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Aviation Films - S

Sabre Jet (UA 1953, 90m) D: Louis King. Leon Ames = Col Eckert, Richard Arlen = Gen Robert Hale, Colleen Gray = Jane Carter, Robert Stack = Col Gil Manton. Screenplay: Katherine Albert, Dale Eunson. F-86s in Korea.

Seat of Their Pants, The (tv documentary; PBS 19??, 60m) Early aviation.
Secret of the Submarine (serial, American 1916, silent) D: George Sargent. Hugh Bennett, Harry Edmundson, Lamar Johnstone, George Webb. Reportedly has some aerial scenes; 15 chapters.
Secret Service of the Air (Warner Bros 1930, 61m) D: Noel Smith. Eddie Foy = Gabby Watters, John Litel = Jim Saxby, Ronald Reagan = Lt Brass Bancroft, James Stephenson = Jim Cameron. Screenplay: Raymond Schrock. First in a series of four films about the aerial Secret Service. Bancroft, a pilot, joins the Service and battles a smuggling ring.
Secrets of the Dead: Dogfight Over Guadalcanal (PBS tv documentary 2006, 60m) In mid-1942 an American and a Japanese ace fighter pilot met in a dramatic dogfight over Guadalcanal. Eventually the Japanese pilot shot down the American, who crashed behind enemy lines but escaped before being captured. Both pilots' memoirs and a forensic expedition to the recently-found American plane. Shadow Of the Eagle (serial; Mascot 1932, 218m) D: Ford Beebe, B Reeves Eason. Dorothy Gulliver = Jean Gregory, Edward Hearn = Col Nathan Gregory, John Wayne = Craig McCoy. Screenplay: Beebe. 12 episodes. The mysterious "Eagle" uses skywriting to make threats against a corporation. Hearn owns a traveling fairground and is thought to be the Eagle. Wayne is a pilot who goes looking for him when Hearn turns up missing. Filmed in part at Antelope Valley and Wilson Airport in the San Fernando Valley.
Shield Of Honor (Universal 1927, silent) D: Emory Johnson. Dorothy Gulliver = Gwen O'Day, Neil Hamilton = Jack McDowell, Ralph Lewis = Dan McDowell, Thelma Todd = Rose Fisher. Screenplay: Leigh Jacobson.
Ships With Wings (Great Britain; 1942, 103m (also 89m)) D: Sergei Nolbandov. Leslie Banks = Adm Wetherby, John Clements = Lt Dick Stacey, Michael Rennie = Lt Maxwell, Ann Todd = Kay Gordon, Michael Wilding = Lt Grant, Hugh Williams = Wagner. Screenplay: Patrick Kirwan, Austin Melford. Clements is dismissed from the Fleet Air Arm for lack of discipline. He joins the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal to go into battle in the Mediterranean and redeem himself.

AIRCRAFT: Fairey Fulmar, Salmson; many models.
Sikorsky, Igor (tv documentary; 19??, 60m) - No data.
Silent Flyer, The (serial; Universal 1926, silent) D: William James Craft. Malcolm McGregor = Lloyd Darrell/Bill Smith, Louise Lorraine, Anders Rudolph. Aerials by Al Wilson. Also as The Sky Skidder.
Silent Valley (Commodore 1935, 60m) D: Bernard B Ray. Al Bridge = Jim Farley, Tom Tyler = Tom Hall.

Sink the Bismark (Fox 1960, 97m) D: Lewis Gilbert. Carl Möhner = Capt Lindemann, Kenneth More = Capt Jonathan Shephard, Laurence Naismith = First Sea Lord, Karel Stepanek= Adm Günther Lutjens, Dana Wynter = Anne Davis. Screenplay: C S Forester, E H North. In May 1941, the German battleship Bismarck tried its first outing in the Atlantic by attacking convoys, and Churchill gave the order to sink it by any means. According to the scenario, the victory was attributed to Shephard, commanding the Home Fleet, but the role of aviation was pivotal in that effort. RAF Catalinas spotted and shadowed the ship. Fairey Swordfishes of carriers HMS Victorious and Ark Royal dealt it decisive blows. The Royal Navy had but to finish the job. Good views of the old "Stringbag" Swordfish shot on HMS Centaur, plus models and stock footages. (— Christian Santoir 6/21/06)

AIRCRAFT: PBY-5, Spitfires Mk I and XVI, Swordfish Mk.II.
633 Squadron (Great Britain; Mirisch/MGM 1964, 101m) D: Walter Grauman. Harry Andrews = Air Vice Marshal Davis, George Chakiris = Lt Erik Bergman, Michael Goodliffe = Sqn Ldr Frank Adams, Donald Houston = Group Capt Don Barrett, Maria Perschy = Hilde Bergman, Cliff Robertson = Wing Cdr Roy Grant. Screenplay: James Clavell, Howard Koch; based on novel by Frederick E Smith. An RAF squadron has enjoyed an string of successes, but their luck changes when ordered to take out a German V-2 rocket plant in Norway which is protected by mountains and heavy anti-aircraft defenses. Aerial director: John Crewdson. Also as Squadron 633.

AIRCRAFT: DH Mosquitos.
Skirts (Fox 1921, silent) D: Hamton Del Ruth. Billy Armstrong, Chester Conklin, Polly Moran, Slim Summerville. Screenplay: Roy Del Ruth. Comedy, with aerials by B H DeLay.
Sky Bandits (Monogram 1938 (released 1940), 62m) D: Ralph Staub. Eddie Featherstone = Buzz Murphy, James Newill = Sgt Renfrew, Dave O'Brian = Sgt Kelly. Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Police after a gang of crooks with an electrical "death ray" device. Incidental flying.
Sky Bandits (Great Britain; J&M 1986, 92m) D: Zoran Perisic. Miles Anderson = Bannock, Ronald Lacey = Fritz, Scott McGinnis = Barney, Jeff Osterhage = Luke. Screenplay: Thom Keyes. Jeff Hawke, aerials advisor. Maltin review: "McGinnis and Osterhage are a poor man's 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' in this dreary adventure of two Western buddies' aerial exploits during WWI. Touted as the most expensive ($18 million) independent British production ever, film is poorly cast and has nothing to offer but high-flying special effects." Also seen as Gun Bus (1986).

AIRCRAFT: Vickers Gun Bus.
Skybound (Puritan 1935) D: Raymond K Johnson. Lona Andrè = Teddy Blaine, Lloyd Hughes = Capt John Kent, Edward J Nugent = Doug Kent, Grant Withers = Chet Morley. Screenplay: C Edward Roberts.
Sky Bride, The (Paramount 1932, 78m) D: Stephen Roberts. Richard Arlen = Speed Condon, Virginia Bruce = Ruth Dunning, Jack Oakie = Alee Dugan, Charles Starrett = Jim Carmichael. Screenplay: Grover Jones, Roberts (as Bogart Roberts). Stunt pilot Leo Nomis was killed during filming. Filmed around San Fernando Valley.
Sky Commando (Columbia 1953, 69m) D: Fred F Sears. Michael Connors, Michael Fox, Dan Duryea, Frances Gifford.
Sky Devils (serial; 19??, silent) - No data.
Sky Devils (United Artists 1932, 89m) D: Edward Sutherland. Billy Bevan = the Colonel, William (NOT "Hopalong Cassidy") Boyd= Sgt Hogan, Walter Catlett, Ann Dvorak = Mary, Paul Fix, Spencer Tracy = Wilkie. Screenplay: Robert Benchley, Carroll Graham. Flying footage from "Hell's Angels" plus added footage. Aerials by Frank Clarke. Filmed in part at Metropolitan Airport, Van Nuys CA.
Sky Eye, The SEE The Great Air Robbery.
Sky Giant (RKO 1938, 80m) D: Lew Landers. Harry Carey Sr = Col Cornelius Stockton, Richard Dix = Stag Cahill, Joan Fontaine = Meg, Paul Guilfoyle = Ferguson, Vickie Lester = secretary, Chester Morris = Kenneth Stockton. Screenplay: Lionel Houser. At TWA school for young pilots, hard-boiled Carey gets airline captain Dix as his aide. Complications arise when Carey's son arrives for training and rivalry develops between Dix and Morris when they both fall for Fontaine. Last part turns into an Arctic survival tale — watch an Electra land on fresh snow in about 100 feet (OK, so it's a model). Filmed at Grand Central Air Terminal in Glendale CA.

AIRCRAFT: DC-3, Fairchild 24, Lockheed 12A, Northrop Gamma 2B, Ryan ST.
Sky Hawk, The (Fox 1929 or 1930, 67m, silent) D: John Blystone, Howard Hawks (reportedly). Billy Bevan = Tom Berry, Helen Chandler = Joan Allan, Gilbert Emery = Maj Nelson, John Garrick = Jack Bardell, Lennox Pawle = Lord Bardell. Screenplay: Campbell Gullan & Llewllyn Hughes. WW1 flying action includes Zeppelin raids on London. "English" airdrome set built in Arcadia CA.
Sky Heist (Warner Bros Television 1975, 90m) D: Lee H Katzin. Joseph Campanella = Capt Monty Ballard, Frank Gorshin = Ben Hardings, Don Meredith = Sgt Doug Trumbell, Stefanie Powers = Terry Hardings, Ken Swofford = Pat Connelly, Larry Wilcox = Jim Schiller. Screenplay: William F Nolan, Rick Rosner. Flying sequences by James Gavin. Husband and wife devise a plan to steal $10 million in gold using the hijacking of a police helicopter as a diversion.
Sky High (Fox 1922, 51m, silent) D: Lynn Reynolds. William Buckley, J Farrell MacDonald = Jim Halloway, Tom Mix = Grant Newburg, Eva Novak = Estelle Halloway. Screenplay: Reynolds. Western, with aerials by Dick Grace, Bud Creeth.
Sky High (Great Britain; 1951, 60m) D: Sam Newfield. Mara Lynn = Sally, Sid Melton = Herbert. Screenplay: Orville Hampton.
Sky High (Disney 1990, 52m) D: James Fargo, James Whitmore Jr. Damon Martin = Jim Lincoln, Anthony Rapp = Wes Hansen, James Whitmore = Gus Johnson. Screenplay: Ruben Gordon. Made for tv. Two farmboys (Martin and Rapp) inherit a vintage biplane and then learn to fly it from an eccentric ex-stunt pilot (Whitmore).
Sky High Saunders (Universal 1927, silent) D: Bruce Mitchell. Elsie Tarron = Helen Leland, Al Wilson = Mike Saunders. Screenplay: Gardner Bradford. Aerials by Wilson.
Sky Is Yours, The SEE Ciel est à Vous, Le.
Sky King (tv series; Jack Chertok 1951-54/Kling 1955, 30m) D: Jodie Copelan et al. Jim Bell = Chubby Johnson, Bob Carey = Mickey, Kirby Grant = Schuyler "Sky" King, Ron Hagerthy = Clipper King, Ewing Mitchell = Sheriff Mitch, Gloria Winters = Penny King. Teleplay: Dwight V Babcock et al. "From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes... Sky King!" was the familiar opening to tv's premier aviation program that evolved from a radio serial. Operating from his Flying Crown Ranch in Arizona, Sky King, his niece Penny and nephew Clipper, and ship Songbird were involved in countless adventures. Faithfully watched by youngsters in the '50s, the weekly half-hour program was responsible for inspiring many aviation careers. Aerial supervisor: Paul Mantz.

AIRCRAFT: Cessnas T-50/UC-78 [N67832] and 310B [N5348A].

TRIVIA: Grant, a licensed pilot since 1930, was killed in a car accident on 10/30/85, while on his way to Cape Canaveral to witness a launch of space shuttle 'Challenger'.
Sky Parade, The (Paramount 1936, 70m) D: Otto Lovering. Jimmie Allen = himself, Katherine DeMille = Geraldine Croft, William Gargan = Speed Robertson, Kent Taylor = Tom Wade. Screenplay: Arthur J Beckhard, Robert M Burtt. Film version of radio serial, "Adventures of Jimmie Allen."
Sky Patrol (serial; Monogram 1939) D: Howard Bretherton, George Waggner. Marjorie Reynolds = Betty Lou, Jason Robards Sr = Paul Smith, Milburn Stone = Skeeter Milligan, John Trent = "Tailspin Tommy" Tomkins. Screenplay: Paul Schofield, Norton S Parker, Waggner. Tailspin Tommy serial; also shortened as a feature, Mystery Plane.
Sky Pirate, The (Keystone 1914, silent) Directed by and starred Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, a comedy reported involving an airplane.
Sky Pirates (Australia; Lamond 1986, 86m) D: Colin Eggleston. John Hargreaves = Harris, Meredith Phillips = Melanie Mitchell, Max Phipps = Savage, Nigel Bradshaw = Spencer. Screenplay: John D Lamond. Aircraft goes through a time-warp, and Hargreaves and Phillips find themselves in a sort-of Bermuda triangle, 5,000 miles off course. Reviewer claim, "boring and confusing."
Sky Raider, The (Associated 1925, silent) D: T Hayes Hunter. Jacqueline Logan = Lucille Ward, Walter Miller = Paul Willard, Charles Nungesser = himself, Gladys Walton = Marie. Screenplay: Gerald C Duffy. Filmed at Roosevelt Field NY, but action is supposed to be WW1 France, loosely based on war ace Nungesser's exploits. Curtiss JN-4 camera plane.

AIRCRAFT: Hanriot HD-1, Nieuport 12, Thomas-Morse (as Germans).
Sky Raiders (Columbia 1931) D: Christy Cabanne. Madeline Day = Grace, Lloyd Hughes = Bob, Walter Miller = Kelley. Screenplay: Hervey Gates. Filmed at Grand Central Air Terminal in Glendale.
Sky Raiders (serial; Universal 1941, 228m) D: Ford Beebe, Ray Taylor. Robert Armstrong = Lt Ed Carey, Edward (Eduardo) Cianelli = Felix Lynx, Billy Halop = Tim Bryant, Donald Woods = Capt Bob Dayton/John Kane. Billed as "The most sensational sky-serial ever made," it helps to revert to being 12 years old again to fully enjoy a tale that stretches believability to the limit with its comic-book script. Unintentionally funny with model aircraft that fly like Dixie cups in a windstorm and change types at will, interior shots of room-size cabins, the apparent 10-minute flight from Glendale to NYC in an autogyro. Chief enjoyment for viewers is tallying errors and improbabilities in the 12 chapters (bring lots of paper!) Filmed at Grand Central Air Terminal and Burbank's United Airport. Our DVD copy possibly had some scenes clipped out because there are several puzzling breaks in the continuity. (— K O Eckland 12/27/05)

AIRCRAFT: DC-3, Fairchild 24, Phillips Aeroneer, autogyros; lots of models.
Sky Ranger, The (serial; Pathè 1921, silent) D: George B Seitz. June Caprice, Joe Cuny, Frank Redman, George B Seitz. 15 chapters.
Sky Skidder, The SEE Silent Flyer, The
Sky Spider, The (Action Pictures 1931, 69m) D: Richard Thorpe. Pat O'Malley = Jim Morgan, John Trent = Buddy Morgan, Glen Tryon = Glenn Morgan. Screenplay: Grace Norton. Air Mail robbery plot is thin, predictable, but with some interesting period air shots.
Sky's the Limit, The (1925, 50m, silent) D: Harry L Fraser, I W Irving. Jack Geddings = Richard Hamilton, Bruce Gordon = Robert Bronson, Alphonse Martell = Pietro Costello, Jane Starr = Sonia Kosloff. Screenplay: Irving. Some good flying sequences in a tale about air mail pilots and robbers.
Skyward (1980, 100m) D: Ron Howard. Bette Davis = Billie Dupree, Clu Galager, Suzy Gilstrap = Julie Ward, Howard Hesseman = Coop.Nancy Sackett, from a story by Anson Williams. Made for tv. Young wheelchair-bound girl learns to fly. Pleasant story, excellent flying footage.

AIRCRAFT: Christen Eagle, PT-13, sailplanes.
Skywayman, The (Fox 1920, silent) D: James P Hogan. Ormer Locklear, Louise Lovely. Screenplay: Jules Furthman. Locklear and Milton Elliott were killed filming final flight sequence at night when Locklear became blinded by searchlights and flew into the ground — the footage was left in the movie.

Slattery's Hurricane (Fox 1949, 67m) D: Andre de Toth. Linda Darnell = Aggie Hobson, Veronica Lake = Dolores Greaves, Gary Merrill = Cmdr Kramer, John Russell = Lt Hobson, Richard Widmark = Will Slattery. Screenplay: Richard Murphy, Herman Wouk. Some flying, but mostly Grumman Mallard. WW2 hero Slattery pilots a seaplane for a Florida businessman and, when an hurricane approaches Florida, he takes the place of his friend, a Weather Bureau pilot too drunk for piloting, and flies into the eye of the hurricane to track its path. (— Christian Santoir 6/21/06)

AIRCRAFT: DC-6, Grumman G-73, P4Y-2G Privateer.
Smithy (Australia; 1946, 118m) D: Ken G Hall. John Dease = Sir Hubert Wilkins, Alec Kellaway = Captain G Allan Hancock, Joy Nichols = Kay Sutton, Ron Randell = Charles Kingsford-Smith, Muriel Steinbeck = Lady M. Kingsford Smith, John Tate = Charles Ulm, Nan Taylor = Nan Kingsford-Smith. Screenplay: Max Afford, John Chandler, Alec Coppel. USA title: Pacific Adventure (95m); Great Britain title: Southern Cross.
Snowed In (serial, Pathè 1926, silent) D: Spencer Gordon Bennett. Frank Austin, Tom London, Walter Miller, Allene Ray. Screenplay: Frank Leon Smith. 10 episodes, about air mail pilots. Filmed at McCall ID.
Soaring Passion, The (Japan; 1941) - No data.
Soldiers Of the Storm (Columbia 1933) D: Ross Lederman. Robert Ellis = Moran, Anita Page = Natalie, Regis Toomey = Brad Allerton. Screenplay: Charles R Condon, Horace McCoy. Border Patrol pilot and smugglers. Aerials by Frank Clarke. Filmed around San Fernando Valley, Wilson Airport.

AIRCRAFT: Travel Air Speedwing.
Sole Survivor (1969, 100m) D: Paul Stanley. Richard Basehart = BrigGen Russell Hamner, Vince Edwards = Maj Michael Devlin, William Shatner = LtCol Josef Gronke. Screenplay: Guerdon Trueblood. Made for tv. Fantasy about a wartime wreck in the Sahara revisited by its only survivor. Based on a true incident involving a B-24 in Libya.

Solo (Australia; 1978, 96m) D: Tony Williams. Perry Armstrong, Vincent Gil, Lisa Peers, Martyn Sanderson. Screenplay: Sanderson and Williams.
S.O.S. Eisberg (Germany; Deutsche Universal 1933, 101m (>90m)) D: Arnold Fanck. Gustav Diessl = Dr Karl Lorenz, Leni Riefenstahl = Hella Lorenz, Sepp Rist = Dr Johannes Krafft, Ernst Udet = himself. Screenplay: Arnold Fanck, Edwin H Knopf. When Lorenz's expedition is lost in northern Greenland, his wife conducts an airborne search with the help of popular flyer Udet. Filmed on location, Udet demonstrates his skill as aerial showman in ditching a plane in icy water and crashing another on a massive iceberg. Riefenstahl's final film as an actress before becoming a director. (— Christian Santoir 7/7/04)

AIRCRAFT: DH.60, Junkers A.20, Klemm VL.26bV, Messerschmitt M.23bW, Udet U.12 Flamingo.
S.O.S. Iceberg (Universal 1933, 77m) D: Arnold Fanck, Tay Garnett. US version of the previous with Rod La Rocque replacing Diessl (who was moved to a supporting role) as an Anglicized Dr Carl Lawrence and Gibson Gowland added as John Dragan, Sepp Rist renamed as Dr Johannes Brand. Riefenstahl recreated her role speaking English as Ellen Lawrence. Udet's flying footage mercifully was retained. Produced by Carl Laemmle.
Southern Cross SEE Smithy
South Seas Bouquet (Japan; 1942) - No data.
Space Cowboys (2000) - A brief segment early in the film with Steve Hinton stunting a Stearman and some spectacular camera work.
Speed Girl, The (Paramount 192?, silent) D: Maurice Campbell. Bebe Daniels = Betty Lee, Walter Hiers = Soapy Taylor, Theodore von Eltz = Tom Manley. Screenplay: Douglas Doty.
Speed Wings (Columbia 1934) D: Otto Brower. Billy Blakewell = Jerry, Evelyn Knapp = Mary, Tim McCoy = Tim, Vincent Sherman = Mickey. Screenplay: Horace McCoy. Air racing, with aerials by Frank Clarke, Garland Lincoln, Tim McCoy, Frank Tomick. Filmed at Van Nuys CA. Also as Speedwings.
Spies of the Air (Great Britain; 1940, 62m) D: David MacDonald. Edward Ashley = Stuart, Barry Barnes = Jim Thurloe, Roger Livesey = Houghton, Basil Redford = Madison. Screenplay: Bridget Boland, A R Rawlinson. Set just before the outbreak of WW2, this story about a test pilot who worked for an unnamed enemy was filmed in 1939. By the time it was released in 1940, war had been declared.
Spirit of St Louis (Warner Bros 1957, 138m) D: Billy Wilder. Marc Connelly = Father Hussman, Murray Hamilton = Bud Gurney, Bartlett Robinson = B F Mahoney, James Stewart = Charles Lindbergh. Screenplay: Wendell Mayes, Wilder. Aerials by Stan Reaver, Paul Mantz. A classic film, long but compelling. Filmed in part at Santa Maria CA.

AIRCRAFT: JN-4, replica Ryan M-1, Standard J-1.
Spitfire (Great Britain; 1942, 117m) D: Leslie Howard. Roland Culver, Leslie Howard = Reginald J Mitchell, Rosamund John = Mrs Mitchell, David Niven = Crisp. Excellent bio of Spitfire designer Mitchell. GB title: First of the Few

AIRCRAFT: Spitfire, Supermarines S-5 and S-6.
Squadron Leader X (Great Britain; RKO 1943) D: Lance Comfort. Ann Dvorak = Barbara Lucas, Carl Jaffe = Luftwaffe Colonel, Barry Jones = Bruce Fenwick, David Peel = Michael Bertholt, Eric Portman = Erich Kohler. Screenplay: Miles Malleson, Emeric Pressburger. German spy in the RAF.
Squadron of Doom Feature-length (69m) version of Ace Drummond serial.
Squadron of Honor (Columbia-Treo 1938, 65m) D: Charles C Coleman. Thurston Hall = Metcalf, Mary Russell = Eve, Don Terry = Blaine. Screenplay: Martin Mooney, Michael L Simmons. Also as Clipped Wings.
Squadrons SEE Body and Soul
Squadron 633 SEE 633 Squadron
Stairway To Heaven (Great Britain; 1945, 104m) D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger. Robert Coote = Bob Trubshaw, Kim Hunter = June, Marius Goring = Conductor 71, Roger Livesey = Dr Frank Reeves, Raymond Massey = Abraham Farlan, David Niven = Peter D Carter. Screenplay: Powell and Pressburger. Not a flying picture as such, but involves a RAF bomber pilot Niven accidentally placed before a heavenly court. Excellent story and acting. GB title: A Matter of Life and Death.
Stern von Afrika, Der (West Germany; Ariel Film 1957, 100m) D: Alfred Weidenmann. Hansjörg Felmy = Robert Franke, Horst Frank = Albin Droste, Joachim Hansen = Hans-Joachim Marseille, Marianne Koch = Brigitte. Screenplay : Herbert Reinecker, Udo Wolter. Awarded the highest honors, Marseille shot down 158 planes (17 in one day!) between 1940 and 1942, mostly in Libya. Nazi propaganda made him the "Star of Africa" and a living legend who died at 23 in an accident when bailing out of a burning plane. Typically '50s style, the movie is mediocre with inappropriate music, but lots of flying, albeit with technically poor realization. Of particular interest is the rare Spanish HA.1112K Jota (Bf.109G assembled by Hispano Aviacion and powered by a French Hispano-Suiza). Banned in Germany for a time. (— Christian Santoir 6/3/04)

AIRCRAFT: Boeing B-17G, Fi.156 Storch, Fw.44 Stieglitz, HA.1112 K.1L, Ju.87B.
Storm From the Sea (Japan; 1961) - No data.
Storm Over Bengal (Republic 1938) D: Sidney Salkow. Richard Cromwell = Neil Allison, Douglass Dumbrille = Khan, Rochelle Hudson = Joan, Patrick Knowles = Jeffrey Allison. Screenplay: Garrett Fort. B-film about a British pilot in India. AA Nomination 1939 for Best Music: Cy Feuer.
Storm Over the Andes (Universal 1935) D: Christy Cabanne. Mona Barrie = Theresa, Jack Holt = Bob Kent, Gene Lockhart = Cracker, Antonio Moreno = Tovar. Screenplay: Albert DeMond, Frank Wead. Aerials by Frank Clarke, Chubby Gordon, Garland Lincoln. Filmed at Van Nuys CA.

AIRCRAFT: Garland Lincoln LF-1, Stearman J-6, Waco.
Stürm über dem Mont Blanc (Germany; Afa Film 1930, 73m) D. Arnold Fanck. Friedrich Kayssler = Armstrong, Leni Riefenstahl = Hella Armstrong, Sepp Rist = Hannes, Ernst Udet = himself, Mathias Wieman = Walter Petersen. Screenplay: Arnold Fanck. USA title: Avalanche (1932), Storm Over Mont Blanc (1930). In the Mont Blanc observatory, Hannes' only contact with the outside world by radio is pilot Udet and Armstrong, who come to his aid when he is endangered by freezing. The film shows Udet landing on the mountain's glacier, quite a real feat at the time! (— Christian Santoir 7/7/04)

AIRCRAFT: Klemm L.25.
Stranger Than Fiction (MacDonald 1921, silent) D: J A Barry. Wesley Barry = Freckles, Katherine MacDonald = Diane Drexel, Dave Winter = Dick Mason. Screenplay: Albert S Le Vino. Aerials by Frank Clarke. Filmed at Chaplin Field and around LA; featured a take-off from building roof at 11th and Broadway.

Strategic Air Command (Paramount 1955, 114m) D: Anthony Mann. June Allyson = Sally Holland, Frank Lovejoy = Gen Ennis Hawkes, James Stewart = LtCol Robert Holland, Barry Sullivan = LtCol Rocky Sanford. Screenplay: Valentine Davies, Beirne Lay Jr

Steve Canyon (tv series; 1958-60) D: ---. Ted de Corsia = Police Chief Hagedorn, Abel Fernandez = Airman Abel Featherstone, Dean Fredericks = LtCol Stevenson Canyon, Ingrid Goude = Ingrid, Jerry Paris = Maj Willie Williston. Episode guest apprearances: Mary Tyler Moore, Jay Novello. Based on a popular newspaper comic strip by Milton Caniff. Filmed in part at Edwards AFB CA.
Stukas (Germany; UFA 1940, 85m) D: Karl Ritter. Carl Raddatz = Cdr Heinz Bork, Albert Hehn = Lt Hesse, Hannes Stelzer = Capt Hans Wilde, O E Hasse = Dr Gregorius, Lutz Götz = Niederegger. Screenplay: Felix Lützkendorf. The story of a dive-bomber squadron during the Battle of France in May-June 1940 shows the Ju.87 spreading terror and destruction — the Stuka was developed on the instigation of German ace, Ernst Udet, who had attended Al Williams' dive-bombing demonstrations in the US. Another Ritter propaganda movie in which war is a sport, the German army is invincible, and young pilots are happy to give their life for the Fatherland. (— Christian Santoir 4/20/04)
AIRCRAFT: Bf.109D, Ju.87B-1/-2, Ju.52, Spitfire Mk II.
Stunt Pilot (Monogram 1939, 62m) D: George Waggner. Wesley Barry = Glen, Marjorie Reynolds = Betty Lou, Jason Robards Sr = Paul Smith, Milburn Stone = Skeeter Milligan, John Trent = 'Tailspin' Tommy Tompkins. Screenplay: Scott Darling, Waggner. Tailspin Tommy adventure, most likely a composite from the serials. Some flying footage from "Hell's Angels" and "Men With WIngs."

AIRCRAFT: Fleet 7.
Suicide Legion SEE Sunset in Vienna.
Suicide Squadron SEE Dangerous Moonlight.
Sundown (United Artists 1941, 90m) D: Henry Hathaway. Bruce Cabot = Capt Bill Crawford, Harry Carey Sr = Dewey, Reginald Gardiner = Lt Turnery, George Sanders = Maj Coombes, Gene Tierney = Zia. Screenplay: Charles G Booth. Minor aerial footage. AA nominations for Best Cinematography (Charles Lang), Music (Miklós Rózsa), Art Direction (Alexander Golitzen, Richard Irvine).

AIRCRAFT: Stinson A tri-motor.
Sunset in Vienna (Great Britain; Film Alliance 1937, 54m) D: Norman Walker. Tullio Carminati = Toni, John Garrick = Adolph, Geraldine Hislop = Wanda, Lilli Palmer = Gelda. USA title: Suicide Legion.

AIRCRAFT: Sopwith Camel.
Sur le Plancher des Vaches (France, lit: "On Terra Firma"; Badalo Films 1940, 80m) D: Pierre-Jean Ducis. Pauline Carton = Mme Noblesse, Taymond Cordy = Maurice, Noël-Noël = Jean Durand, Betty Stockfeld = Jeanne Couret. Screenplay: Noël-Noël. A timid bank clerk is secretly in love with a famous female flyer. One day he wins an airplane in a lottery and, despite his fright, he learns to fly in order to seduce her. This film featuring the popular comedian Noël-Noël provides an opportunity to see several lightplanes used by the French aero clubs in the late '30s. (— Christian Santoir 2/10/05)

AIRCRAFT: Morane-Saulniers MS.315/341 and MS.60; Caudrons Aiglon, Luciole, and Phalène; Percival Vega Gull; Potez 60; Wibault 282T; Zlin XII.
Suzy (MGM 1936, 99m (some releases at 95m)) D: George Fitzmaurice. Cary Grant = Andrè, Jean Harlow = Suzy, Benita Hume, Lewis Stone = Baron, Franchot Tone = Terry Moore. Screenplay: Herbert Gorman, Dorothy Parker. Aerials by Paul Mantz, plus footage from "Hell's Angels." Filmed in Triunfo Canyon at Thousand Oaks CA.

AIRCRAFT: Earl Populaire, SE5a, Thomas-Morse S4C.