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Aviation Films - H

Hanover Street (Columbia 1979, 109m) D: Peter Hyams. Harrison Ford = David Halloran, Lesley-Anne Down = Margaret Sellinger, Christopher Plummer= Paul Sellinger, Alec McCowen = Major Trumbo, Richard Masur = Lt Jerry Cimino, Michael Sacks = Lt Martin Hyer. Screenplay: Peter Hyams. Down is a nurse in WW2 England and married to a secret agent. Things get complicated when she falls for Ford, an American pilot. Slick but contrived and unconvincing, and aerials take a back seat.


Hard Boiled Haggarty (First National 1927, 80m, silent) D: Charles Brabin. Milton Sills = Haggarty, Molly O'Day = Germaine Benoit, Arthur Stone = Klaxon. Screenplay: Carey Wilson, from a story by author and WW1 pilot Elliott White Springs. Brief flying scenes at first of film.

AIRCRAFT: Thomas-Morse S4C.
Half a World Away SEE The Great Air Race
Heartbreak (Fox 1931, 63m) D: Alfred Werker. Charles Farrell = John Merrick, Paul Cavanaugh = Capt Wolke, John Arledge = Jerry Sommers, Madge Evans = Countess Vima Walden. Brief but excellent flying scenes by Frank Tomick, Garland Lincoln.

AIRCRAFT: Nieuport 28, Travel Air 4000.
Hell Divers (MGM 1932, 113m) D: George Roy Hill. Wallace Beery = Windy, Clark Gable = Steve, Conrad Nagel = Duke, Dorothy Jordan = Ann, Cliff Edwards = Baldy. Screenplay: Harvey Gates, Malcolm Boylan from a story by Frank Wead. Filmed in San Diego, Panama, aboard USS Saratoga.Aerials by USN pilots. Generally excellent aerial footage somewhat offset by crude model action. Ending shot is ludicrous.

AIRCRAFT: Curtiss F8C-4 Helldiver; Great Lakes TG-1; Martin T4M-1; dirigible Los Angeles.
Hell In the Heavens (Fox 1933, 79m) D: John G Blystone. Warner Baxter = Lt Steve Warner, Andy Devine = Sgt Ham Davis, Russell Hardie = Lt Hartley, Conchita Montenegro = Aimee. Screenplay: Byron Morgan, Edwin C Parsons (Ted Parsons). Filmed at Triunfo Canyon, LA, plus some flying footage from "Hell's Angels." Aerials by Howard Batt, Earl Gordon, Garland Lincoln, Frank Tomick, Jack Rand—the last three had uncredited bit roles,as well.

AIRCRAFT: Travel Air 2000, Waco F, Nieuport 18, Garland Lincoln LF-1.

Hell's Angels (Caddo-UA 1930, 135m (some at 127m)) D: Howard Hughes. John Darrow = Karl Armstedt, James Hall = Roy Rutledge, Jean Harlow (replacing Greta Nissen) = Helen, Ben Lyon = Monty Rutledge, Roy Wilson = Baldy. Screenplay: Joseph Moncure Marsh, Marshall Neilan. Aerials by Frank Tomick (also bit role as "von Bruen"), Leo Nomis, Roy Wilson, Frank Clarke et al. AA nomination for Best Cinematography (Tony Gaudio, Harry Perry) 1931. Filmed at San Fernando Valley, Santa Cruz, Oakland. Maltin review: "Hughes' expensive, indulgent WW1 aviation film is in a class by itself; slow-moving and sometimes corny storywise, but unmatched for aerial spectacle. Also the film that launched Harlow to stardom. Two-color Technicolor party scene and tinted night sequences were restored in 1989. James Whale, credited as dialogue director, actually wrote and directed much of the film. Beware of shorter prints."

AIRCRAFT: Fokker D.7, SE5a, Sikorsky S-29A, Thomas-Morse S5C, JN-4 as Avro 504K, T/A 2000/4000.
Her Aviator (1918, silent) D: unknown. Arthur Chatterdon = Arthur Dore, Pearl Lewis = Edith Vandiwert.
Here Come the Jets (Fox 1959, 72m) D: Gene Fowler Jr. Steve Brody, Lyn Young, Mark Dana, Jean Carson, Carleton Young.
Here Comes the Navy (Warner Bros 1934, 86m) D: Lloyd Bacon. James Cagney = Chester J O'Conner, Pat O'Brien = Biff Martin, Gloria Stuart, Frank McHugh, Dorothy Tree. Screenplay: Earl Baldwin. A cocky guy joins the Navy for the wrong reason, but finds romance and twice is cited for heroism. Mostly sea operations but has some memorable footage of dirigible USS Macon toward the end.
Hèreos del Air (Spain "Heroes of the Air"; Seuvia Films-Gonzalez 1957, 96m) D: Ramón Torrado. Javier Armet = pilot, Francisco Bernal = Aznar, Mario Berriatúa = Guzman. Screenplay: H S Valdés.
He We Go Again (1942) - Radio's popular Fibber McGee & Molly comedy filmed with ventriloquist Edgar Bergen has minor scenes of Fairchild 24 with added model work (reportedly Bergen, a licensed pilot, did the flying scenes himself much to the anguish of the studio heads).
Hero For a Night (Universal 1927, 60m, silent) D: William J Craft. Glen Tryon = Hiram Hastings, Burr McIntosh = Sam Sloan, Patsy Ruth Miller = Mary Sloan. Screenplay: Albert DeMond, Harry O Hoyt. Romantic adventure comedy has some undefined flying action in it, but its alternate title, Paris or Bust, hints it might have some Lindbergh-flight type of plot.
High and the Mighty, The (Warner Bros 1954, 147m) D: William A Wellman. John Wayne = Dan Roman, Claire Trevor = May Holst, Robert Stack = Sullivan, Laraine Day = Lydia Rice, Jan Sterling = Sally McKee, Phil Harris = Ed Joseph, Robert Newton = Pardee. Screenplay: Ernest K Gann. AA Oscar for Best Music (Dmitri Tiomkin), nominations for Best Director (Wellman), Best Supporting Actress (Sterling, Trevor), Best Film Editing (Ralph Dawson) 1955; Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress (Sterling) 1955. Maltin review: "Granddaddy of all the airborne disaster films, and more fun than most of them put together: a 'Grand Hotel' cast of characters boards a flight from Hawaii to the mainland, little dreaming of the trouble in store. Corny and predictable but great fun, bolstered by Dimitri Tiomkin's Oscar-winning music." CinemaScope.
High Barbaree (MGM 1947, 91m) D: Jack Conway. Van Johnson = Alec Brooke, June Allyson = Nancy Fraser, Thomas Mitchell = Capt Thad Vail, Marilyn Maxwell = Diana Case. Screenplay: Anne Chapin et al from a story by Charles Nordhoff, James Hall.

AIRCRAFT: PBY, Ryan ST in minor roles.
Higher Ground (?? 1988, 96m) D: Robert Day. Paul Batten = Leidecker, Alex Bruhanski = Donoso, Gary Chalk = Capt Jenkins, Garry Davey = Steve Healy, John Denver = Jim Clayton, Brandon Marsh = Tommy, Richard Masur = McClain. Screenplay: Michael Eric Stein. A retired FBI agent takes on the job of pilot for a friend's Alaskan air charter service and discovers a drug smuggling operation.
High Flight (Great Britain; 1956, 89m) D: John Gilling. Ray Milland = Wing Cmdr Rudge, Bernard Lee = Sgt Harris,, Anthony Newley = Roger Endicott. Screenplay: Jack Davies, Ken Hughes. Few flying scenes. Maltin review: "Stale British drama of recruits in training for the RAF — not as good as Milland's 'I Wanted Wings.' Last reel, in the air, only exciting part." CinemaScope.
High Flyer, The (Rayart-Brown 1926, silent) D: Harry Joe Brown. James Bradbury = Dick Reed, Ray Hallor = Tom, Howes = Jim, Etrhel Shannon = Winnie.
High Flyers (RKO 1938, 70m) D: Edward F Cline. Bert Wheeler = Jerry Lane, Bob Woolsey = Pierre Potkin, Lupe Velez = Juanita Morales, Jack Carson = Dave Hanlon, Margaret Dumont = Martha Arlington. Screenplay: Bert Granet, Byron Morgan, Benny Rubin. Sikorsky S-39B plus studio mock-up and model. Flying in first scenes only, by Paul Mantz (uncredited) in his S-39 [NC55V] that he used at the 1939 SF World's Fair for some 7,000 sightseeing flights.
High Road to China (Warner 1983, 105m) D: Brian Hutton. Tom Sellick = O'Malley, Bess Armstrong = Eve, Jack Weston = Struts, Wilford Brimley = Bradley Tozer, Robert Morley = Bentik. Screenplay: Jon Cleary, S Lee Pogostin. A pilot is saddled with a spoiled industrialist's daughter on a search for her missing father through Asia that eventually involves them in a struggle against a Chinese warlord. Maltin review: "Low road to escapism, with Selleck (in his first starring feature) as a boozy ex-WW1 aerial ace hired by heiress Armstrong to find her father. Strictly mediocre, with substandard action scenes and the flattest dialogue this side of the Great Wall."

AIRCRAFT: Stampe, DH Tiger Moth.
Himmelhunden (Germany "Sky Dogs"; 1942) D: Roger von Norman. Albert Florath, Lutz Götz, Erna Heidersdorf, Malte Jäger, Klaus Pohl. Screenplay: P Lothar Mayring.
Hindenburg, The (tv documentary; Graystone 1996) Narr: Rip Torn. History of LTA transportation culminating in the Hindenburg disaster.
Hindenburg, The (Universal 1975, 125m) D: Robert Wise. George C Scott = Col Franz Ritter, Anne Bancroft = Countess Ursula, William Atherton = Boerth, Gig Young = Edward Douglas, Burgess Meredith = Emilio Pajetta. Screenplay: Nelson Gidding from a story by Michael Mooney. AA Oscar for Best Visual Effects (Glen Robinson, Albert Whitlock); nominations for Best Cinematography (Robert Surtees), Best Art Direction (E C Caragno, Frank McKelvy), Best sound (John A Bolger Jr, et al). Maltin review: "Intriguing premise, that 1937 airship disaster was an act of sabotage, undermined by silly Grand Hotel-type characters and unexciting denouement combining original newsreel footage and newly-shot material. Five minutes were added to film for network showing."
Historia Jednego Mysliwca (Poland "Story of a Fighter Squadron"; 1958)
History of Air Combat, The (Great Britain tv documentary; BBC 1997, 60m). Historical series with WW2 film footage. D: Roger Ulanoff.
Hollywood Cowboy (RKO 1937, 60m) D: Ewing Scott. William Royle = Klinker, Walter De Palma = Rolfe Metzger, George O'Brien = Jeff Carson, Cecilia Parker = Joyce Butler. Screenplay: Daniel Ewing, Scott. Gangsters move West to muscle in on ranchers and a vacationing movie cowboy must pretend he's the real deal. Western with some flying shots, also titled Wings Over Wyoming.
Horizons Sans Fin (France "Endless Horizons"; 1953, 104m) D: Jean Dréville. Gisele Pascal = Hèléne Boucher, Jean Chevrier = André Danet, Paul Frankeur = Soupape, René Blancard = René Gaudin, Maurice Ronet = Marc Caussade. Screenplay: Raymond Caillava. The promising but short (3 years) career of French aviatrix Boucher, who broke seven world speed records, then killed herself in 1934 during a training flight. We don't get to see her record planes, Caudron 430 and 460, but a non-flying Caudron which is likely the surviving 366 Atalante, with a modified canopy, now in the Paris Air & Space Museum. (-- Christian Santoir 8/3/04)

AIRCRAFT: Adam RA.15; Caudrons 366 Atalante(?), Phalène, Luciole, and Aiglon; M-S 230; DH Tiger Moth; Salmson CriCri Major.
Hot Shots! (Fox 1991, 84m) D: Jim Abrahams. Charlie Sheen = Topper, Cary Elwes = Kent Gregory, Valerie Golino = Ramada Thompson, Lloyd Bridges = Adm Benson, William O'Leard = Pete Thompson. Screenplay: Abrahams, Pat Proft. Comedy about USN jet jockeys. Maltin review: "Sheen plays a pilot trying to overcome his father's disastrous reputation in the cockpit in this zany, often hilarious takeoff on 'flyboy' movies from 'Only Angels Have Wings' to 'Top Gun.' Surprisingly high quotient of successful gags, including sendups of movies ranging from 'Dances With Wolves' to 'Rocky,' help this comedy soar at times. Bridges is a riot as an admiral with a loose propeller. Followed by a sequel, 'Hot Shots! Part Deux.'"
House Across the Bay, The (United Artists 1940, 88m) - While just barely an aviation movie by virtue of having George Raft cast as an aircraft designer, it does have the rare Phillips Aeroneer in some brief shots, as well as Paul Mantz credited as "stunt pilot."
How to Fly ... (various FMPU instructionals, 1942-44):

B-17 Part 1, Ground Operations; USAAF Training Film 181 (Arthur Kennedy as Instructor) (22m).

B-17 Part 2, Flight Operations; USAAF Training Film 1-3394 (Arthur Kennedy as Instructor, James Seay).

B-17 Part 3, Emergency Operations; USAAF Training Film 1-3395.

B-24D (58m).

B-25 (21m).

B-26 Stars Don Porter, Craig Stevens, Frank Wilcox (47m).

P-47: Ground Handling, Take Off, Normal Flight; USAAF Training Film 107B (25m). This and the following two parts are seen in a one-piece commercial video.

P-47: High-Altitude Flight, Aerobatics; USAAF Training Film 107C (21m).

P-47: Pilot Familiarization; USAAF Training Film 107A (24m).

Production sources: Boeing Aircraft Co, Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corp, Jam Handy, Republic Aviation Corp, USAAF Special Film Unit (FMPU). These, as well as other titles being added, are available as videotapes from various commercial sources.
Hughes Flying Boat, The (documentary; Blackhawk Films 1980, 11m)
Hunters, The (Fox 1958, 105m) D: Dick Powell. Maj Britt = Kristina Abbott, Richard Egan = Col Dutch Imil, John Gabriel = Lt Corona, Robert Mitchum = Maj Steve Saville, Robert Wagner = Lt Ed Pell. Korean War, light on flight. Maltin review: "Veteran pilot falls for wife of younger flyer, who crashes behind enemy lines. Fair of its type." CinemaScope.

AIRCRAFT: F-86; F-84 as MiG.