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U S Navy - Similar to the Army's FMPU, the Navy Dept had an active film unit in WW2, and produced many short subjects featuring aviation, some known titles are:
    Black Cats (1944, 19m) PBY Catalina 'nightstalkers'
    Dive Bombing (1943, 16m)
    Handing It Back (1942, 13m) Aerial gunnery
    Navy Flies On, The (1942, 19m) History
    Planes of the Navy (1942, 21m)
    Three-Plane Formations (1942, 17m)
    Wings of Defense (1942, 10m)

V Metrvoj Petle (USSR "Loop of Death"; 1963) D: V Nemolyayev.
Valery Chjkalov (USSR "Wings of Victory"; Artkino 1941) D: Mikhail Kalatozov. Vladimir Belokurov = Valeri Chkalov, Pyotr Berezov = Goergi Baldukov, Mikhail Gelovani = Josef Stalin, Kseniya Tarasova = Olga Chkalov.
Verräter (Germany "Traitor"; UFA 1936, 92m) D: Karl Ritter. Lida Baarova = Marion, Willy Birgel = Morris, Herbert A. Böhme, Rudolf Fernau, Theodore Loos = Auer, Irene von Meyendorff = Hilde Körner, Heinz Welzel. Screenplay: Leonhardt Fürst. USA title: The Traitor (1937). British spy chief Morris uses all means to recruit traitors in an aviation plant (Heinkel) and in a panzer division, but German secret services dismantle his spy ring. Ritter used heavy hitters in this movie—tanks, seaplanes, even battleships. The Nazis felt that this movie depicted the proficiency of German counter-espionage so well that it was previewed at the Nazi Congress of Nüremburg in 1936. It is in fact a very realistic movie with a well-crafted plot and remarkable action scenes. Great shots of the Heinkel He.51 belonging to JG 132 Richthofen, based in Döberitz. (— Christian Santoir 6/3/04)

AIRCRAFT: Arado Ar.76, Fw.56, He.51A, He.51B-2, He.70.
Victory At Sea (documentary; United Artists 1954, 108m) Narrator: Alexander Scourby, score by Richard Rodgers. Military combat footage.
Victory Through Air Power (animation; Disney 1943) D: James Alghar, Clyde Geronimi. Screenplay: James Bodrero, William Cotrell, based on a story by (Alexander de Seversky. Colorful animated documentary about the development and roles of aerial warfare and strategic bombing.
von Richthofen and Brown (United Artists 1971, 97m) D: Roger Corman. Hurd Hatfield = Anthony Fokker, John Phillip Law = Manfred von Richthofen, Peter Masterson, Barry Primus = Roy Brown. Filmed in Ireland.

AIRCRAFT: Replica Fokker Dr.1, SE5a.
Vozdusjnaja Potjata (USSR "Air Mail"; 1939)
Wake Island (Paramount 1942, 78m) D: John Farrow. Walter Abel = Cdr Roberts, William Bendix = Aloysius Randall, McDonald Carey = Bruce Cameron, Brian Donlevy = Maj Caton, Robert Preston = Joe Doyle. Screenplay: W R Burnett, Frank Butler. Minor aerial footage. Aerials by Franke Clarke et al. Filmed at Salton Sea CA, Salt Lake UT. AIRCRAFT: F4F-3, Ryan SC.
War Correspondent (Columbia 1932) D: Paul Sloane. Ralph Graves = Frank Bennett, Jack Holt = Jim Kenyon, Lila Lee = Julie March. Screenplay = Jo Swerling. Pilot and news reporter in China civil war. Aerials by Roy Wilson. Filmed at Van Nuys and Victorville CA.

AIRCRAFT: Travel Air Speedwing.
War Eagles (Continental 1931, 72m) D: Paul Whitman. Berton Churchill = Windy, Shirley Grey = Eve, Lloyd Hughes = Bill Ramsey, Norman Kerry = Otto Schumann, Matty Kemp = Eddie Ramsey. Screenplay: Hampton Del Ruth.
Warfare in the Skies (Vitagraph 1914, silent) No data.
War in the Air (Great Britain; BBC tv documentary series 1957, 25m) - Series of half-hour presentations (number unkown).
War in the Sky (documentary; USAAF 1944, 90m) D: William Wellman. Hosts: Lloyd Bridges, James Stewart. Narration: Peter Lawford. One of the wonderful FMPU productions.

AIRCRAFT: P-47, B-17.
War Lover, The (Columbia 1962, 105m) D: Phillip Leacock. Shirley Anne Field = Daphne, Steve McQueen = Buzz Rickson, Robert Wagner = Ed Bolland. Screenplay: John Hershey. Good flying scenes. Filmed at Bovingdon, England, plus combat footage and outtakes from "Twelve O'Clock High."

Warplane (PBS tv documentary 2006, 60m episodes (240m on DVD)) Story of how, through invention, ingenuity and sheer hard work, the technology evolved in major stepping stones that changed military aviation.
Warplanes of WW2 (PBS tv documentary 19??, 60m episodes) No data.
Ways of the Warhawk (Curtiss Co 1942, 36m) - Relatively scarce footage of a professional production for P-40 pilot familiarization and training.
Way To the Stars, The (Great Britain; Two Cities Films 1945, 109m (USA: 87m)) D: Anthony Asquith. Stanley Holloway = Palmer, Trevor Howard = SqnLdr Carter, Rosamund John = Miss Todd, John Mills = Peter Penrose, Basil Radford = Tiny Williams, Michael Redgrave = David Archdale. Screenplay: Terence Rattigan, Richard Sherman, Anatole de Grunwald. Tech advisors: USAF Capt Keith Garrison, RAF SqnLdr Gilbert Thomas. Filmed at Grafton-Underwood RAF Base. Life on a British bomber base from the opening days of the Battle of Britain to the arrival of the Americans, who join in the bomber offensive. US title: Johnny in the Clouds.

We Can't Have Everything (Artcraft 1918, silent) D: Cecil B DeMille. Aerials by Al Wilson. One scene of a Venice (CA) beach takeoff and landing.

West Point of the Air (MGM 1935, 100m) D: Richard Rosson. Wallace Beery = Big Mike, James Gleason = Joe Baggs, Maureen O'Sullivan = Skip Carter, Rosalind Russell = Dare, Robert Taylor = Jaskerelli, Robert Young = Little Mike. Screenplay: A J Beckhard, Frank Wead, from a story by John Monk Saunders. Filmed at Randolph Field, San Antonio TX. Aerials by Paul Mantz (uncredited). Maltin review: "MSgt Beery pushes reluctant son Young through army air training for his own satisfaction. Good cast enlivens standard drama." Story line loses credibility towards the end, but great shots of period USAAC planes make for worthwhile viewing.

AIRCRAFT: replica Curtiss Pusher, Fokker D.7, JN-4, PT-3 and other USAAC planes.

Western Tenderfoot, A (Fox 1921, silent).
We've Never Been Licked (Universal 1943, 103m) D: John Rawlins. Noah Beery Jr = Cyanide Jenkins, William Frawley = traveling salesman, Anne Gwynne = Nina Lambert, Robert Mitchum = Panhandle Mitchell, Martha O'Driscoll = Deedee Dunham, Richard Quine = Brad Craig, Cliff Robertson = Adams (uncredited). An American joins Japanese forces, dives his Japanese bomber into a Japanese Navy carrier. Alternate title: Remember Pearl Harbor.

AIRCRAFT: AT-11 (as Jap bombers), C-47, F3F, SBD, SNJ, Waco UPF-7.
Whirlybirds (tv series 1957-1959; Desilu 1957, 30m) D: Robert Altman. Nancy Hale = Helen Carter (1957-59), Craig Hill = Pete "PT" Moore, Sandra Spence = Janet Culver (1957), Kenneth Tobey = Chuck Martin. 111 episodes. Chuck and PT own a helicopter company that is hired to perform all types of jobs. Culver was the original secretary, replaced by Carter in the second season.
White Hell of Pitz Palu, The (Germany "Weisse Hölle vom Piz Palü"; Sokal 1929, 133m silent) D: Arnold Fanck, Georg Wilhelm Pabst. Gustav Diessl = Dr Johannes Krafft, Ernst Petersen = Hans Brandt, Leni Riefenstahl = Maria Maioni, Ernst Udet = himself. Screenplay: Arnold Fanck, Ladislaus Vajda. Dubbed narration in US print by Charles McNamee (1930); UK release (1929). While climbing in the Dolomites, a young couple and their guide are caught in a snow storm, and only a courageous flyer—Udet of course—can save them. Udet's mountain flights were so risky that, when the film was released, audiences assumed they were special effects. (-- Christian Santoir 7/7/04)

AIRCRAFT: Udet U-12 Flamingo.
White Sister (MGM 1933, 110m) D: Victor Fleming. Edward Arnold = Monsignor Saracinesca, Clark Gable = Lt Giovanni Severi, Helen Hayes = Angela Chiaromonte, Lewis Stone = Prince Guido Chiaromonte. Screenplay: Francis Marion Crawford, Donald Ogden Stewart. Minor flying action; aerial footage from "Hell's Angels."
Who Killed the Red Baron? (PBS tv documentary 2005, 60m) Right up there with the ritual Are UFOs For Real? and Who Shot JFK? and Is Elvis a Comparison Shopper in Amarillo? forays.
Wide Open (Shar 1927, silent) D: John Grey. Lionel Belmore, Grace Darmond, Dick Grace. Screenplay: Grey. Aerials by Dick Grace.
Wife Takes a Flyer, The (Columbia 1942, 86m) D: Richard Wallace. Joan Bennett = Anita Woverman, Allyn Joslyn = Maj Zellfritz, Franchot Tone = Christopher Reynolds. Screenplay: Jay Dratler, Gina Kaus. Minor flying in WW2 espionage comedy with Tone pretending to be Bennett's husband in order to escape from Holland; aka A Yank In Dutch.
Wilbur and Orville: The First To Fly (unknown production data, 1973) D: Henning Schellerup. James Keach = Orville Wright, Stacy Keach = Wilbur Wright. An unnamed viewer comment in 2001: I remember it for the excellent portrayal of the scrappy Wright brothers, played convincingly and with heart by the Keach brothers. As I recall, the facts of the Wright brothers story were fairly accurate. It correctly reported the brothers' initial discouragement when they discovered that the Lilienthal tables of air pressure were significantly in error, thus leading to their invention of the wind tunnel. Also correctly reported were their battles with mosquitos at Kitty Hawk—a problem ignored in other film biographies. Sadly unavailable at present.
Wild Blue Yonder (Republic 1951, 98m) D: Allan Dwan. William Ching = Lt Ted Cranshaw, Wendell Corey = Capt Harold Calvert, Phil Harris = Sgt Hank Stack, Vera Ralston = Lt Helen Landers, Forrest Tucker = Maj Tom West. Screenplay: Richard Tregaskis, from a story by Andrew Geer, Charles Grayson. Filmed at March Field CA. Standard WW2 aviation yarn, featuring the Superfortress, detailing friendship of Corey and Tucker and their rivalry for nurse Ralston.

AIRCRAFT: B-24, B-29.
Wild in the Sky (1972, 87m) D: William Naud. Brandon De Wilde = Josh, Dick Gautier = Diver, Robert Lansing = Maj Reason, Tim O'Connor = Bob Recker, Keenan Wynn = Gen Harry Gobohare. Screenplay: Richard Gautier, Peter Marshall. Anti-war activists hijack a B-52.
Winds of God, The (Japan; 2006, 97m) = D: Yoko Narahashi. Japanese cast. Tale of time-travelers as WW2 Kamikaze pilots — curiously described in early publicity as a comedy. Filmed in part at Simi Valley CA. Aerial coordinator = Mike Patlin.
Winds of Kitty Hawk (Charles Fries 1978, 100m) D: E W Swackhamer. Tom Bower = William Tate, David Huffman = Orville Wright, Scott Hylands = Glenn Curtiss, Michael Moriarty = Wilbur Wright. Made for tv. Filmed in part at Camp San Luis Obispo CA.

AIRCRAFT: Replica Curtiss Pusher, replica Wright Flier.

Trivia: (1) When Wilbur Wright and Glenn Curtiss are preparing to fly to New York in 1909, a US flag behind Wright has 48 stars. (2) When reporters are at the door, rain is falling diagonally in two different directions simultaneously.
Wing and a Prayer (Fox 1944, 97m) D: Henry Hathaway. Don Ameche = Bingo Harper, Dana Andrews = Moulton, Charles Bickford = Capt Waddell, William Eythe = Oscar Scott, Cedric Hardwicke = the Admiral. Screenplay: Jerome Cady. A carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway. All the men become increasingly frustrated at their avoidance of combat, then reasons unknown to them, but in the end all get their chance to fight. AA nomination 1945 for Best Writing, Jerome Cady.

Wing Will Fly, The (tv documentary; PBS 19??, 60m) Northrop Flying Wings, a deserved tribute to the genius of John Northrop.
Winged Horseman, The (Universal 1929) D: B Reeves Eason, Arthur Rosson. Mary Elder = Joby Hobson, Allan Forrest = Curly Davis, Hoot Gibson = Skyball Smith, Herbert Prior = Eben Matthews, Charles Schaeffer = Colonel Hobson. Screenplay: Raymond L Schrock.
Winged Trail, The (Fox 1920, silent). Francilla Billington, Ormer Locklear (also stunt flying).
Winged Victory (Fox/USAAF 1944, 130m) D: George Cukor. Lee J Cobb = Doctor, Jeanne Crain = Helen, Judy Holliday = Ruth Miller, Lon McAllister = Frank Davis, Edmond O'Brien = Irving Miller, Don Taylor = Danny Scariano. Screenplay: Moss Hart.

AIRCRAFT: Vultee BT-13, B-24.
Wings (Paramount 1927, 139m, silent) D: William Wellman. Richard Arlen = Bruce Armstrong, Clara Bow = Clara Preston, El Brendel, Gary Cooper (first film), Charles "Buddy" Rogers = John Powell. Screenplay: John Monk Saunders. AA Oscar for Best Picture (the first winner).

AIRCRAFT: Thomas-Morse MB-3, Travel Air 2000, Curtiss P-1, Boeing PW-3.

Wings Against the Wind (In production 1999 -- release unknown) D: Euzhan Palcy. Angela Bassett, Richard Brooks, Don Cheadle, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Gerard Depardieu, Screenplay: Candace Allen. Biography of Bessie Coleman.
Wings and the Woman SEE They Flew Alone.
Wings in the Dark (Paramount 1935, 77m) D: James Flood. Hobart Cavanaugh = Mac, Cary Grant = Ken Gordon, Dean Jagger = Tops Harmon, Roscoe Karns = Nick Williams, Myrna Loy = Sheila Mason. Screenplay: Philip Hurn, Jack Kirkland. Maltin review: "Stunt flier Loy falls for flier Grant, who's blinded in a gas explosion. Attractive performers left dangling without a script in this implausible soap opera; fine aerial photography."
Wings of Adventure (Columbia 1930, 53m) D: Richard Thorpe. Armida = Maria, Eddie Boland = Viva, Clyde Cook = Skeets Smith, Rex Lease = Dave Kent, Fred Malatesta = La Pantera, Nick De Ruiz = Manuel. Screenplay: Harry L Fraser. American pilot flies in a Mexican revolution.
Wings of Eagles (MGM 1957, 110m) D: John Ford. Ward Bond = John Dodge, Dan Dailey = Jughead, Edmund Lowe = Adm Moffett, Maureen O'Hara = Min Wead, Kenneth Tobey = Capt Herbert Hazard, John Wayne = Frank Wead. Screenplay: Frank Wead. Excellent biopic of USN flyer and writer "Spig" Wead with a colorful background of naval aircraft

Trivia: (1) The 'John Dodge' character—a thinly-veiled clone of director (and close friend of Bond) John Ford—views a clip in a screening room from "Hell Divers," which in reality was directed by George Roy Hill, not Ford. (2) Striving for realism, Wayne makes a one-film appearance without his hairpiece as an aging Wead.
Wings of Fire (Universal 1967, 99m) D: David L Rich. Ralph Bellamy = Doug Sanborn, James Farentino = Taff Malloy, Lloyd Nolan = Max Clarity, Suzanne Pleshette = Kitty Sanborn. Screenplay: Sterling Silliphant. Tv title: The Cloudburst.

AIRCRAFT: Grumman F8F.

Wings of Glory (PBS tv documentary 19??, 60m episodes (314m in DVD) Aviation history with archival footage.
Wings of the Army (USAAC 1936, 41m) - Scarce film by Air Material Division has planes of the '30s woven into a historical bio about training, organization, and operations.
Wings of the Navy (Warner Bros 1939, 89m) D: Lloyd Bacon. George Brent = Cass Harrington, Olivia de Havilland = Irene Dale, John Litel = Cdr Clark, Frank McHugh = Scat Allen, John Payne = Jerry Harrington. Screenplay: Michael Fessier. Story plot of two brothers after one girl is trivial and predictable, but easy to take. Aerials by Frank Clarke, Paul Mantz, USN pilots led by Lt E B Noble. Filmed at Pensacola NAS, San Diego NAS, and Burbank studio, where a mock-up PBY cabin interior was built at a cost of $20,000 (in 1939 dollars).

AIRCRAFT: F3F-1, N3N, PBY-1/-2/-3, lots of other nice Navy stuff.

Trivia: Of more than 18,000' of footage shot by Elmer Dyer and Art Edelson, only 400' made it to the final film.
Wings of the Sea (Japan; 1962). No data.
Wings Over Honolulu (Realart-Universal 1935, 78m) D: H C Potter. Wendy Barrie = Lauralee Curtis, William Gargan = Lt Jack Furness, Ray Milland = Lt Sam Gilchrist, Kent Taylor = Greg Chandler. Screenplay: Mildred Cram, Isabel Dawn. A USN pilot gets involved in a romantic triangle while stationed in Hawaii. AA nomination 1938 for Best Cinematography: J A Valentine.

AIRCRAFT: Cunningham-Hall PH-1, others.
Wings Over Kitty Hawk (tv documentary; Fox Movietone-Two Star 1954, 15m) The Wright Brothers' first flight.
Wings Over the Pacific (Monogram 1943, 60m) D: Phil Rosen. Robert Armstrong = Pieter Van Bronk, Inez Cooper = Nona Butler, Henry Guttman = Lt Kurt Heinmann, Montagu Love = Jim Butler, Edward Norris = Lt Allan Scott. Screenplay: George Wallace Sayre. Very likely the most ludicrous war film ever released, with German and USN planes battling over the South Pacific islands (yes, German!) and a story line so untintentionally hilarious and beyond believability that one will wonder how, or why, the movie was ever released. Despite minor flying scenes, it is a must for any collection if only to see how much can go wrong in making a movie!
Wings Over Wyoming SEE Hollywood Cowboy.
Wings: Thrill of Flight (tv documentary; Discovery Channel 1999, 60m) D: Mix Ryan. Series hosted by James Tolkan.
Wings Up (documentary, USAAF 1943, 20m) Narrator: Clark Gable. An FMPU production starring Robert Preston and Gilbert Roland. Short film depicts the rigors of training cadets go through at the AAF's Officers Candidate School.
Winning Your Wings (documentary, USAAF 1942, 18m) D: John Houston. Jean Ames, Don DeFore, Charles Drake, Peter Graves, Bill Kennedy, James Stewart = himself as an AAF Lieutenant. Produced by Jack Warner. Another FMPU recruiting film, this one more star-studded than usual—it even includes a guest shot by Adolf Hitler (via archival footage).
With Wings Outspread (Camus-AyWon 1922, silent) Madeline Cassinelli, Walter Franklin, Fred Terry. Army flyers in Cuba.
Without Orders (RKO 1936, 64m) D: Louis Friedlander (Lew Landers). Robert Armstrong = Wad Madison, Ward Bond = Tim Casey, Sally Eilers = Kay Armstrong, Vinton Haworth = Len Kendrick. Screenplay: J Robert Bren, Edmund L Hartmann. The usual lightwieght stuff about a love triangle between an airline stewardess and two pilots, one the flamboyant son of the owner of the airline and the other a buttoned-down Mr Steady (guess who gets the girl in the end?). Lots of footage of a Boeing 247, several minutes of the rare Pasped Skylark on the ground and doing mild aerobatics, and a brief sequence of a Ryan ST. (— John Law 1/17/02)
Wolves of the Air (Sterling 1927, silent) D: Francis Ford. Lois Boyd = Peggy Tanner, William ("Hoppy") Boyd = Jerry Tamer, Maurice Costello = Mr Wane, Johnny Walker = Bob Wane. Screenplay: Ford (as J Francis O'Fearna).
Woman I Love, The (RKO 1937, 85m) D: Anatole Litvak. Colin Clive = Capt Thelius, Louis Hayward = Lt Jean Herbillion, Miriam Hopkins = Helene Maury, Paul Muni = Lt Claude Maury. Aerials by Paul Mantz; most flying footage from 1935 French version, "L'Equipage." Also seen as The Woman Between.

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss Fledgling, Stearman C3R; also Hanriot HD-1 and Fokker D.7 from the French film.
Women in the Wind (Warner Bros 1939, 63m) D: John Farrow. Eve Arden = Kit Campbell, Kay Francis = Janet Steele, William Gargan = Ace Boreman, Victor Jory = Doc, Maxie Rosenbloom = Stuffy. Screenplay: Albert DeMond, Lee Katz. Thin, but entertaning, plot about the NAR Women's Air Derby. Lots of flying shots, in particular good close-ups of different private planes of the era around Burbank and Glendale's GCAT. Eddie Foy Jr in a minor role as a "Wrong-Way" Corrigan type; his patchwork Cessna is something else. Flying credits unknown.

AIRCRAFT: Arrow Sport, Beech E17B [NC18044], Cessna C-34, Ryan ST, Travel Air 16-B, many others.
Woman Who Dared, The SEE Ciel est à Vous, Le.
Won in the Clouds (Universal 1928, silent) D: Bruce Mitchell. Helen Foster = Grace James, Art Goebel = Sam Highflyer, Al Wilson = Art Blake. Frank Tomick, Roy Wilson, and Evan Unger in bit parts. Screenplay: Otis Turner. Diamond mine, African natives, lions, tigers, it plays like a Saturday serial with a paper-thin plot but a fair amount of flying action. Wilson demonstrates his prowess in wing-walking, car-to-plane transfers. Aerials by Goebel, Tomick, Unger, Al and Roy Wilson,

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss JN-4C.
Wright Brothers, The (Millenium Pictures (television) 1977) D: Greg Lachow. Antero Alli = Octave Chanute, John Holyoke = Augustus Herring, Kara McMahon = Katherine Wright, E B Molloy = Wilbur Wright, Megan Murphy = Orville Wright.
Wunder des Fliegens (Germany; Terra 1935, 80m) D: Heinz Paul. Käthe Haack, Jürgen Ohlsen, Ernst Udet. Screenplay: Peter Francke, Heinz Paul. USA title: Miracle of Flight (1935). Famous fighter ace and stunt pilot, Udet, meets the son of an old wartime friend and helps him to become a flyer. This was a needed propaganda film for the brand-new Luftwaffe and was sponsored by Hermann Göring. However, watching Udet fly through a hangar and under river bridges or soar over snowy mountains, its Nazi background is forgotten. Udet's last movie before joining the Luftwaffe is an absolute must for aviation movie buffs. (-- Christian Santoir 6/22/04)

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss Hawk II, Grunau 9, Klemm L.25cXI / Kl.32aXIV, Messerschmitt M.23b, Schleicher Rhönbussard, Schulgleiter SG.38, Udet U.12b Flamingo.
X-15 (United Artists 1961, 106m) D: Richard Donner. Charles Bronson = LtCol Lee Brandon, Brad Dexter, James Gregory, David McLean, Mary Tyler Moore, Lloyd Nolan. Narrator: James Stewart. Narrative of pilots testing the experimental spaceplane. Filmed in part at Edwards AFB CA.

AIRCRAFT: North American X-15.
Yank In Dutch, A SEE The Wife Takes a Flyer.
Yank in the RAF, A (Fox 1941, 98m) D: Henry King. Reginald Gardiner = Roger Pillby, Betty Grable = Carol Brown, Tyrone Power = Tim Baker, John Sutton = W/C Morley. Screenplay: Darrel Ware, Karl Tunberg, from a story by Darryl Zanuck. Aerials by Frank Clarke, Paul Mantz, Jerry Phillips. Filmed at Pt Mugu CA and studio back lot.

AIRCRAFT: Lockheed Hudson, Spitfire. Mockups of Spitfire, Me.109, Hudson; much model footage.

You Came Along (Paramount 1945, 103m) D: John Farrow. Robert Cummings =Maj Bob Collins, Don DeFore = "Shakespeare," Charles Drake = "Handsome," Lizbeth Scott = Ivy Hotchkiss. Screenplay: Ayn Rand. Clowning, womanizing Lockheed P-38 pilots travel the US on a war bond tour ith their guide, Scott (in her film debut).

AIRCRAFT: AT-6, B-17F, BT-13, C-47, C-45, P-38.
You Gotta Stay Happy (UI 1948, 100m) D: H C Potter. Eddie Albert = Bullets Baker, Joan Fontaine = Dee Dee Dillwood, Percy Kilbride = Mr Racknell, Willard Parker = Henry Benson, James Stewart = Marvin Payne, Roland Young = Ralph Tutwiler. Screenplay: Robert Carson (story), Karl Tunberg. So-so comedy about a runaway bride and a pilot who has a shoestring air freight business after WW2.

Young Eagles (Paramount 1930, 70m) D: William A Wellman. Charles "Buddy" Rogers = Lt Robert Banks, Paul Lukas = von Baden, Jean Arthur = Mary Gordon, Stuart Erwin = Pudge Higgins, Virginia Bruce = Florence Welford, James Finlayson = Scotty. Screenplay: Grover Jones, William S McNutt. Aerials by Dick Grace.

AIRCRAFT: SPAD 7, Fokker D-7, Travel Air 2000, Waco 10.
Young Eagles (serial; First Division 1934, 228m) D: Edward Lavier, Vin Moore. Bobby Cox = Bobby Ford, Carter Dixon = MacLean, Philo McCullough = Nicholas Condylos, Jim Vance = Jim Adams. Screenplay: Elizabeth Hayter. 12 chapters. Two Boy Scouts win a round-the-world trip with a crack aviator (Dixon), but crash-land in South American jungles after the ace forgets to refuel in Ecuador.
Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy (ABC tv 1977) D: Richard T Heffron. Darleen Carr = Kathleen Kennedy, Stephen Elliott = Joseph Kennedy Sr, Simon Oakland = Delaney, Barbara Parkins = Vanessa Hunt, Peter Strauss = Joseph Kennedy Jr. Bio of Joe Kennedy, who was killed in 1944 while flying a PB4Y-1 robot drone for the top-secret RAF Special Air Unit's project ANVIL.

Young Whirlwind (FBO 1928, silent) D: Louis King. Buzz Barton = David Hepner, Edmund Cobb = Jack, Frank Rice = Hank. Screenplay: Helen Grigg, Ethel Hill.
Zeppelin (Great Britain; Warner Bros 1971, 101m) D: Etienne Périer. Peter Carsten = Major Tauntler, Anton Diffring = Hirsch, Marius Goring = Prof Altschul, Andrew Keir = von Gorian, Elke Sommer = Erika Altschul, Michael York = Geoffrey Richter-Douglas. Screenplay: Donald Churchill, Arthur Rowe. 50-foot model of Zeppelin is impressive. Maltin review: "Colorful cast and atmosphere (including interesting special effects) click in entertaining story of German-born British aviator emotionally torn by duty and homeland in WW1."
Zeppelin (Norway; 1981) D: Lasse Glomm. Roy Hansen, Vibeke Lunquist, Silvia Myhre, Preben Skjonsberg.
Zeppelin Passou por Aqui, O (Brazil; 1993) D: Sérgio Silva. Nora Prado = Mariana, Werner Schünemann = Werner, Bira Valdez = Julio, Lila Vieira = Leda. Screenplay: Gustavo Fernández, Silva.
Zeppelin's Last Raid, The (Ince 1917, silent) D: Irvin Willat. Alfred Hickman = the commander, Enid Markey = the girl.
Zero Hour! (Paramount 1957, 81m) D: Hall Bartlett. Dana Andrews = Ted Stryker, Linda Darnell = Ellen Stryker, Sterling Hayden = Treleaven. Screenplay: Bartlett, John C Champion. Remade for tv as Terror in the Sky.
Zero Pilot (Japan; 1961) Toshio Masuda. Bio of Saburo Sakai.

AIRCRAFT: Mitsubishi A6M.
Ziel in den Wolken (Germany; Terra Film 1938, 100m) D: Wolfgang Liebeneiner. Brigitte Horney = Margot, Leny Marenbach = Tilde, Albert Matterstock = Walter von Suhr. Also as Goal in the Clouds (1939 USA). In 1909, a young German officer abandons all career plans and becomes a flyer and aircraft builder. Convinced that aviation is the arm of the future, he tries to get Army interest in it. This movie is a precursor of "Those Magnificient Men in Their Flying Machines" with less-innocent ulterior motives, and it ends with a large flypast of bombers and fighters. German pioneer Hans Grade plays himself and flies again with his Santos-Dumont Demoiselle-derived monoplane. (— Christian Santoir 6/22/04)

AIRCRAFT: Blériot XI, Farman II, Grade Eindecker, Wright B.
Zorro Rides Again (serial; Republic 1937) - Notable only for Chapter 5, in which the rare Alcor Olympic Duo-6 is used as a prop, with a model of it used for taxiing and a crash scene.
Zvezdy Na Kryljach (USSR "Winged Stars"; 1950). No data.