers."
Going Up (Douglas MacLean-Associated 1923) D: Lloyd Ingraham. Hallam Cooley = Hopkinson Brown, Mervyn LeRoy = bellboy, Douglas MacLean = Robert Street, Francis McDonald = Jules Gaillard. Screenplay: Raymond Griffith. Aerials by Frank Clarke, Howard Patterson. Filmed at Glendale CA.
Going Wild (First National 1930, 68m) D: William A Seiter. Joe E Brown = Rollo Smith, Lawrence Gray = Jack Lane, Arthur Hoyt = Robert Story, Frank McHugh = Rickey Freeman, Ona Munson = Ruth Howard, Walter Pidgeon = Ace Benton. Freeloaders Smith and Lane get booted off a train at White Beach, where air ace and writer Story is supposed to stop. In a case of mistaken identity, as no one knows what Story looks like, they get free room and meals, and everything goes well until they learn that Story is scheduled to fly in an air race, but Smith has never even been up in a plane, let alone flown one. Comedian Joe E Brown in real life was an aviation advocate, although he did not himself fly because of contractual limitations—studio heads were reluctant to risk a major star's life.
Gold (Majestic 1932, 58m) D: Otto Brower. Hooper Atchley = Cramer, Alice Day = Marian Sellers, Jack Hoxie = Jack Tarrant, Tom London = sheriff. Screenplay: Scott Darling. Minimal flying in this western about a cowboy who sells his gold mine to an old prospector, then blows all his money partying. When the old prospector is found murdered, the cowboy becomes the prime suspect.
Gold Chevrons (documentary; Big Three 1928, silent)
Great Air Mystery (serial) SEE Tailspin Tommy.
Great Air Race, The (Australia; London 1990, 192m) D: Marcus Cole. Barry Bostwick = Roscoe Turner, Caroline Goodall = Amy Johnson, Jonathan Hyde = Jim Mollison, Helen Slater = Jackie Cochran. Screenplay: Michael Brindley. Dramatization of 1934 MacRobertson London-Melbourne air race built around actual events and people. TV title "Half a World Away."

AIRCRAFT: AT-6 (as Gee Bee QED), Avro Anson (as Boeing 247), DC-3 (as KLM DC-2), DH Comet, DH Fox Moth, DH Tiger Moth, Stearman.
Great Air Robbery, The (Universal 1919, silent) D: Jacques Jaccard. Allan Forrest = Wally Mason, Ormer Locklear = Larry Cassidy, Ray Ripley = Chester Van Arland. Screenplay: George Hively. Aerials by Earl Burgess, Ormer Locklear. First US film with aviation as central theme. Filmed at DeMille Field, LA. Released as The Sky Eye.

Greatest Man In the World (PBS 1980, 51m) D: Ralph Rosenblum. Reed Birney = Jack Smurch, Sudie Bond = Emma Smurch, Howard Da Silva = Conklin, Carol Kane = April. Henry Fonda does the introduction. Enjoyable James Thurber short story about a round-the-world flight by an obnoxious, self-indulgent pilot who not only becomes a national hero, but a major problem to everybody.

AIRCRAFT: Fleet 7.
Great Mail Robbery, The (Robertson-Cole 1927, silent) D: George B Seitz. Jeanne Morgan = Laura Phelps, Frank Nelson = Sgt Bill Smith, Theodore von Eltz = Lt Don Macready. Screenplay: Peter Milne.

AIRCRAFT: Travel Air.
Great Plane Robbery, The (Columbia 1940) D: Lewis D Collins. Paul Fix = Eddie Lando, Jack Holt = Mike Henderson, Vickie Lester = Helen Carver, Milburn Stone = Krebber, Stanley Fields = Frank Toller. Screenplay: Albert DeMond. When heavily-insured gangster Toller is released from prison, Henderson is assigned by the insurance company to make sure Toller's policy expires before he does.
Great Plane Robbery, The (Columbia 1950, 61m) D: Edward L Cahn. Steve Brodie = Murray, Tom Conway = Ned Johnson, Margaret Hamilton = Mrs Judd, Lynne Roberts = Mary.
Great Santini, The (Warner Bros 1979, 116m) D: Lewis Carlino. Blythe Danner = Lillian Meechum, Robert Duvall = Bull Meecham, Michael O'Keefe = Ben Meechum, David Keith = Red Petrus. Screenplay: Carlino. Original title: "The Ace." AA nominations for Best Actor (Duvall) and Best Supporting Actor (O'Keefe) 1981; Golden Globe nomination as New Star of the Year (O'Keefe) 1981. Maltin review: "Character study of a career Marine who in 1962 is 'a warrior without a war,' except for the one he wages with his adolescent son. Compelling performances give film its meat, but dramatic structure and resolutions are not nearly as strong."
Great Waldo Pepper, The (Universal 1975, 107m) D: George Roy Hill. Bo Brundin = Ernst Hessler, Edward Herrman = Ezra Stiles, Margot Kidder = Maude, Robert Redford = Waldo Pepper, Susan Sarandon = Mary Beth, Bo Svenson = Axel Olson. Screenplay: William Goldman, Hill. A pilot who had missed flying in WWI takes up barnstorming and later a movie career in his quest for the glory he had missed, eventually getting a chance to prove himself in a film depicting the dogfights in the war. Aerials by Jim Appleby, Frank Tallman. Maltin review: "Box-office disappointment from director of 'Butch Cassidy' and 'The Sting' is a much more personal film, even though the brilliantly photographed story of aviation pioneers wavers uncomfortably between slapstick and drama. Worth a look."

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss JN-4, DH Tiger Moth, replica Fokker Dr.1, Standard J-1.

Green Goddess - (1930) George Arliss film about fliers forced down in a Manchurian kingdom. Interesting only for opening shot of an OX-5-powered monoplane [NX412]—a Whatzit with a fake registration.
Grim Game, The (Lasky Co 1919, silent) D: Irvin Willat. Mae Busch = Ethel Delmead, Ann Forrest = Mary Cameron, Harry Houdini = Harvey Hanford, Tully Marshall = Richard Raver. Screenplay: John W Gray, Arthur B Reeve. Jailed unjustly for a murder he did not commit, a young man uses his amazing powers of escape to free himself and pursue the actual killers, who hold his fiancèe captive. Aerials by Dave Thompson, Christopher Pickup. An actual accidental mid-air collision was filmed, in which both planes and wing-walker Robert Kennedy (doubling for Houdini) survived.
Gumman At War (Grumman Co 1944, 40m) - Factory produced promo featuring the F6F, from drawing board to first flight. Narratied by Conrad Nagel.
Gula Division (Sweden "Yellow Squadron"; Terrafilm 1954, 86m) D: Stig Olin. Lars Ekborg = Dag Holm, Hasse Ekman = Birger Wreting, Sven Lindberg = Lt Hageberg. Screenplay: Olin, from a story by Lars Widding. Featured aircraft were Saab J-29s, a ton of 'em. Hell, it might have been the entire Swedish Air Force. In some scenes they were firing their cannon and unguided rockets in ground attacks (perhaps the only time the pilots got to discharge any ordinance). I never figured out what or where they were attacking. (— Bob Hall 2/6/06)
AIRCRAFT: Saab J.29.

Guy Named Joe, A (MGM 1943, 120m) D: Victor Fleming. Lionel Barrymore = The General, Ward Bond = Al Yackey, Don DeFore = James J O'Rourke, Irene Dunne = Drinda Durston, Jimmy Gleason = Gen "Nails" Kilpatrick, Van Johnson = Ted Randall, Spencer Tracy = Pete Sandidge, Esther Williams = Ellen. Screenplay: David Boehm, Chandler Sprague, Dalton Trumbo. Aerials by Paul Mantz. Filmed at Luke Field AZ, Randolph Field TX, Drew Field FL, Columbia Field SC. AA Nomination for Best Writing (Boehm, Sprague) 1945. Disappointing remake in 1989 as Always. Maltin review: "Good cast flounders in meandering fantasy about dead WW2 pilot Tracy coming back to Earth to give young serviceman Johnson a hand in his romance with Tracy's girlfriend Dunne."

AIRCRAFT: B-25, BT-13, P-38.
Trivia: As for the young lovers, at the time of filming Johnson was 27 and Dunne was 40.
Gwiazdzista Eskadra (Poland "The Star Squadron"; 1930).
Gypsy Moths, The (MGM-UA 1969, 107m) D: John Frankenheimer. Gene Hackman = Joe Browdy, Deborah Kerr = Elizabeth Brandon, Burt Lancaster = Mike Rettig, Scott Wilson = Malcolm Webson, William Windom = Allen Brandon. Screenplay: William Hanley, based on a novel by James Drought. Three skydivers and their traveling thrill show barnstorm at a small Kansas town one Fourth of July weekend. Aerial supervision by Carl Boenisch. Maltin review: "Kerr, Wilson, and Bedelia help raise potential soap opera to a higher plane." No pun intended?