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Aviation Films - K L

Kadetten - (Germany "The Cadet"; 1941) D: Karl Ritter. Martin Brendel, Andrews Englemann, Josef Keim, Wilhelm P Krüger, Lydia Li. Screenplay: Felix Lützendorf, Ritter.

Kampfgeschwader Lützow - (Germany "Lutzow Bomber Squadron"; Tobis 1940, 97m) D : Hans Bertram. Marietheres Angerpointner, Hermann Braun = Unteroffizier Eckhart, Christian Keissler = Oberst Mithoff, Hannes Keppler, Heinz Welzel = Unteroffizier Paulsen. Screenplay: Bertram & Wolf Neumeister. The sequel to D III.88 made by the same company; the cast is almost the same but the director different. The two friends, Eckhart and Paulsen, are now attached to a bomber squadron when the Luftwaffe is in battle order and their wing is ordered to fly against Poland, France, and Great Britain. The two are also in love with the same girl. Another Nazi propaganda movie with a poor scenario, but its quality is commendable — nice aerial photography and music, beautiful aircraft, no mock-ups but the real things. He.111 is the real star, shown in detail outside and inside; the bombers are protected by rare Bf.109 Dora, attacked by B-534 (ex-Czech, for Polish PZL P.11) and ex-French Curtiss H75. Even the Polish planes burning on airfields are authentic! Director Bertram was the right choice for an aviation movie, a flyer, a former aviation adviser to China, and an aviation writer. (-- Christian Santoir 5/18/04)

AIRCRAFT : Avia B-534; Curtiss H75A ; He.111H/B and 115; Bf.109D; PZL P-37B.
Kato Hayabusa Sentotai - (Japan "Kato's Perigrine Falcon Squadron"; Toho 1943, 89m) D: unknown. Fujita Susumu (who also played the part of a Japanese Navy admiral in "Tora! Tora! Tora!"); other cast unknown. (Japanese language, untranslated.) True story of Imperial Japanese Army Air Force commander Kato, Squadron commander in charge of an air group based in Southeast Asia during the Pacific War. Kato was quiet, but at the same time, outgoing and highly respected by his men. He in turn showed that same respect toward his men and gently fostered excellence within the pilot ranks. Direction, acting, screenplay, and overall production is excellent. Actual JAAF aircraft of the period were used with exceptions of models substituted in crash scenes. (The Imperial Navy was not so generous with its aircraft.) (-- Doug Vernon 8/11/01)

AIRCRAFT: Brewster Buffalo, P-40, Lockheed Hudson, Mitsubishi Ki.21 type 97, Nakajimas Ki.27b, Ki.34 type 97, and Ki.43 I/II.

Keep 'em Flying - (Universal 1942, 86m) D: Arthur Lubin. Abbott & Costello, Martha Raye, William Gargan, Dick Foran. Brief episode with a PT-13 flown by Paul Mantz, mostly process work, peel an eye for Northrop A-17s. Filmed at Cal-Aero Academy at Ontario CA.
Krylatyj Tzvostjik - (USSR "Air Taxi"; 1943).
Krylya - (USSR "Wings"; International Film Circuit 1966) D: Larisa Shepitko. Zhanna Aleksandrova, Zhanna Bolotova, Pytor Dolzhanov, Leonid Dyachkov. Screenplay: Natalya Ryazantseva, Valentin Yezhov. Portrayal of a once-famous fighter pilot and loyal Stalinist. As a 41-year-old provincial schoolmistress, Nadezhda Petrovna so internalized the military ideas of service and obedience that she cannot adjust to life in peacetime.
Krylya Oktiabria - (USSR "October Wings"; 1967).
Ladies Courageous - (Universal 1944, 88m) D: John Rawlins. Evelyn Ankers = Wilhelmina Van Kronk; Diana Barrymore = Nadine Shannon; Anne Gwynne = Jerry Vail; Geraldine Fitzgerald = Virgie Alford; Phillip Terry = Tommy Harper; Loretta Young = Roberta Harper. The story of the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron, a unit of female pilots during WW2 who flew bombers from the factories to their final destinations. Reissued as Fury in the Sky.
Lady Takes a Flyer, The - (Universal 1957, 95m) D: Jack Arnold. Lana Turner = Maggie Colby, Jeff Chandler = Mike Dandridge, Richard Denning = Al Reynolds, Chuck Connors = Phil Donanoe. Screenplay: Danny Arnold. Filmed at Van Nuys CA. Maltin review: "Different type of Turner fare. Lana is lady flier who marries pilot Chandler, each finds it hard to settle down to married life." CinemaScope.

Lafayette Escadrille - (Warner Bros 1958, 93m) D: William Wellman. Clint Eastwood = George Moseley, Etchitka Choureau, Tab Hunter, David Janssen. Screenplay: Aaron Fleischman. Surprisingly little flying action. Aerials by Frank Tallman. Filmed at Santa Maria CA. Maltin review: "Attempted epic of famous French flying legion of WW1 becomes pat actioner with typical romantic interlude, featuring wholesome Hunter."
La Femme de l'Aviateur SEE The Aviator's Wife.
Last Flight, The - (First National 1931, 80m) D: William Dieterle. Richard Barthelmess = Cary Lockwood, Johnny Mack Brown = Shep Lambert, Helen Chandler = Nikki, Elliott Nugent = Francis. Screenplay: John Monk Saunders. WW1 flyers join the Lost Generation after discharge. Maltin review: "Piquant film about an ex-WW1 flying ace (Barthelmess) and his flippant friends in 1920s Paris. Not a perfect film, but an interesting and unusual one. German director Dieterle's English-language debut." Aerial scenes (from "Dawn Patrol") at the first only.
Last Flight of Noah's Ark - (Disney 1980, 97m) D: Charles Jarrott. Genevieve Bujold = Bernadette LaFleur, Vincent Gardenia = Stoney, Elliott Gould = Noah Dugan, Ricky Schroeder = Bobby Slattery,Yuki Shimoda = Cmdr Hiro. Screenplay: Steven Carabatsos. B-29 modified as boat in Swiss Family Robinson variation.
Last Flight Out - (television 1990) D: Larry Elikann. Eric Bogosian = Larry Rose, Barry Corbin = Capt Bob Berg, Richard Crenna = Dan Hood, Bradford English = Jerry. "Fact based" story set in Saigon in April 1975, shortly after the US combat troops have withdrawn and immediately before the Communist forces over run the city. American citizens try to help South Vietnamese refugees escape on the last commercial flight that will be permitted to leave the city.
Last Pursuit Plane, The - (Japan; 1956).
Legion of Lost Flyers - (Universal 1939) D: Christy Cabanne. Richard Arlen = Loop Gillan, Andy Devine = Beef Brumley, William Lundigan = Ralph Perry, Anne Nagel = Paula.
Legion of the Condemned, The - (Paramount-Lasky 1928, silent) D: William Wellman. Lane Chandler = Charles Holabird, Gary Cooper = Gale Price, Barry Norton = Byron Dashwood, Fay Wray = Christine Charteris. Screenplay: John Monk Saunders. In this cut-rate follow-up to "Wings," Wellman was encouraged to maximize his use of stock and unused footage from that film. Studio heads then became uneasy at the result, as "Wings" was still playing when this movie was released, and reportedly had some of the stock footage cut.
Liebe im Gleitflug - (Germany "Love in Stunt Flying"; 1938).
Lentävät Luupäät - (Finland "Flying Fools"; Finnkino 1984) D: Spede Pasanen. Comedy about two srewballs learning to fly. No data.
Les Chevaliers du Ciel - (France "The Aeronauts", tv series; ORTF 1967-69, 104m) D: François Villiers. Jacques Santi = Lt Tanguy, Christian Marin = Lt Laverdure, Muriel Baptiste = Colette, Michèle Girardon = Nicole, Marlène Jobert = Irène, Victor Lanoux = Lantier. Screenplay: Jean-Michel Charlier. 39 episodes. Based on Charlier and Uderzo's comic strip Les aventures de Tanguy et Laverdure, two French fighter pilots grapple with a gang of spies led by a mysterious "Mr. X." Written at a time when France was building its nuclear strike force and beginning to export aero production. Shot in France, Europe, Canaries, West Indies, Polynesia and Peru with 50 different types of planes(!), it featured French aviation technology in the '60s and its star, Mirage IIIC. (-- Christian Santoir 5/24/06)

AIRCRAFT: Dassault Mirage IIIC, 5P, B, G, V, Etendard IV, Mystere IVA, Super Mystere B2, Alphajet, MD311, Falcon 20; Breguet BR.765, BR.941, BR.1050 Alizé, BR.1150 Atlantic; Fouga CM.170R; MS.880 Rallye Club; SO.30P Bretagne, 4050 Vautour; Stampe 4C; Aerospatiale Alouette II, Alouette III; SNCAN 2500; Nord C-160; Sud-Aviation Caravelle; CASA 2111L; HA.111K2; DHC-2; DHC-6; Canberra T74, B.(I)8; Gloster Meteor NF-11; Pilatus PC-6; Cessna 150, 172; Convair 440; DC-3, DC-6, DC-9; T-33; F-8E; F-84F; F-104G; L749 Constellation; P2V-7; PBY-5A; Piper Cub; SH-58; SNB-5.
Les Chevaliers du Ciel - (France "Sky Fighters", Mandarin Films 2005, 97m) D: Gérard Pirés. Clovis Cornillac = Capt Sebastien Vallois, Benoit Magimel = Capt Antoine Marchelli, Geraldine Pailhas = Maelle Coste, Rey Reyes = Stardust, Alice Taglioni = Estelle Kass, Philippe Torreton = Bertrand. Screenplay: Gilles Malençon. A Mirage 2000 disappears during a Farnborough air show. Armée de l'Air fighters find it later over the Channel hiding under an Airbus A340 and shoot it down as it attacks one of them. This incident is the beginning of a complicated plot about stealing a French fighter for a terrorist attack against European chiefs of state meeting in Paris. Pirés, a pilot himself, drew inspiration from a 1967 tv serial of the same name. Aerial scenes, filmed with actual planes and aerial photography without use of computerized images, are particularly amazing: aerial stunting over various landscapes (sea, the Alps, desert), a Mirage 2000D going supersonic at very low-level over the desert and an aerial combat over Paris! Last but not least, there are some women in this man's world, even in the cockpits. (-- Christian Santoir 5/19/06)

AIRCRAFT: Airbus A340; Alphajet; Bell 407; Boeing E-3, KC-135R; Dassault Mirage 2000 C/D, Mirage IV, Falcon 2000; Pilatus PC-6; Stearman N2S-5; Transall C-160; Vought F4U; Yak 11.
Letiste Neprijima - (Czechoslovakia "The Airport is Closed"; 1959).
Lilac Time - (First National 1928, silent with synchro-sound) D: George Fitzmaurice. Gary Cooper = Capt Phillip Blythe, Edward Dillon = Mike, Dick Grace = aviator, Burr McIntosh = Gen Blythe, Colleen Moore = Jeannine. Screenplay: Jane Cowl, Carey Wilson. All of those handsome young men in their WW1 flying machines are billeted in a field next to the widow Berthelot's farmhouse in France. Her daughter (Moore) is curious about the young men fighting for England. One replacement is Cooper, who can't help but notice her. Also seen as "Love Never Dies" (1928). "Hell's Angels" footage. Added aerials by Dick Grace, Ross Cooke, C K Phillips, Charles Stouffer, et al. Filmed south of Santa Ana CA.

AIRCRAFT: Modified Waco 10.
Lion Has Wings, The - (Great Britain, United Artists 1939, 76m) D: Michael Powell. Merle Oberon = Mrs Richardson, Ralph Richardson = Wing Cdr Richardson, Flora Robson = Queen Elizabeth, Brian Worth = Bobby. Screenplay: Adrian Brunel, E V H Emmett. Maltin review: "Dated British WW2 morale-builder, produced by Alexander Korda in a (then) unique 'docudrama' style. Top-notch cast and technical credits boost the propagandist elements dramatizing England's entry into the war and the strength of the RAF."
Liottjiki - (USSR "The Aviators" 1935).
Lone Eagle, The - (Universal 1927, silent) D: Emory Johnson. Nigel Barrie = Capt Richardson, Raymond Keane = Lt William Holmes, Barbara Kent = Mimi, Jack Pennick = Sven Linder. Screenplay: Howard Blanchard, John Clymer. Filmed at San Diego.
Looking For Trouble - (Condor Productions 1937) Buck Jones. No record or data were found about this picture.
Lost in the Stratosphere - (Monogram 1934, 64m) D: Melville W Brown. William Cagney = Lt Tom Cooper, June Collyer = Evelyn Worthington, Jack Mack = Sgt Baker, Hattie McDaniel = Ida Johnson, Eddie Nugent = Lt Richard Wood. Screenplay: Albert DeMond.
Lost Squadron, The - (RKO 1932, 79m) D: George Archainbaud. Robert Armstrong = Woody, Mary Astor = Follette, Richard Dix = Jimmy Gibson, Hugh Herbert = Fritz, Joel McCrea = Red, Erich von Stroheim = Artur von Furst. Screenplay: Dick Grace, Herman Mankiewicz. Veteran pilots versus sadistic movie film director. Aerials by Dick Grace, Frank Clarke, Art Goebel, Leo Nomis. Filmed in part at Wilson Airport, San Fernando Valley. Maltin review: "WW1 pilots forced to find work as stunt fliers for movies; interesting idea boosted by von Stroheim's overacting..." Filler clips from other films. Actually quite a well-crafted yarn with commendable acting, especially von Stroheim chewing up the scenery as a sadistical director. Final scene memorable and tense except for silly "ghost plane" fade-out.

AIRCRAFT: Travel Air 2000, Waco Taperwing, mockups and models, static background planes from "Dawn Patrol."

Lost Zeppelin, The - (Tiffany 1929, silent with synchro-sound) D: Edward Sloman. Ricardo Cortez = Tom Armstrong, Duke Martin = Lt Wallace, Kathryn McGuire = Nancy, Conway Tearle = Cdr Hall, Virginia Valli = Mrs Hall.
Love Affair - (Columbia 1932, 68m) D: Thornton Freeland. Humphrey Bogart = Jim Leonard, Jack Kennedy = Gilligan, Hale Hamilton = Bruce Hardy, Dorothy MacKaill = Carol Owen. Screenplay: Ursula Parrott. Soap opera about pilot/engine designer (shows Kinner K-5) and heiress Carol Owen, whom he teaches to fly, then begins neglecting his work as their affair progresses. Brief flying scenes at beginning and end, the last one somewhat ludicrous. Some brief airport scenes of interest.

AIRCRAFT: Travel Air 4000.
Love On the Run - (MGM 1936) A Clark Gable-Joan Crawford caprice loosely based on 'It Happened One Night' was reported to have flying activity, but no hint of planes show on posters or publicity stills. The jury is still out on this one.
Love Takes Flight - (Grand National 1937, 71m) D: Conrad Nagel, Victor Saville. Astrid Allwyn = Diana Audre, Bruce Cabot = Neil Bradshaw, Bill Elliott = Bill Parker, Grady Martin = Donald, Beatrice Roberts = Joan Lawson, John Sheehan = Spud. Screenplay: Lionel & Mervin Hauser. Flying scenes few and far between. Airline pilot becomes movie star, stewardess-girlfriend becomes Earhart-type aviatrix. Aerials by Herb White credited, but Boeing 100 was Paul Mantz's.

AIRCRAFT: DC-3, Northrop Delta, Boeing 100, stock Nationals footage.

Luftens Vagabond - (Sweden "Vagabond of the Air"; Aero Film 1933) D: Weyler Hildebrand. Albin Ahrenberg = Gustav Falk, Märta Arbin = Mrs Falk, Åke Ohberg = Gunnar Onell, Aino Taube = Gull Werner. Screenplay: Hildebrand, Nils Liljequist.
Lyotchiki - (USSR "The Pilots"; Mosfilm 1935) D: G Levkoyev, Yuli Raizman. Aleksandr Chistyakov, Ivan Koval-Samborsky, Yevgeniya Melnikova, Boris Shchukin. Screenplay: Aleksandr Macheret.