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Aviation Films - I J

Im Pokorijajetsia Njebo (USSR "Masters of the Sky"; 1963). No data found.

Indiana Jones SEE Raiders of the Lost Ark
International Squadron (Warner Bros-First National 1941, 87m) D: Lothar Mandes. Julie Bishop = Mary, Cliff Edwards = Omaha McGrath, William Lundigan = Roger Wilkins, Ronald Reagan = Jimmy Grant, John Ridgley = Bill Torrance, James Stephenson = Charles Wyatt. Screenplay: Barry Trivers, Ken Gamet from a story by Frank Wead. Aerials by Paul Mantz, Howard Batt, Jerry Phillips. Filmed at Alhambra, Van Nuys CA. Maltin review: "Air Force straightens out no-account Reagan and turns him into fighting ace. Standard war story, a remake of 'Ceiling Zero.'"

AIRCRAFT: Boeing 100, Brown B-3, Lockheed Hudson, Ryan ST, Travel Air Mystery.

Iron Eagle (1986, 119m) D: Sidney J Furie. Jason Gedrick, Louis Gossett Jr, David Sachet, Tim Thomerson, Larry Scott. Maltin review: "Dum-dum comic-book movie about an 18-year-old who commandeers an F-16 fighter jet and flies to the Middle East (playing rock music on his Walkman all the way) in order to save his dad, who's been taken prisoner. Full of jingoistic ideals, dubious ethics, and people who die and miraculously come back to life. Not boring, just stupid." Followed by three weak sequels: Iron Eagle II (1988), Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992), Iron Eagle IV (1995).

Trivia: (1) The cockpit and controls of an F-16 are nothing like those shown. (2) In the opening scenes the F-16s keep switching from single-seat fighters to two-seat trainers, they keep losing their wing fuel tanks, and keep switching type of weapons. (3) Mac is adjusting the Cessna 150 carburetor through the top access hatch, when it is only accessible from underneath. (4) In the final shots of the motorcycle-vs-Cessna race, the plane's flaps are clearly down at least 20 degrees — it's deliberately slowed to avoid overtaking the motorcycle. (5) MiGs flown by the enemy are Israeli Kfir fighters. (6) When Doug lands after dropping the "Hades" bomb, it can still be seen hanging under his aircraft. (7) The brief aerial view of the oil refinery is actually a sewage plant.
Island in the Sky (Warner Bros 1953, 109m) D: William Wellman. James Arness = McMullen, Andy Devine = Moon, Lloyd Nolan, John Wayne = Capt Dooley. Greenland crash survivors. Clichéd survival story of a downed transport plane and its crew under the staunch leadership of Wayne, set in WW2. Maltin says: "Unconvincing and talky most of the way;" however, some very nice C-47 action.
Isle of Destiny (RKO 1940, 95m) D: Elmer Clifton. Katherine DeMille = Inda, Wallace Ford = Milly Barnes, William Gargan = Stripes Thornton, Etienne Girardot = Doc Spriggs, June Lang = Virginia Allertob, Gilbert Roland = Barton. Screenplay: Allan Vaughan Elston. On a global flight, an aviatrix stops over at Palo Pango island in the Pacific, where she is kidnapped by a gun smuggler who wants use her plane for his racket. A sort of Earhart story where the villains are not Japanese and where the ending is happy. No much flying, but our heroine's seaplane is the Sikorsky Spirit of Africa and Borneo that once belonged to explorers Osa and Martin Johnson. (— Christian Santoir 6/21/06)

AIRCRAFT: Sikorsky S-39-CS [NC-52V], Stearman C3R.
Istrebiteli (USSR "The Fighter Planes"; 1939, 96m) D: Eduard Pentslin. Mark Bernes, Vladimir Dashenko, Yevgenia Golynchik, Fyodor Seleznyov. Screenplay: Fyodor Knorre.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963 Cinerama, 188m (also 154m, home video 175m)) D: Stanley Kramer. Edie Adams, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Jimmy Durante, Peter Falk, Buster Keaton, Mickey Rooney, Dorothy Provine, Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Terry-Thomas, Spencer Tracy, Jonathan Winters, and other comedy stars. Little flying action, but what there is is memorable. Aerials by Frank Tallman; notable billboard crash-through.

AIRCRAFT: Beech 18, Standard J-1.
It's In the Air (Great Britain 1938) D: Anthony Kimmins. George Formby = George Brown, Hal Gordon = Nobby Clark, Garry Marsh = commanding officer, Polly Ward = Peggy. Screenplay: Kimmins. Comedy about a policeman enlisting in RAF.

AIRCRAFT: Hawker Hart.
I Wanted Wings (Paramount 1941, 131m) D: Mitchell Leisen. Brian Donlevy = Capt Mercer, William Holden = Al Ludlow, Veronica Lake = Sally Vaughn, Ray Milland = Jeff Young, Wayne Morris = Tom Cassidy. Screenplay: Beirne Lay Jr. Aerials by Max Conant, Gordon Jennings, Paul Mantz, plus some flying footage from "Test Pilot." AA Oscar for Best Effects (Farciot Edouart, et al). Filmed at March Field CA, Kelly Field TX, Randolph Field TX.

AIRCRAFT: A-17, AT-6, YB-17, B-17B, BT-9.

Trivia: Wayne Morris enlisted in USN after this film and was the only show-biz personality to become a bona-fide "ace," with 7 victories in aerial combat.
Jet Attack (Allied Artists 1958, 68m) D: Edward Cahn. John Agar = Capt Tom Arnett, Audrey Totter = Tanya Nikova, Greg Walcott = Lt Bill Claiborne. Korean War drama with little flying.
Jet Jackson SEE Captain Midnight
Jet Job (Monogram 1952, 63m) D: William Beaudine. Stanley Clements = Joe Kovak, Todd Karns = Peter Arlen, John Litel, Elena Verdugo, Dave Willock. Screnplay: Charles R Marion.
Jet Over the Atlantic (1960, 95m) D: Byron Haskin. Guy Madison = Brett Murphy, Virginia Mayo = Jean Gurney, George Raft = Stafford. Screenplay: Irving H Cooper. Maltin review: "Capable cast in clichéd situation of plane with bomb on board. Madison's the former air force pilot saving the day; predictable plot line."
Jet Pilot (Warner Bros 1957, 112m) D: Josef von Sternberg. Paul Fix = Maj Rexford, Jay C Flippen = MajGen Black, Janet Leigh = Anna, John Wayne = Col Shannon, Roland Winters = Col Sokolov. Screenplay: Jules Furthman. Aerials by Chuck Yaeger, et al. Maltin review: "One of Howard Hughes' movie curios, updating his 'Hell's Angels' interest in aviation with Cold War theme, as American pilot Wayne falls in love with Russian jet ace Leigh. Ridiculous, to say the least, though some of its humor seems to have been intentional." Begun in 1948, re-edited many times, finally released after 9 years, it was one of three films that Wayne remarked he wished he had never made. Filmed in part at Edwards AFB CA and Hamilton Field CA.

AIRCRAFT: B-36B, F-86, F-89, T-33A (or P-80?) as USSR "Yak-12."

A B-57 Canberra was used at Hamilton as a camera plane with its door removed, had a "victory panel" of little movie camera symbols painted on its side for each filming flight. (— Dave Matheny 12/13/02)
Jewel Thieves Outwitted (Great Britain; 1913, silent) D: Frank Wilson. Rachel de Solla = Lady, Violet Hopson = Maid, Jack Hulcup = Thief. Very likely the first "serious" motion picture to feature a real airplane, a Bristol Boxkite. No filmic data found.
Journey Together (Great Britain; 1945, 80m) D: John Boulting. Ronald Adam = Commandant, Richard Attenborough = David Winton, Bessie Love = Mrs Dean, Edward G Robinson = Dean McWilliams, Jack Watling = John Aynesworth. Screenplay: Boulting, based on a story by Terence Rattigan. RAF training. Documentary-like chronicle of wannabe RAF pilots Attenborough and Watling, and their training in England and the US during WW2. Robinson is on hand in a supporting role as one of the flight instructors. Most of those involved with the film's production were at the time RAF members.
Junge Adler (Germany "Young Eagles"; UFA 1944, 100m) D: Alfred Weidenmann. Willy Fritsch = Roth, Herbert Hübner = Brakke, Hardy Krüger = Baümchen, Dietmar Schönherr = Theo Brakke. Screenplay: Herbert Reinecker & Alfred Weidenmann. Propaganda film about the disobedient son of an airplane manufacturer learns discipline and comradeship by joining the Hitlerjungend flying division and sent to work in his father's factory (Heinkel). Not much flying, despite the title, but some views of the Heinkel 111 in low flight and on the assembly line. (— Christian Santoir 5/24/04)

AIRCRAFT: Grunau Baby, He.72 Kadett, He.111H.

Jungle Flight (1941) D: Sam Newfield. Douglas Fowley = Tom Hammond, Robert Lowrey = Kelly Jordan, Barton MacLain = Casey Hagin, Duncan Renaldo = police captain, Ann Savage = Laurie Roberts. Aerials by Paul Mantz.
Junior G-Men of the Air (serial; Universal 1942) D: Lewis Collins, Ray Taylor. Lionel Atwill = The Baron, Turhan Bey = Araki, The Dead End Kids. Screenplay: Paul Huston. The boys battle a terrorist group led by a Japanese spy. 13 episodes.