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Aviation Films - F

Family Flight (made for television; Universal Tv 1972, 90m) D: Marvin J Chomsky. Janet Margolin = Carol Rutledge, Dina Merrill = Florence Carlyle, Gene Nelson = carrier captain, Kristoffer Tabori = David Carlyle, Rod Taylor = Jason Carlyle. Limited flying action. On a flight from San Diego to Florida, a family aircraft is overtaken by a weather front in the Rockies and has to make an emergency landing in a Mexican desert, damaging the plane and injuring the father.

AIRCRAFT: Ryan Navion.

Fast Mail, The (Fox 1922, silent) D: Bernard J Durning. Charles "Buck" Jones = Stanley Carson, Adolphe Menjou = Cal Baldwin, Eileen Perry = Virginia Martin. Screenplay: Jacques Jaccard, Agnes Parsons.
Fate Is the Hunter (Fox 1964, 106m) D: Ralph Nelson. Wally Cox = Ralph Bundy, Glenn Ford = Sam McBane, Nancy Kwan = Sally Fraser, Susanne Pleshette = Martha Webster, Rod Taylor = Capt Jack Savage. Screenplay: Harold Medford, book by Ernest K Gann. Maltin review: "One-note drama of investigation into cause of controversial plane crash. Good cast works with routine script. Dorothy Malone appears unbilled in one key scene." Cinemascope.
Fei Hu: The Story of the Flying Tigers (PBS tv documentary 1999, 90m) D: Frank Christopher. Documentary with archival footage, personal recollections from pilots and mechanics who joined the American Volunteer Group. Reviewer comment: "A wonderful movie to watch. Even better, it's all true, and told by the people who really lived it. Would that Hollywood could write scripts this good."
Fight for the Sky (documentary; USAAF 1945, 21m) Narrator: Ronald Reagan. Escort fighters over Europe. One of the wonderful FMPU productions.
Fighter Attack (Allied Artists 1953, 80m) D: Lesley Selander. Sterling Hayden = Steve, J Carroll Naish = Bruno, Joy Page = Nina, Kenneth Tobey = George. Screenplay: Shimon Wincleberg. Maltin review: "Modest film uses flashback to recount pilot Hayden's last important mission in WW2 Italy."
Fighter Squadron (Warner Bros 1948, 96m) D: Raoul Walsh. Henry Hull = BrigGenl Gilbert, Edmond O'Brien = Maj Ed Hardin, Walter Reed = Capt Duke Chappell, John Rodney = Col Bill Brickley, Robert Stack = Capt Stu Hamilton. Screenplay: Seton I Miller, Martin Rackin. An insubordinate fighter pilot finds the shoe is on the other foot when he's promoted. Maltin review: "OK WW2 drama of dedicated flier O'Brien has abundance of clichés weighing against good action sequences. Rock Hudson's first film." Aerials by Paul Mantz, Floyd Nolta, Stan Reaver, USAF/USAFR pilots. Filmed at Oscoda MI and Van Nuys CA.

AIRCRAFT: P-47, B-17G; (as German) P-51.
Fighting American, The (Universal 1924, silent) D: Tom Forman. Mary Astor = Mary O'Mallory, Raymond Hatton, Warner Oland, Pat O'Malley. Screenplay: Harvey Gates, Raymond Schrock. Aerials by Frank Tomick, Leo Nomis.

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss JN-4D.
Fighting Devil Dogs (12-episode serial; Republic 1938, 204m) D: Robert M Beche, John English. Bruce Bennett = Frank Corby, Montagu Love = Genl White, Lee Powell = Lt Tom Grayson. The Lightning Strikes! A half-crazed devil terrorizes the world with a mysterious thunderbolt that brings devastation to all it touches. Some flying, including a dirigible.
Fighting Fate (serial; Fox 1921, silent) D: William Duncan. Jeanne Carpenter = Jeanne Carpenter (a child star du jour); William Duncan = Kern Lambert/Judson Cross; Edith Johnson - Josie Mahoney; Ford West = Lew Muggins. An old lobby card depicts a rescue by plane of someone on top of a speeding train, so the extent of aerial activity beyond that gripper is unknown. 15 episodes. Note: there was same-title film in 1925, but about boxing.
Fighting Lady, The (documentary; USN/Fox 1944) D: William Wyler. Filming: Edward Steichen. Narrator: Robert Taylor. USS Yorktown battle operations captured live. AA Oscar for Best Documentary 1945.

Fighting Pilot (Reliable Pictures Corp 1935, 56m) D: Noel M Smith. Eddie Davis = Berty; Robert Frazer = Cardigan; Gertrude Messinger = Jean Reynolds; Richard Talmadge = Hal Foster. Screenplay = Ralph Cusamano. Very low-budget pic with a plodding storyline and only the aerial sequences, by Otto and Victor Metzetti (who also have bit parts as henchmen), make it worth any while.
Final Countdown (UA 1980, 136m) D: Don Taylor. Kirk Douglas = Capt Matthew Yelland, Charles Durning = Senator Samuel Chapman, James Farentino = Richard Owens, James C Lawrence = Lt Perry, Victor Mohica = Black Cloud, Ron O'Neal = Dan Thurman, Katharine Ross = Laurel Scott, Martin Sheen = Warren Lasky. Screenplay: Thomas Hunter, Peter Powell. A modern aircraft carrier (CVN-68 USS Nimitz) is thrown back in time in a time-warp to 1941 near Hawaii, just hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Excellent flying scenes and cinematography, good acting and storyline despite a somewhat unsatisfying ending. Tallmantz cameraplane, CAF Zero pilots, balance of flying by USN pilots.

AIRCRAFT: A-7E, E-2C, F-14A, SH-3G; AT-6 as "Zero."

Trivia: (1) A Zero hit by a burst from an F-14's M-61A Vulcan cannon firing 6000 rounds a minute would have disintegrated, not just suffered a damaged engine—Zeros were notorious for their fragility. (2) The photos of Pearl Harbor taken by Nimitz's recon aircraft are identical to historical photos of the attack, including torpedo splashes in the water, even though the photos are supposed to have been taken hours before the attack. (3) When the Japanese pilot holds Laurel hostage, the .45 automatic held at her head has its safety on.
Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain (BBC/PBS tv documentary series 2000, 60m episodes (240m on DVD)) D: Nick Read. Outstanding production using news clips, recreated scenes, and interviews with veterans and other participants in the legendary conflict.
Fire Birds (Buena Vista 1990, 85m) D: David Green. Nicolas Cage = Jake Preston, Dale Dye = A K McNeil, Sean Young = Billie Lee Guthrie, Tommy Lee Jones = Brad Little, Bryan Kestner = Breaker, J A Preston = Genl Olcott, Mary Ellen Trainor = Janet Little. Screenplay: John K Swensson, Step Tyner. Aerial coordinator: Peter McKernan. Rated as a bomb by Maltin, this standard adventure is about Apache pilots taking on South American drug cartels, with a juvenile script and no chemistry between rivals Cage and Young doing their "full-tilt boogie for freedom and justice..." Lots of in-your-face flying scenes.
Firefox (Malpaso 1982, 136m) D: Clint Eastwood. Warren Clarke = Pavel Upenskoy, Clint Eastwood = Mitchell Gant, David Huffman = Buckholz, Freddie Jones = Kenneth Aubrey. Screenplay: Craig Thomas. Maltin review: "Lamentably dull, slow-moving espionage yarn, with Eastwood as a burned-out US pilot who goes behind Russian lines to steal the Soviets' latest supersonic fighting plane. Jones wins the Charles Laughton Award for Eccentric Performances." Model and mockup MiG-31, built specifically for the film. Filmed at Greenland and Montana.
First of the Few SEE Spitfire.
First To Fly SEE Wilbur and Orville.
Five Came Back (RKO 1939, 75m) D: John Farrow. Lucille Ball = Peggy Nolan, Wendy Barrie = Alice Melbourne, John Carradine = Crimp, Allen Jenkins = Pete, Chester Morris = Bill Brooks, C Aubrey Smith = Prof Henry Spangler, Kent Taylor = Joe. Screenplay: Jerome Cady, Dalton Trumbo, Nathaniel West. Little flying—the Capelis is a model (SEE entry on Aircraft 'Ca-Ci' page for info). Tale of airliner crash survivors in the jungle received critical praise. Maltin review: "This sleeper shows its age a bit, but remains interesting for colorful character studies among passengers on a plane downed in the headhunter-infested Amazonian jungle." Cost only $225,000 to make and earned $262,000 in initial release, influenced early Star Trek tv episode, "The Galileo Seven." Remade in 1956 by Farrow as Back From Eternity.
Flames In the Sky (Japan) Wartime production. No data found..
Flat Top (Monogram 1952, 83m) D: Lesley Selander. John Bromfield = Snakehips MacKay, Richard Carlson = Joe Rodgers, Sterling Hayden = Dan Collier, Bill Phipps = Red Kelley. Screenplay: Steven Fisher. F4U in Korean War. Filmed aboard USS Princeton (CVA-37), plus USN combat footage; aka "Eagles of the Fleet." AA nomination for Best Film Editing (William Austin) 1953. Maltin review: "Well-paced WW2 film of training of aircraft carrier fighter pilots. Film integrates news footage successfully."
Flight (Columbia 1929, 110m) D: Frank Capra. Jimmy De La Cruz = Lobo, Harold Goodwin = Steve Roberts, Ralph Graves = Lefty Phelps, Jack Holt = Sgt Panama Williams, Lila Lee = Elinor. Screenplay: Frank Capra, Howard J Green, Ralph Graves. Aerial camera: classic Elmer Dyer. USMC training and Nicaraguan campaign. Maltin review: "Dated story of battling buddies in the Marine flying corps, with some still-impressive aerial sequences. Co-star Graves wrote the original story." Good aerial work by Jerry Jerome and Bill Williams; some models. Filmed in part at San Diego.

AIRCRAFT: Consolidated NY-1, Curtiss OC-2, background USN aircraft of the period.
Flight (tv series; California Natl Productions 1958, 30m) D: Jean Yarbrough et al. 39 episodes featured recreations of military events with intros by WW2 USAF Genl George C Kenny.
Flight Angels (Warner Bros 1940) D: Lewis Seiler. Ralph Bellamy = Bill Graves, Virginia Bruce = Mary Norwell, Dennis Morgan = Chick Farber, Wayne Morris = Artie Dixon, Jane Wyman = Nan Hudson. Screenplay: Maurice Leo, Richard Macaulay. Mostly plot, but worthwhile for scenes of activity at Glendale's Grand Central Air Terminal. Some DC-3 footage.

Flight At Midnight (Republic 1939) D: Sidney Salkow. Robert Armstrong = Jim Brennan, Noah Beery Jr = Torp, Jean Parker = Maxine, Roscoe Turner = himself. Screenplay: Eliott Gibbons.
Flight Check: Bombers & Fighters (PBS tv documentary 19??, 60m episodes) No data.
Flight Command (MGM 1940, 116m) D: Frank Borzage. Paul Kelly = LtCdr Dusty Rhodes, Ruth Hussey = Lorna Gary, Walter Pidgeon = Cdr William Gary, Red Skelton = Mugger Martin, Robert Taylor = Alan Drake. Screenplay: Harvey Haislip, Wells Root, story by John Sutherland. Maltin review: "Hackneyed story with good cast as upstart Taylor tries to make the grade in naval flight squadron." Aerials by Frank Clarke, Paul Mantz. Nice USN scenes. Filmed at North Island NAS, San Diego CA. AA nominations for Best Effects (A Arnold Gillespie, Douglas Shearer) 1942.

Flight Commander Tv retitle of 1932 The Dawn Patrol to distinguish it from the 1938 version.
Flight Commander, The (Great Britain; 1927, silent) D: Maurice Elvey.
Flight For Freedom (RKO 1943, 99m) D: Lothar Mendes. Eduardo Cianelli = Johnny Salvini, Fred MacMurray = Randy Britton, Herbert Marshall = Paul Turner, Rosalind Russell = Tonie Carter. Maltin review: "Stilted tale of dedicated aviatrix Russell (loosely based on Amelia Earhart), who gains worldwide fame, and is romanced by self-centered flier MacMurray."
Flight From Ashiya (United Artists 1964, 100m) D: Michael Anderson. Yul Brynner = Sgt Mike Takashima, George Chakiris = Lt John Gregg, Suzy Parker = Lucille Carroll, Richard Widmark = Col Glenn Stevenson. Air Rescue Service drama. Maltin review: "Slow movie dealing with three aviators in rescue attempt over Pacific. Big name cast will attract; stiff script."

AIRCRAFT: Grumman SA-16.
Flight From Glory (RKO 1937) D: Lew Landers. Whitney Bourne = Lee Wilson, Paul Guilfoyle = Jones, Van Heflin = George Wilson, Chester Morris = Smith, Onslow Stevens = Ellis. Maltin review: "Hard-boiled, virile tale of outcast pilots stuck flying dangerous missions over the Andes. Excellent programmer that prefigures 'Only Angels Have Wings' in many respects."
Flight Into Danger (1960) D: Arthur Hailey. Zachary Scott. Screenplay: Hailey. Story revolves around an ill-fated charter jet carrying 60 passengers from Montreal to Vancouver.
Flight Into Darkness SEE L'Equipage.
Flight Into Nowhere (Columbia 1938, 63m) D: Lewis D Collins. Julie Bishop = Joan Hammond, Ward Bond, Jack Holt = Jim Horne, Dick Purcell = Bill Kellogg. Screenplay: William Bloom, Jefferson Parker.
Flight Lieutenant (Universal 1942, 80m) D: Sidney Salkow. Lloyd Bridges = Bill Robinson, Glenn Ford = Danny Doyle, Evelyn Keyes = Sue Thompson, Pat O'Brien = Sam Doyle, Minor Watson = Maj Thompson. Maltin review: "Commander Watson has sore memories of Ford's father (O'Brien), making life difficult; tired programmer."
Flight of the Gossamer Condor (documentary; Shedd Productions 1978, 27m) D: Ben and Jacqueline Shedd.
Flight of the Intruder (Paramount 1991, 113m) D: John Milius. Rosanna Arquette = Callie, William Dafoe = LtCdr Virgil Cole, Danny Glover = Cdr Frank Camparelli, Brad Johnson = Lt Jake Grafton. Screenplay: Stephen Coonts, Robert Dillon. Maltin review: "Dull adaptation of Coonts' novel chronicling the exploits and frustrations of bombardiers in the Vietnam war. It plays like one of those '50s service dramas that was 'filmed in cooperation with the US military,' and this is incongruous given the story's setting." Aerials by USN pilots; Jay Cullum, Steve Hinton (ADs). Filmed at Savannah GA, Kawai HI, Barbers Point NAS HI.

AIRCRAFT: A-1, A-3, A-6E, A-7, AD-4, AD-6, Cessna 337, F-4, H-3, SH-2.

Flight of the Phoenix (Fox 1966, 147m) D: Robert Aldrich. Richard Attenborough = Lew Moran, Ian Bannen = Crow, Ernest Borgnine = Trucker Cobb, Dan Duryea = Standish, Hardy Kruger = Heinrich Dorfmann, Peter Finch = Capt Harris, George Kennedy = Bellamy, James Stewart = Frank Towns. Screenplay: Adam Hall, Lukas Heller. Maltin review: "A plane crash leaves a group of men stranded in the Sahara desert; film avoids clichés as tension mounts among the men. Stewart as the captain, Attenborough as the navigator, stand out in uniformly fine cast." Aerials by Paul Mantz (killed in crash of Phoenix during filming; O-47 used in final scenes as substitute) and the film is dedicated to his memory. Filmed at Buttercup Valley AZ. AA nominations for Best Supporting Actor (Bannen), Best Film Editing (Michael Luciano); Golden Globe nominations for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Kruger).

AIRCRAFT: C-82; hybrid Phoenix from Beech 18, AT-6 and Navion.

Flight of the Phoenix (Fox 2004, 113m). The cast is purposely unlisted here to spare them any further embarrassment. Perhaps the worst remake ever of a classic film.


Flights and Flyers (documentary; Blackhawk Films, 30m) Three newsreel shorts about Jimmy Walker, Corrigan, Costa & Bellande, Earhart, Hughes, the Mollisons, Post & Gatty, Rickenbacker, et al.
Flight That Disappeared, The (Harvard Film/UA 1961, 71m) D: Reginald Le Borg. Craig Hill = Tom Endicott, Paula Raymond = Marcia Paxton. Screenplay: Owen Harris, Judith Hart. Sci-Fi about a cross-country airliner, whose passengers include a nuclear physicist, a rocket expert, and a mathematical genius, is drawn beyond radar range by an unknown, unbreakable force.
Flight To Fame (Columbia 1938, 67m) D: Charles C Coleman. Julie Bishop = Barbara, Charles Farrell = Capt Lawrence, Jason Robards Sr = Muller, Hugh Sothern = Fisk. Screenplay: Michael L Simmons. More of a sci-fi film with a featured "death-ray." Paul Mantz credited as stunt pilot, but to what extent is unknown.
Flight To Nowhere (Golden Gate 1946, 79m) D: William Rowland. Evelyn Ankers = Kathy Forrest, Jerome Cowan = Gerald Porter, Alan Curtis = Hobie Carrington, Hoot Gibson = Sheriff Bradley, Jack Holt = Bob Donovan. Screenplay: Arthur V Jones.
F.P.1 (Floating Platform #1) (Fox 1933, 74m) D: Karl Hartl. Donald Calthrop = Sunshine, Jill Esmond = Claire Lennartz, Leslie Fenton = Capt Droste, George Merritt = Lubin, Conrad Veidt = Maj Ellison. Alternate titles: F.P.1 Doesn't Answer (1933) and The Secrets of F.P.1 (GB 1936).
Fly-Away Baby (Warner Bros 1937, 60m) D: Frank McDonald. Glenda Farrell = Torchy Blane, Barton MacLane = Steve McBride. Around-the-world "race" in commercial aircraft with brief clips of Douglas DST [NC16002], Martin M-130 China Clipper, the Hindenburg dirigible, as well some ground activity at Grand Central Air Terminal. UK title: Crime In the Clouds.
Fly Away Home (Columbia 1996, 107m) D: Carroll Ballard. Jeff Daniels = Tom Alden, Anna Pequin = Amy Alden. Screenplay: Bill Lishman, Robert Rodat. Ultralight planes, with some first-rate flying sequences. AA nomination for Best Cinematography 1997 (Caleb Deschanel). Maltin review: "First-rate family film about a girl who goes to live with her estranged father in Canada after the death of her mom and only finds happiness when she adopts a flock of baby geese [goslings]. Then father and daughter embark on the adventure of teaching the birds how to migrate! Credible, involving story (inspired by a real-life incident), sparked by Paquin's and Daniels' strong performances."
Flyboys (MGM 2006, 139m) D: Tony Bill. David Ellison = Beagle, James Franco = Rawlings, Martin Henderson = Cassidy, Kyle Hensher-Smith = Jacques, Gunnar Winbergh = "The Black Falcon." Adventures in the Lafayette Escadrille during WW1 by young Americans who volunteered for the French aviation unit, before the US entered the war, and became our country's first fighter pilots. Aerials filmed in UK. Viewer forum input claimed absurdities (50-lb bombs producing nuclear explosions) and historical inaccuracies (multiple all-red German triplanes), but lots of flying action, albeit much of it via computers.

AIRCRAFT: replica Fokker Dr.1, Nieuport 17, Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter; also ultralight versions of the 17, some of which were reportedly involved in "incidents" after being tossed around by helicopter turbulence.
Fly Boys, The (Dark Coast Pictures 2008, length unknown) D: Rocco DeVilliers. Jesse James = Jason McIntyre, Reiley McClendon = Kyle Barrett, Stephen Baldwin = Silvio Esposito, Tom Sizemore = Angelo Esposito. Screenplay: Jason DeVilliers, Rocco DeVilliers, Richard Dutcher. Two kids from a small town accidentally stow away aboard an airplane owned by the mob. Filmed in 2003 at Hurricane UT. UK title: Sky Kids.
Flyganda Djävularna (Sweden "The Flying Devils"; Svensk Filmindustri 1988, 115m) D: Anders Refn. Karmen Atias = Miranda Hart, Senta Berger = Nona, Warren Clark, Margaretha Krook = Hildegarde, Trevor Laird = Sepp, Mario David.
Flygpan Saknas (Sweden "Missing Aircraft"; Nordisk Tonefilm 1965) D: Per Gunvall. Ulla Edin = Lena Boman, Olle Johansson = Carl Hagen, Lennart Lindberg = commander, Runar Martholm = Jens Berg, Birgit Nordin = Inga Hagen.
Flying Ace, The (Norman Film Mfg Co 1929, silent) D: unk. Kathryn Boyd = Ruth Sawtelle Lawrence Criner = William Stokes. No filmic data found, but a poster shows an all-black cast.
Flying Blind (Paramount 1941) D: Frank McDonald. Richard Arlen = Jim Clark, Nils Asther = Eric Karolek, Jean Parker = Shirley Brooks, Roger Pryor = Rocky Drake, Eddie Quillan = Riley. Screenplay: Richard Murphy, Maxwell Shane. A spy steals a secret military device, then hijacks an airliner. The airliner crashes in the wilderness and the survivors are threatened by a raging forest fire. Aerials by Paul Mantz.

AIRCRAFT: Lockheed Sirius 8A.
Flying Buckaroo (Pathè 1928, silent) D: Richard Thorpe. J P Lockney = Mr Mathews, Fanny Midgley = Mrs Mathews, Wally Wales = Bill Mathews. Western, with only one flying scene.
Flying Cadets (USAAC 1928, 21m. silent) - Goodwill two-reeler follows two cadets through their training at Brooks Field.
Flying Cadets (Universal 1941) D: Erle C Kenton. Frank Albertson = Bob, William Gargan = Trip, Edmund Lowe = Rocky, Peggy Moran = Kitty. Aerials by Paul Mantz.
Flying Cowboy, The (Universal 1928, silent) D: B Reeves Easton. Hoot Gibson = Bill Hammond, Olive Hasbrouck = Connie Lamont, Harry Todd = Tom Gordon. Screenplay: Easton. Aerials by Hoot Gibson.
Flying Deuces (Hal Roach 1939). Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy feature is worthwhile in its own—especially for viewers who enjoy comedy when it was funny—but despite the film's title there is only a brief segment at the end with a Bellanca and some studio props. Filmed at L. A. Metropolitan Airport (now Van Nuys Airport). The title is explained by the original script, which was to have the pair sneak aboard a plane that was readied for an endurance flight. In their fumbling, they start the engine and the plane takes off and somehow lands successfully after the fuel runs out, and they are acclaimed national heroes for breaking an endurance record. Sadly that opening sequence was scrapped.
Flying Devils (RKO 1933, 62m) D: Russell Birdwell. Ralph Bellamy = Speed Hardy, Bruce Cabot = Ace Murray, Cliff Edwards = Screwy, Arline Judge = Ann Hardy, Eric Linden = Bud Murray. Screenplay: Lewis Stevens. Barnstorming stunt pilots as "Four Black Cats." Fairly bright dialog, especially from Edwards, good flying sequences. Perennial good-guy Bellamy oddly cast a villainous type. Aerials by Frank Clarke. Filmed at Mines Field and Van Nuys CA; aka The Flying Circus (1933).

AIRCRAFT: Standard J-1, Stearman C-3R, Travel Airs 4000 and 2000—some as "Jennys."

Flying Fleet (MGM 1928, silent & synchro-sound) D: George W Hill. Ralph Graves = Steve Randall, Roscoe Karns = radio operator (uncredited), Ramon Navarro = Tommy Winslow, Carroll Nye = Tex, Eddie Nugent = Dizzy, Anita Page = Anita. Screenplay: Joseph Farnham & Richard Schayer, story by Byron Morgan & Frank Wead. Filmed at San Diego, Pensacola, USS Langley. Some incredibly bad model work, but much excellent USN footage makes up for it.

AIRCRAFT: F2B-1, NY-2, T2D-1.
Flying Fool, The (AyWon-Sunset 1925, silent) Don Daring, Gaston Glass, Dick Grace. Only one air scene.
Flying Fool, The (Pathè 1929, silent, 75m) D: Tay Garnett. William ("Hopalong Cassidy") Boyd = The Flying Fool, James Gleason, Russell Gleason = Jimmy Taylor, Tom O'Brien = Tom Dugan, Marie Prevost = Pat. Screenplay: Elliott Clawson. Ex-war pilot falls in love with his brother's wife." Top-notch dialog and good aviation sequences make this breezy programmer good entertainment" (Video Guide 1997). Aerials by Frank Clarke, Leo Nomis, Roy Wilson. Filmed at Metropolitan (now Van Nuys) Airport and around San Fernando Valley.

AIRCRAFT: Travel Air 4000.
Flying Fool, The (Great Britain; Wardour 1931, 65m (UK: 76m)) D: Walter Summers. Syd Crossley = Hicks, Charles Farrell = Ponder, Wallace Geoffrey = Marlowe, Benita Hume = Marion Lee, Henry Kendall = Vincent Floyd, Martin Walker = James Lancer. Screenplay: Summers.
Flying Fools SEE Lentävät Luupäät.
Flying Fortress (Great Britain; Warner Bros 1942) D: Walter Forde. Richard Greene = James Spence Jr, Basil Redford = Capt Wilkinson, Donald Stewart = William Kelly, Betty Stockfield = Lady Deborah Ottershaw. Screenplay: Edward Dryhurst, Gordon Wellesley. An American playboy straightens himself out and becomes a war hero.

Flying G-Men (serial; Columbia 1939) D: James W Horne, Ray Taylor. James Craig = John Cummings, Lorna Gray = Babs McKay, Robert Paige = Hal Andrews.
Flying High (Lumas 1926, silent) D: Charles Hutchinson (Hutchison). Alice Calhoun, William Fairbanks. Screenplay: L V Jefferson.
Flying High (Carliner Productions, television 1978, 120m) D: Peter H Hunt. Casey Biggs, Pat Klous, Howard Platt, Connie Sellecca, Kathryn Witt.

AIRCRAFT: Boeing 707.
Flying Hostess (Universal 1936, 71m) D: Murray Roth. Astrid Allwyn = Phyllis Crawford, Judith Barrett = Helen Brooks, Andy Devine = Joe Williams, William Gargan = Hal Cunningham, Ella Logan = Edna Mulcahy, William Hall = Guy Edwards. Airline stewardess training and their adventures. A bit light on flight.
Flying Irishman (RKO 1939, 72m) D: Leigh Jason. Robert Armstrong = Joe Alden, Dorothy Appleby = Maybelle, Douglas Corrigan = himself, Paul Kelly = Butch. Screenplay: Dalton Trumbo. Routine bio, largely fictional, dealing with life of 'Wrong Way' Corrigan.

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss JN-4 and Robin.
Flying Leathernecks (RKO 1951, 102m) D: Nicholas Ray. Janis Carter = Joan Kirby, Jay C Flippen = MSgt Clancy, Robert Ryan = Capt Carl Griffin, Don Taylor = Lt Blythe, John Wayne = Maj Dan Kirby. Screenplay: James E Grant, story by Kenneth Gamet. Maltin review: "Wayne is exceedingly tough on his Marines; executive officer Ryan thinks he should be a little nicer. Guess who wins this argument? Solid, if not especially original, WW2 actioner, with good aerial scenes and nice turn by Flippen as crafty sergeant." Aerials by Paul Mantz, Cort Johnson. Filmed at Camp Pendleton CA.

Flying Luck (Pathè 1927, silent) D: Herman Raymaker. Jean Arthur, Monte Banks, Jack W Johnston = Colonel, Kewpie Morgan = Sergeant. Screenplay: Monty Banks, Matt Taylor.
Flying Mail, The (Associated 1926, silent) D: Noel M Smith. Joseph Girard = Martin Hardwick, Eddie Gribbon = Gluefoot Jones, Kathleen Myers = Alice Hardwick, Frank Tomick = Tom Corrigan, Harry von Meter = Bart Sheldon, Al Wilson = Sherry Gillespie. Screenplay: Frank H Clark. Aerials by Wilson and Tomick.
Flying Marine, The (Columbia 1929, part sound) D: Albert S Rogell. Ben Lyon = Steve Moran, Shirley Mason = Sally, Jason Robards = Mitch Moran.
Flying Pat (New Art-Paramount 1920, silent, 50m) D: F Richard Jones. Dorothy Gish = Pat Van Nuys, James Rennie = Robert Van Nuys, Porter Strong = reporter, Morgan Wallace = William Endicott. Minor flying scenes.
Flying Romeos (First National 1928, silent) D: Mervyn LeRoy. Lester Bernard = Goldberg, Fritzi Ridgeway = Minnie, Duke Martin = aviator, Charlie Murray = Cohan, George Sydney = Cohen. Screenplay: John W Conway.

AIRCRAFT: Ryan Brougham as "The Spirit of Goldberg."
Flying the Secret Sky (NPTV-VanDerKloot Film & Tv doc 2008, c.60m) D: William VanDerKloot. Interesting and well-done epic about Winston Churchill's historic (and perilous) round-trip flight from London to Cairo and Moscow during WW2 in an unarmed RAF Ferry Command B-24 and its US and Canadian aircrew. Interviews and rare film footage.
Flying Through (AyWon 1925, silent) Al Wilson. Barnstorming pilot accused of murder. Aerials by Frank Tomick, Al Wilson.

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss JN-4D.
Flying Tigers (Republic 1942, 102m) D: David Miller. John Carroll = Woody Jason, Paul Kelly = Hap Davis, Anna Lee = Brooke Elliott, John Wayne = Jim Gordon. Screenplay: Kenneth Gamet, Barry Trivers. Filmed at Calabasas CA. AA nominations for Best Music Score (Victor Young), Best Special Effects (Daniel Bloomberg, Howard Lydecker), Best Sound (Daniel Bloomberg) 1043. Maltin review: "Good Wayne vehicle of famous Flying Tigers stationed in WW2 China. Exciting dog-fight scenes."

AIRCRAFT: P-40E, Capelis XC-12; many mock-ups and models.

Trivia: (1) Non-flying P-40 mock-ups powered by auto engines are notable by their squat appearance and clumsy taxiing; (2) Cockpit interiors are obvious mock-ups with light plastic windows and are much too roomy to be P-40s; (3) When the burning cargo plane is waved off at the Rangoon airport, its right landing gear is down, but then the pilots are shown raising the left gear; (4) The Capelis never flew in this or any other of its movies as it was deemed by CAA inspectors to be unsafe for flight; (5) P-40s peeling off are actually Spitfires, from stock footage.
Flying Torpedo, The (1916, silent) D: Christy Cabanne, John B O'Brien. Spottiswoode Aitken = Bart Thompson, W E Lawrence = William Haverman, Bessie Love = Hulda, Erich von Stroheim, Raymond Wells. Screenplay: Robert M Baker, John Emerson.
Flying Wild (1941) - The East Side Kids take on flying spies; minor aerial activity, mostly studio stuff.
Flying With the Marines (documentary; BPI 1918, silent) D: S L Rothafel. Data lacking.
Forced Landing (Republic 1935) D: Melville W Brown. Sidney Blackmer = Bernardi, Esther Ralston = Ruby, Onslow Stevens = Farraday, Toby Wing = Amelie. Screenplay: Scott Darling.
Forced Landing (Paramount 1941) D: Gordon Wiles. Richard Arlen = Dan Kendall, Nils Asther = Col Jan Golas, Bobby Dillon = Nando, Eva Gabor = Johanna Van Deuren, J Carrol Naish = Andros Banshek. Screenplay: Edward Churchill, Maxwell Shane. Pacific Air Transport Service pilot takes on a Japanese spy ring.
Forest Ranger (Fox 1924, silent) Tom Mix. Aerials by Frank Tomick. Filmed at Santa Cruz.

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss JN-4D.
Forever Young (1983) - Some nice, albeit brief, B-25 scenes.

Första Divisionen (Sweden "The First Squadron"; 1941) D: Hasse Ekman. Emil Fjellström = Persson, Lars Hanson = Col Magnus Stahlberg, Gunnar Sjöberg = Capt Krister Hansson. Screenplay: Alvar Zacke.
Four Aces, The (Syndicate 1933, synchro-sound.)
Fugitive in the Sky (Warner Bros 1936) D: Nick Grinde. Wild Bill Elliott = Ramon Duval, Warren Hull = Terry Brewer, John Litel = Mike Phelan, Jean Muir = Rita Moore, Gordon Oliver = Bob White. Screenplay: George Bricker. Skyjacking.
Fury In the Sky SEE Ladies Courageous.
Future's In the Air, The (Great Britain; Strand Unit 1937) - D: Alexander Shaw. Screenwriter: Graham Green. Documentary.